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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 28th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhani, Lata and Pankaj discussing about Bhavna. Lata says Bhavna is always dependant on someone, she is not courageous like Suhani. Suhani says it does not mean Bhavna marries Rishi. Pankaj says Bhavna will not marry against her wish. Its morning, Suhani talks to Pratima. Pratima coughs and says she did not have time. Suhani asks her to go to doctor with Yuvraaj. Lata asks Suhani what happened. Suhani says Pratima is unwell. Lata asks Suhani to go home and come, they are here with Bhavna.

Rags and Menka argue. Saurabh asks will their nonsense end, Amit was their cousin, he died they usually both are arguing, shame on them. He asks Sharad about Suhani and everyone, I hope Bhavna will get high-quality and The person who did incident is understood. Rishi tells Sudha that Bhavna will Consider to marry following a year, her partner is not going to really like Anant and never be in touch along with you. Pankaj arrives and asks does they have to have anything at all, he will probably marketplace. Rishi states no, I m below.

Rishi asks Sudha to Feel, until when will she remain in this article, if Bhavna forgets Amit, then when they make Anant away… Sudha asks what shall I do. He claims make Bhavna concur. She asks how. Yuvaaj involves his room and asks Suhani about Bhavna. She’s tying her back lace and says Bhavna is okay. He will help her in tying the backstring. Tunes performs……………. He claims he has to inform some thing, Bhavna and… Pratima arrives and suggests We could go away… She smiles viewing them. She says I’ll wait outside the house, get ready and come. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she’s going to converse afterwards. He suggests I will occur together.

Bhavna talks to Golu, and names Anyone who’d take care of Golu. Sudha hears her and asks what is going to come about when Yuvraaj and Suhani get their own individual young children, what’s going to you need to do. Bhavna states I will never marry Rishi. Sudha suggests Rishi is seeing your happiness. Bhavna suggests I don’t desire to discuss. Sudha claims Rishi will not harm her. Bhavna suggests I don’t want his favor, I’ll Dwell happily with my son. Sudha will take Golu and asks her to conform to marry Rishi, else she’ll go far with Anant. Bhavna says don’t do this. Sudha says I’ll verify you will be irresponsible mum. Bhavna suggests she dropped her husband. Sudha claims I also shed my son, don’t make me just take any action you have to regret, conform to marry Rishi, else I will acquire Anant absent. Bhavna cries.

The landline rings. Menka and Rags talk to each other to answer it. Sharad answers Lata’s call and states Suhani and Yuvraaj took Pratima to clinic. Menka and Rags argue. Sharad can’t hear Lata Obviously. Lata states Suhani’s telephone is not connecting. Sharad asks Rags and Menka to stop arguing. Lata states Bhavna agreed to marry Rishi. Sharad asks what. Lata states she reported, its for Golu’s sake.

Suhani, Yuvraaj and Pratima appear dwelling. Sharad claims why Rishi… Yuvraaj claims what nonsense. Lata talks to Suhani and claims she determined this for Golu. Bhavna normally takes the call and appears at Sudha. She tells Suhani that she agreed just after thinking for Anant. Suhani says wonderful, as you are feeling correct, I’ll satisfy you in evening. Suhani tells this to All people. Yuvraaj seems at Sharad. He fumes and leaves.

Rags taunts Suhani and Bhavna, who can’t be without the need of marriage even for 2 days. Suhani asks her to Imagine just before declaring, and scolds her. Rags asks why is Bhavna energized to marry Rishi. Sharad scolds Rags asking her to shut up. Menka states Sharad is true, we need to be peaceful, Dadi will not be with us. Suhani cries.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that how can Rags and Menka say this. He asks how can Bhavna marry Rishi. She claims you have got witnessed Bhavna’s point out. He claims We’ll care for her. She says she can’t be alone, she arrived property when Amit was absent for get the job done. He says Bhavna didn’t arrive property thanks to loneliness. She asks what. He suggests its all my mistake. She asks what oversight you did. He suggests I should have explained to you the reality and never listened to Bhavna. She says notify me the reality. He states Bhavna has return as a result of Rushi, and tells her everything. Suhani gets shocked. FB exhibits the moments Yuvraaj saved Bhavna from Rishi. He suggests Bhavna took my guarantee. Suhani cries and says get me to Bhavna.

They arrive at meet Bhavna. Bhavna claims nobody will make me far from Golu, I can perform anything at all to be with Golu. Suhani asks her about Rishi. Yuvraaj tells Bhavna that he explained to all the things to Suhani. He asks her to talk up, why is she marrying Rishi, don’t lie now, I do know you won’t marry Rishi by your would like. Suhani asks did Rishi misbehaved along with you, explain to me Plainly, is Yuvraaj indicating correct. Bhavna recalls Sudha’s words and says no. Yuvraaj gets stunned and appears at Bhavna.

Yuvraaj scolds Rishi and gets angry. He says I m warning you for the last time, refuse for this relation else… Suhani comes and says Yuvraaj…

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