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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 25th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying I did not see presentation, my phone got hanged. The manager says maybe kids played gamed in your phone. Saurabh asks manager to show presentation. Yuvraaj says this looks middle class, lets keep classy white. Sambhav talks to Suhani on video chat. Sambhav jokes on her. Sharad asks Suhani did she get presentation. She says yes, I want some desi things, like we wear white clothes in holi, casting should be real Sambhav, one more thing, our models should look beautiful, they should not look fake. Sharad says fine. Krishna asks Soumya why is mistake in just my certificate. Suhani asks driver to repair car soon. She says I ended all work, what shall I do now. She takes a guitar and plays. The lady comes and asks is your work done. Suhani says yes, can I help. The lady says no, its small work to arrange registration forms. She goes to attends kids. Suhani says I will arrange the forms. She sees Yuvani’s form.

Soumya says sometimes we do mistake, your Papa also did mistake. Krishna says Papa does many mistakes. The lady comes and gives coffee to Suhani. The coffee falls on her hand and Yuvani’s forms. The lady says don’t worry about form, I will send some body. Suhani does not see Yuvraaj’s name. She sees Soumya’s handwriting on the form.

Yuvraaj comes and asks Krishna did she play game in his phone. She says yes, I made high score. Yuvraaj scolds her as her phone got hanged, he has to attend phone calls. She says sorry. He gets angry. Soumya goes. Krishna says sorry. Suhani informs Bhavna that it was Soumya’s handwriting on the form. Bhavna asks is Yuvani Soumya’s daughter, ask her. Suhani says don’t know, now all the children are going to act as their parents, if she does Soumya’s acting, I will understand.

Yuvraaj goes to Soumya and asks whats all this, I was scolding Krishna for her mistake, you came as if I was wrong, can’t I say anything. She cries and says Krishna got her birth certificate, I was telling her that it was a mistake, I was lying to her, then you came there. He gives her a kerchief to wipe tears. He says Krishna is my daughter, we will tell her about her Papa some day, don’t worry. She says I m getting tension, when Krishna got that certificate, Rags and Menka were there, Dadi does not like her, she believes Krishna was responsible for Gauri’s death, I m tensed for Krishna and has stress for her future. He says Krishna is my daughter, she is my responsibility, I will fulfill it always, trust me.

Yuvaan is asked to come on stage. Yuvaan talks in filmi style. Suhani claps. He says my mumma is Big B’s fan. The lady asks Suhani to do something and show. Yuvaan insists. Suhani starts acting and hugs Yuvaan. Everyone clap. Yuvani thinks to go to Soumya and misses Soumya.

Saurabh says our presentation was classy, the other group had desi presentation, that’s more liked by clients. Yuvraaj says I think I have to get involved in this work. Saurabh says yes, we lost two contracts. Yuvani acts like Yuvraaj. Suhani thinks maybe I had misunderstanding, Yuvani is not like Soumya. She calls Soumya and her number does not connect.

Soumya shows the tablet to Krishna and says this one is for you, lets gift this phone back to Yuvraaj. She thanks Saurabh and hugs him. Soumya smiles. Krishna shows the tablet to her. Soumya says it was not needed. Saurabh says I have right to spoil her, lets go Krishna, we will gift Yuvraaj. Soumya says I was just worrying, everyone love Krishna. Krishna returns the phone to Yuvraaj and says now I will never play with your phone, Saurabh gifted me a tablet. He says you can use my phone, its important, just be careful.

Yuvani calls Krishna and says I miss everyone. Dadi talks to Yuvani. Dadi worries for her. Krishna says Yuvani is missing us. Yuvraaj says I have imp meeting. Soumya says I will surprise Yuvani. Dadi asks Krishna not to go, Soumya can go as she is Yuvani’s mum, she is allowed, you are not called there and can’t go there Krishna. Dadi says I will go along Soumya. Soumya say you have charity event, you attend it. Yuvani throws tantrums. Yuvaan says I want samosa. Suhani looks on.

Suhani asks them to have food made at camp. They refuse. Dil hai chota sa……plays………… Suhani recalls Soumya and cheers the kids to make them eat food. Soumya comes at the summer camp. Yuvani argues with Yuvaan and Suhani, and says just my mumma can call me with love, my mumma is best, when she sings, your mumma will just see. Suhani says its good. She asks them not to fight. She thinks to talk to Yuvani.

Suhani looks for Yuvani. Soumya talks to Yuvani.

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