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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sharad asking Radhe about Suhani. Yuvraaj comes running and asks Sharad to stop the water motor. He runs to the top of the tanker. Suhani falls down. Yuvraaj sees Pratima in the tanker and shouts Maa. Suhani asks Sharad to go and help Yuvraaj. Barbie catches Suhani. Barbie says Suhani, my work ended here, you could not save your Maa right. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to say is Maa fine. Barbie smiles. Everyone move, and show Yuvraaj saved Pratima. Barbie gets shocked and drops the bag. Suhani cries and angrily slaps Barbie.

Sharad and Bhavna cover up Pratima. Suhani asks Barbie where will she go now. Dadi says she will go jail. Rags says yes, but how did Pratima reach inside tanker. Yuvraaj says Barbie kidnapped Maa. Rags says but Suhani said… Suhani says I lied, because Barbie blackmailed me that if I tell anyone, she will kill Maa. Saurabh asks Sharad to call police. Yuvraaj tells Barbie that he would have given her to police if she was not pregnant. Suhani tells him that Barbie is not pregnant. Yuvraaj gets shocked. Suhani says she used my accident, she wanted to come inside family by using the baby, she did not knew that I did not die. Yuvraaj asks what, are you not pregnant. Bhavna scolds Barbie for cheating them.

Sharad says leave it Bhavna, law will decide about her. Barbie says law can’t harm me. She tells Suhani that no one will believe you that I kidnapped Pratima. The goons are brought there. The goon says Barbie told us to kidnap and kill Pratima.

Radhe asks Barbie to change. She asks what, you wanted to be with me. He says I just did this to teach you a lesson, and smiles. She gets angry. Sharad says police will come in some time. Yuvraaj says Barbie, your acting is over now. Barbie says no, you can’t do anything, your Suhaagi house and farmhouse are on my name. Suhani says if you cheat life, life will also cheat you one day. Suhani calls her big fool and says you signed on property papers, and we got the property back. Radhe says I have taken revenge, police is coming, it will take you. Barbie scolds Dadi and says you trapped me and got saved. Suhani asks her to be in limits. Barbie says Dadi cheated, she got me here. Suhani asks her to stop nonsense. She asks inspector to take Barbie. Inspector asks Barbie to come with them. Barbie says I won’t leave you Suhani and holds her neck. Everyone stop Barbie. Barbie is taken away. Suhani’s chain falls and she picks it.

Yuvraaj asks Dadi why was Barbie blaming you. Suhani says don’t believe her, she tried to kill me too. Yuvraaj gets shocked and asks what. Suhani says I was kidnapped and that incident happened as she wanted to take my place here, I wanted to tell this and before that she kidnapped Maa, she was a cheater, Rags and Menka were right, we should have not kept Barbie at home. Menka jokes on Rags. Rags says I knew Barbie was like this. Bhavna says Rags told me, but I was blind for the baby. Suhani apologizes to Pratima. Sharad asks them to take Pratima and make her rest now.

Doctor checks Pratima and says she is fine. Saurabh asks Rags to take care of Pratima. Pratima says your holi spoiled because of me. Menka says no, its because of Rags. Rags says my skin gets worse, I struggle to keep my complexion fine. Dadi says its herbal color, nothing happens. Saurabh goes. Menka says we could not enjoy holi well. Saurabh and Sharad get colors. Saurabh says office staff member met with an accident, and Anuj went there. Dadi says this holi is special. Pratima says yes, evil lost today, we should celebrate happiness.

They all celebrate holi happily and dance. Dekho aai holi……. Dadi also dances with the couples. Suhani gets dizzy. Yuvraaj goes to her and she faints. He gets worried. Everyone rush to Suhani. They all take Suhani to the room. Suhani gets up and asks Pratima what happened to me. Sharad says don’t know, we are also trying to know this. Bhavna says doctor came and he said something which we can’t understand, how can this happen. Suhani asks what. Menka says doctor has gone mad, he said you are pregnant. Suhani asks what. Pratima gets glad. Yuvraaj says its good news, you are not surprised. Suhani says its not miracle, I knew it that I can conceive, that pregnancy report was fake. He gets shocked again and asks what, were that fake. Rags says I can’t believe this, Barbie crossed all her limits, she did this to marry Yuvraaj. Dadi looks at Suhani. Pratima makes Suhani wear the bangles and says its Dadi’s bangles, she gave me when Saurabh was going to be born. Dadi gives her bangles and says I kept these for that bahu who will give me grandchild first. Menka says Suhani got everything. Suhani smiles seeing the bangles.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani did she know that day that she can conceive. Suhani says Soumya and I went for blood tests and our samples changed, then I got to know that I can conceive.

Written Update By Amena


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