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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Pratima hearing Suhani and Yuvraaj talking about surrogacy. She says Yuvraaj, I want to talk to you. Dadi and Barbie see the door shut and continue their talk. Dadi says I will sleep peacefully tonight, as I know Suhani will leave from this house now. Barbie says you are welcome. Dadi says don’t fly, you did not do any favor for me. Pratima says I have bad news, Barbie is scared, she said infront of everyone, but she is afraid that her family and society will say bad. Suhani says but she said yes just now. Pratima says she told me too, but when I asked her about her family, when I said she has to do what we say for 9 months, she refused. Suhani says she can’t change her decision. Pratima says she refused, we need to find someone else. Yuvraaj asks are you sure she refused. Pratima says no, I lied, I did not talk to Barbie, I was testing your decision, now I got my decision, we all will talk to Barbie about this tomorrow. Suhani thanks and hugs her.

Dadi calls Lata and asks her to come home tomorrow, I have some work, don’t tell anything to Suhani, I will tell you the reason when you come. She ends call. Barbie asks what was this. Dadi says Suhani will never refuse to her parents. Sharad smiles seeing Golu sleeping. Bhavna asks him what he thinks about surrogacy. He says its all because of Rags, she refused and all this started. Bhavna says I mean, is this good or… He says its not wrong, if a woman wants a child, she can take help, its good deed, I wish this did not happen with Suhani, and we could help her.

Its morning, Barbie thinks what till Dadi do now. Yuvraaj and Suhani come to her. He says Barbie, we need to talk to you. Lata asks what, nothing happened to Suhani, maybe something wrong happened. Dadi says this is truth, you have to accept it, I did not call you that you lose hope, this time is to become Suhani’s strength, we consulted three doctors, they said Suhani can’t conceive. Lata says this can’t happen, I will talk to Suhani. Dadi stops her and says Suhani is in pain, if you break down, she will be hurt, we have to find some solution, there is one way now. Lata asks which way.

Barbie asks do you want me to become surrogate. Yuvraaj and Suhani say yes, are you ready completely. Barbie says see. Bhavna looks on. Suhani says fine, we will talk to your parents. Barbie gets shocked and asks why, this is not needed, I m adult and can decide. Suhani says yes, but this is big decision, this is needed. Bhavna asks Suhani do you really want to do this. Suhani says yes, but in proper way. Barbie says informing my parents is not right. Yuvraaj says we have to inform them, give me their number, I will talk to them. Barbie worries and thinks where is Dadi.

Lalita comes home and brings clothes for Soumya. She asks her to serve society doing this. Soumya says you have a daughter too, if anyone makes her do this then.. Lalita says that’s the problem. Rakhi is foolish, else I would have made her do this, we will get rich now. Soumya cries. Lalita shows the red saree and accessories. She asks Soumya to stop drama, we sent Krishna out, don’t waste money, get ready fast. She threatens Soumya and goes. Soumya cries.

Dadi and Lata come inside Birla house. Suhani asks Lata when did she come. Lata says you two don’t care, you did not tell me all this. Dadi says Suhani was very worried and did not tell you. Suhani says I did not wish to hurt Lata by saying this. Lata says okay, but don’t do this again. She hugs Suhani. She says Dadi told me everything and the solution. Barbie says no use, as she failed after trying a lot. Dadi asks what. Barbie says Suhani and Yuvraaj want me to become surrogate mother for their child. Yuvraaj says yes, but with everyone’s permission. Dadi and Lata get glad. Dadi asks Barbie is she not happy with this news. Barbie says I m happy, actually they want my parents’ permission.

Dadi asks whats the need. Yuvraaj says I don’t want any complications. Dadi says I will make clear contract. He says I just want to inform them. Lata agrees with Yuvraaj. Pratima comes from temple and says I wanted this from Lord, I got what I was wishing, she gives them Prasad. Yuvraaj calls Barbie’s parents. Bhavna ends that call. Suhani asks what happened Di. Bhavna says Sharad managed Golu and accepted him, when Suhani wants a child, why is Dadi asking an outsider, I m here. I will do this. Bhavna says I can give birth to Suhani’s child, I don’t think mummy and Papa will have any problem. Barbie is unmarried, she has long life, if her parents do not agree then what, why to risk her life. Dadi and Barbie get shocked.

Dadi says but Bhavna… Bhavna says you all supported me, now this house needs me, how can I move out. She asks Yuvraaj does he have any problem with her decision. Suhani asks will you really help me. Bhavna nods and says I thought well. They hug. Dadi says Bhavna, Golu… Bhavna says I know you all manage Golu. Sharad and Pratima smile. Pratima agrees too. Barbie says no, Bhavna is saying wrong. They all look at her. Barbie says you have to take care of family, I m free, I have no responsibility, if I do this, there won’t be any relation. Bhavna says I understand, its good you want to do this, but Suhani is my sister, I want to do this for her. Suhani says I m very happy, you two are ready to do this, I understand Bhavna, I will fight with everyone for Bhavna if there is any problem. Sharad says yes, Yuvraaj and Suhani made Bhavna and Golu come in my life, Bhavna and I want to thank them this way. Lata says Sharad and Bhavna are saying right, let Bhavna do this. Barbie and Dadi worry. Sharad hugs Yuvraaj. Dadi gets thinking.

Barbie asks Dadi what to do. Dadi says we have to stop Bhavna. Barbie says if Bhavna gets pregnant, it will be big problem. Sharad and Yuvraaj hear them and get shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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