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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

The Episode starts with Barbie arguing with Dadi. She says nothing got fine, Bhavna is still becoming Suhani’s surrogate, I have put baby oil on your saying. Dadi smiles. Sharad gets some papers from medical association. He gives it to Yuvraaj and asks what is it. Yuvraaj tells about gap to be maintained between two pregnancies. Dadi says I asked for this letter on Barbie’s saying, she told me there should be gap between both child. Yuvraaj says its written that there should be 2 years gap for second pregnancy, else mother can get unhealthy.

Dadi says it means if Bhavna becomes surrogate mother, her health can have risk. He says maybe, yes. Dadi says I can’t risk Bhavna and Golu’s health for my heir. Suhani says yes, I will explain Bhavna. Bhavna comes and says its nothing like that, I know many people whose children don’t have 2 years gap. I want to do this surrogacy, you all can manage Golu. Dadi says yes, but if we have second option, why to put you in risk. Yuvraaj says yes, there is no pressure on you and Barbie. Dadi says Barbie, my family needs your help, will you stay here. Barbie agrees. Dadi says so its final now, Barbie will do surrogacy of Yuvraaj and Suhani’s child, no discuss now, we will meet lawyer and get Barbie and Suhani’s check up done. Pratima holds Yuvraaj. He agrees. Barbie smiles.

Its morning, Dadi talks to the reporters. The man says this award is for best business woman. Dadi gives her interview. She says she has come to this city with 500rs and supported her husband, she faced many challenges and managed the business. Suhani, Yuvraaj and Sharad are at hospital with Barbie. Dadi says I m proud of myself, I did not lose till now, I took any way to win, but I have done all this for my family, I did not let my family suffer, no traditions changed, that’s the reason my family is united. Rags looks at Dadi.

Suhani talks to doctor about Barbie. Doctor says chances are good, we can confirm once we get results. Dadi receives the awards and poses for pics. Rags tells Menka that I m sure something is going on in her mind, she is very confident, I did not see her like this before. Menka says she got best woman award, she will show confidence.

Suhani feels strange even after Barbie will bear her child and make Suhani a mother. Pratima comes to Bhavna. Bhavna says I would have done this, I know Suhani is sad, but she won’t say, its not easy to have a surrogate for child. Pratima says I know, we have to support Suhani, she will accept this slowly, we could not take risk with you and Golu’s health. Bhavna asks her to talk to Pratima. Pratima says I will, don’t worry. She hugs Bhavna.

Barbie calls Dadi and says its going on as per our plan. Dadi says yes, afterall I planned this. She tells Barbie that you will receive money. Barbie says no one will believe this, you supported Yuvraaj and Suhani to separate them… Barbie sees Suhani and ends call. Dadi asks hello… why did Barbie end call. Rags hears this and thinks why is Dadi talking to Barbie.

Suhani comes to Barbie. Barbie asks Suhani not to worry, I will do this fine. Suhani thanks her and says we will take care of you well.

Soumya blesses the ladies. Lalita asks the ladies to get money for chadava, as Mata wants to donate it in kids ashram. Soumya feels bad. Sharad and Yuvraaj make Barbie sit in the car. Yuvraaj goes to see Suhani. He finds Suhani sitting sad. He asks her to come home. She says yes. He holds her hand and takes her. A guy riding a cycle sees Suhani and changes way. He falls down. Yuvraaj pulls Suhani and asks where is your focus. He apologizes to that man. He asks Suhani why are you so lost. She says nothing. He says this procedure will become successful, don’t worry.

Lalita gives a saree and sweets to Soumya. Soumya asks her why are you fooling innocent people, this is sin to dupe people for money. Lalita says let us see that, you don’t worry for that. I wish rich people come here and give much charity. Soumya fumes. Soumya messages some guy asking him to talk to his mum once, his mum loves him a lot.

Everyone come home. Rags taunts about Barbie, who will get special attention. Dadi says yes, she will give us a heir. She scolds Menka. Pratima says I m very happy, I will be becoming Dadi again, Suhani will give us happiness. Rags asks what did Suhani do, and Bhavna’s son was free gift in marriage. Sharad says Golu is my son. Rags says you know you just give your name, he is not your son. Saurabh says we all accepted him. Rags says how convenient, Bhavna got a son free, and Suhani is getting child from Barbie, even then Suhani is getting credit, stop giving her credit, Suhani did not do anything this time, she did not wish to get pregnant, so she spoiled her pregnancy chances, she is selfish and we got a stranger girl at home, who will get pregnant soon, a new drama will start then. Suhani fumes and slaps Rags. They all get shocked.

Barbie asks Dadi don’t you want to know why Suhani’s behavior changed. She shows the hypnotism locket to Dadi.

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