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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode commences with physician checking Pratima. He asks her never to take tension, this is simply not great for her wellness. Absolutely everyone sit with Pratima. Suhani hugs her. Pratima asks her to go to Yuvraaj, he needs her. Suhani goes to him and hears him talking on telephone. She asks is he good. He claims Of course, but I m apprehensive as anything is at stake, we need to do nearly anything and bring family members outside of this issue. She asks what did he do. He says He’s sending mum to his Maasi, she’ll tell mum that she requires mum and convince her to return. Suhani states I don’t want just about anything to occur to mum. He claims very little will materialize, I will close Krishna’s match.

Anuj asks Yuvraaj to explain mum, Pratima is saying she really wants to go to Maasi. Yuvraaj states Allow him go, I will fall her, don’t fret. Anuj gets aggravated with Suhani and leaves. Rakhi throws matters and asks Krishna and Soumya why did they depart Pratima immediately after she slapped Radhe. Soumya says she is sick and Radhe did many of the drama. Suhani and Yuvraaj occur property immediately after dropping Pratima. He states I really feel this was very good decision to send her. Suhani states she is attempting to understand how Dadi is bending to Krishna and Soumya. He states Dadi is simply seeking to get the formulation and prove that we did slip-up by offering work to Krishna, she is irritated with Soumya and disliked Krishna, and now These are ruling our house, she holds you chargeable for this.

Suhani says Dadi is right. He states Dadi is controlling her anger. She claims Dadi dislikes me, nevertheless Dadi can’t be tranquil infront of any one, there has to be reason behind her silence this time. Krishna suggests Radhe did blunder. Soumya suggests I do know we came to just take revenge, but should respect elders, what is going to we get if Dadi eats non veg. Lalita suggests we will get gratification, why do you think you’re ruling on us. Soumya suggests no, Pratima is sick, she has absent, if anything at all took place to her, who’d be liable. Krishna states Soumya is true, we must target do the job for which we arrived here.

Krishna and his loved ones sit to acquire food items. Menka stares at food items and Rags will take her. Rags reveals Yuvraaj to discover how terribly They may be ingesting food. Radhe receives hiccups and Rakhi states give him drinking water. Krishna asks Suhani to get glass of h2o. Yuvraaj receives indignant and Suhani stops him. She goes to offer drinking water. Lalita tends to make Suhani tumble and drinking water falls on Radhe. Krishna scolds her. Suhani suggests she did not do oversight, your mum held leg in my way so I fell. Lalita calls her shameless. Krishna argues along with her. Suhani states she doesn’t refuse if she did mistake and can’t hurt any person to verify herself right.

Menka and Rags asks exactly where is food stuff. Dadi will come and Krishna smiles observing their helplessness. Ramesh states food obtained around. Lalita laughs on them. Menka states Suhani makes good food stuff and praises her. Krishna asks Dadi to Cook dinner meals.. Yuvraaj asks is he mad. Menka suggests Dadi would not know cooking. Yuvraaj claims she knows, but she will likely not cook. Menka suggests this means she has lied to us. Dadi suggests I m not maid. Soumya asks Krishna how will Dadi cook With this age. Krishna states Dadi has got to Cook dinner, He’ll make a decision who’ll do what work On this household. Yuvraaj argues with Krishna. Dadi recalls Krishna’s warning and agrees to Cook dinner, saying Suhani has made her helpless To do that and he or she is able to Prepare dinner for her household. Suhani asks Dadi to refuse them, why is she bending to them.

Suhani asks Soumya how can she make this happen, why is she getting revenge from Dadi, Dadi has cherished her a lot. Lalita scolds Suhani. Yuvraaj receives angry and throws things in kitchen area, expressing he is silent because of Dadi. Suhani claims where by is ration, why are definitely the boxes empty. Krishna smiles. Yuvraaj asks Krishna what else will he steal now. Krishna states its tit for tat. Dadi says what is going to she Prepare dinner now. Lalita claims its her change to Prepare dinner. Lalita asks Dadi to beg to them. Suhani receives shocked.

Dadi says she will never forgive Suhani, as all this is because of her.

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