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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 24th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvaan reaching the temple. Yuvaan asks for some thread. The pandit says its from a sister, a brother promises to protect her, will you protect her. Yuvaan says yes, and gets the thread fallen there. He asks can I wear this. Suhani says no, its not yours. He says it was fallen here, it means that girl does not have brother, I will wear it and become her brother. She says fine, and ties thread to him.

Dadi comes to Soumya and gives her keys, asking her to take responsibility. She asks Soumya why is she crying. Soumya says nothing. Dadi says tell me, you came in our house and got happiness, everyone forgot Suhani’s cheat, you are more dear to me than Rags and Menka. Soumya asks will you love me when you know Yuvraaj and I…. Dadi asks what. Soumya says Yuvraaj had Krishna’s death guilt. Dadi says its because of Suhani. Soumya says so Yuvraaj said to me, as my daughter Krishna is without father. Dadi says yes, Yuvani is also without mother. Soumya says we came together for children, but we did not marry. Dadi asks what, you are lying to me since so many years, you cheated me, stop nonsense, take your daughter and leave. Soumya cries and asks Dadi to listen…. Krishna shakes Soumya’s hand. Soumya’s imagination ends. Soumya wipes her tears. Krishna asks for A4 size papers. Soumya asks her to take it from cupboard. Krishna asks are you fine. Soumya says yes. She thinks she did not secure Krishna’s future, anything can happen when everyone know truth.

Yuvaan meets Yuvraaj at the camp and asks him to come and meet his mum. Yuvraaj says sure, till then Yuvani you fill the form. Yuvaan gets confused seeing someone wearing same clothes like Suhani. The man says your mumma went to see your room, is this your dad. Yuvani says no, he is my dad and scolds Yuvaan. They argue. Yuvraaj reminds Yuvaan’s mummy took care of you. Yuvani says that aunty is mean. Yuvraaj asks Yuvani to stop it. Teacher asks Yuvaan to be quiet. The kids don’t talk. Yuvraaj says I have to go office, I will meet your mummy anyday else and hugs Yuvaan. Yuvaan says bye, come on last day of the camp, we will play basketball. Yuvraaj leaves and Suhani comes there. She sits in Yuvraaj’s chair and senses him. She asks Yuvani where is her dad. Yuvani says he went. Yuvaan says he was waiting for you, he had work and went. Suhani says its fine, I will leave now. The maid Meena asks Soumya why does she look worried. Soumya says nothing. Meena asks her to go and take rest. Soumya asks her to go and she has some work. She says no one can know anything and worries.

Krishna opens the cupboard and sees the birth certificate. Soumya says Krishna is not a Birla, if Dadi knows Krishna, what will happen, Dadi does not love Krishna, I have to do something, I have to save my daughter’s future. Krishna sees Yuvani’s birth certificate and sees father’s name Yuvraaj Birla and checks her birth certificate, name of father Krishna Shukla.

Suhani messages Yuvraaj that she had some work and could not meet him. Yuvraaj stops the car and reads her message. He writes its okay, even I m sorry, I had work too. She messages maybe our meet is not destined. He smiles and messages maybe. She writes I hope Yuvaan did not trouble you, he does not have father and he gets emotional. He writes no, he is a lovely sweet child, by the way we are chatting since few days and we don’t know each other’s name, so let me introduce myself, I m Yuvraaj Birla and you… Suhani gets some other message and Yuvraaj’s phone hangs. He leaves. Suhani talks to her staff member, and says I will come and see presentation. Her car does not start. Driver checks the car and says engine has some damage. She asks him to check, and goes to sit.

Krishna asks Soumya about Krishna Shukla’s name instead Yuvraaj. Menka asks Soumya to tell Krishna. Rags asks Menka to stop up. Menka scolds Rags. Soumya tells Krishna about the mistake in her certificate, they wrote your name instead Yuvraaj’s name. Krishna goes. Menka says Yuvani is Suhani’s daughter, not Soumya, why does Soumya care then. Soumya says I care for both my daughters. She goes.

Suhani comes back in camp and says sorry, my car is not starting, I will stay here till evening. Teacher says fine, Yuvani suggested your name as volunteer, you can be here. Suhani sees kids making fun of Yuvani’s belongings. Suhani sees Yuvani and checks Birla group product. She thinks they make fake beauty…. She asks Yuvani to come to her, she has the cream. Yuvani hides her face. Suhani asks her why is she hiding face, she is beautiful, no need to apply cream. Yuvani says I apply this cream as my face glows by this. Suhani looks on….

Suhani checks Yuvani’s registration form, and sees father name Yuvraaj Birla. She gets shocked.

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