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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 26th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj’s car stopping on the way. He calls for the mechanic and tries taking an auto. He sees the auto seat unhygienic and says no, you go, I can’t sit. He waits for taxi and says I m getting late. Soumya meets Yuvani. Yuvani hugs her and gets happy. Soumya says Krishna had exams and did not come. Yuvani says she studies a lot, but I will come first. Yuvani tells her friends that Soumya is her mumma, a guy’s mumma has come and he thinks his mumma is best, he does not know my mumma is best, you have to sing and prove you are best. Soumya asks who is that friend and that mumma.

Sambhav stops on the way and asks Yuvraaj is he okay. Yuvraaj says yes. Sambhav asks shall I drop you somewhere, come on, safety first and gives him helmet. Yuvraaj says I feel you are going in imp presentation, does clothes not spoil. Sambhav says client sees work, but clothes, bike helps in traffic. Yuvraaj says fine, and locks his car. He leaves with Sambhav for his imp meeting. Sambhav gets Sharad’s call. Yuvraaj sees this and gets shocked. Sambhav talks to Sharad. Sharad says I m reaching. Sambhav says I m also reaching in just 5 mins. They leave.

Suhani asks for Yuvani. The lady says she went towards office. Suhani thinks what happened to Yuvani, she gets angry so soon and looks for her. Soumya goes with Yuvani and does not see Suhani.

Menka gets angry on Krishna. Pratima asks Krishna to talk to Soumya, I will send milk for you. Sambhav and Yuvraaj reach the place. Yuvraaj thanks him for the lift. Sambhav says I also had to come here. They say they have come for Mehta’s deal. Yuvraaj introduces himself. Sambhav says I m Sambhav, on behalf of….. and gets hiccups. He drinks water and says the lady remembers me all the time. He writes Batra fashions, I gave my luck to my competitor, I would have not given you lift if I knew this. Yuvraaj says I would have given you lift, as I trust my product. Sambhav says that’s good. Yuvraaj goes. Sharad comes and Sambhav tells about competitor.

Suhani gets to know Yuvani went to her mum. Bhavna calls Suhani. Suhani says I have left Soumya behind, I felt she will hold me responsible for everything, its good if I don’t meet her. Yuvraaj gives the presentation, and then Sambhav. Sambhav says every design will change color after every wash, its possible, this is variety in one design. Yuvraaj says this is fooling others, its not possible. Sambhav says if customer gets 7 pieces in one piece, I don’t think they will complain. Everyone clap.

Soumya tells Krishna that Yuvani is missing her, the summer camp is good, there are many outdoor and indoor games, next year you also work hard, Yuvani is taking me for a competition. Menka makes the milk glass fall down and Dadi scolds Krishna. Soumya goes to Yuvani. Yuvani says my mumma will prove she sings better than Yuvaan’s mumma. Soumya says I won’t sing. Yuvaan asks why, did you lose so soon and throws ball. Soumya says no, I did not lose, I will not do which you have seen before, I will …..

Menka asks Dadi to scold Krishna, if you don’t change her, she will get spoiled, Pratima and Yuvraaj spoiled her. Dadi goes to attend Yuvraaj’s call. Menka makes Krishna work and scares her of Dadi. Soumya plays music and dances wearing ghungroos. Suhani comes there talking on phone and tells Sambhav that I will pray we get the contract. Sambhav says we will get contract. She says don’t be overconfident. He says I know you are unbeatable, I doubt you love anything else than this contract. Yuvraaj looks on.

Soumya makes Yuvani dance with her. Suhani hears the sound and looks outside the window. Yuvaan runs to Suhani and asks her to come, Yuvani’s mumma is winning the competition. Sharad signs on the file. Sambhav says you always keep this pen. Sharad says yes, my Guru gave me this friend. Sambhav asks what did you do in Guru Dakshina. Sharad says nothing, my Guru just gives, he does not take anything in return. Yuvraaj collides with him. Sharad gets shocked seeing him. Sambhav says he is our competitor, I gave lift to him, he spoiled our form, what happened to you Sharad, why did you become statue.

Sharad calls Suhani and says I have to tell something imp, I can’t tell on phone, I m coming summer camp. She asks what, here. Yuvaan gets Soumya to make her meet Suhani.

Suhani and Yuvraaj take part in the competition, and are blind folded.

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