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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 23rd November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhani and Yuvraaj talking. He says he has become strong to manage Pratima. She says yes, no one else can pacify Maa. She says I will just come in some time, till then take care. He thanks her. They hear Rags shouting. He says once Dadi gets fine, everyone will be like before. Suhani goes to see. The courier guy asks for some name. Rags says no one by that name Sunanda stays here. Pratima says Sunanda is Dadi’s mum’s name, but how did parcel come by her name. Suhani says I have ordered things, and signs to take parcel.

Suhani says she has got these sarees for Dadi’s mum. Dadi comes there. Suhani gives the plain sarees to Dadi as Sunanda used to wear such sarees. Rags asks who is Suhani to decide this. Dadi scolds Rags and says just Suhani is smart in this house. She thanks Suhani and takes the saree. She says she has told Rags to get such sarees for me. Suhani says its fine. She asks Ramesh to empty Dadi’s cupboard, and keep these new sarees. Dadi starts worrying and says yes. Suhani thinks Dadi won’t be able to act for long.

Suhani asks Ramesh to get few items and sends him. Bhavna asks Suhani what is she doing. Suhani says once DNA test results come, it will be proved that Mili is Pratima’s daughter. Bhavna says that day Dadi’s lie will come out and this house will break. Suhani says I understand, test result will be positive, don’t worry, everything will be fine. Bhavna worries for Suhani.

Bhavna asks Rags not to worry and talks to her. Gauri asks Dadi who is she. She gets shocked seeing Dadi’s simple look. Dadi asks who is this bad mannered girl. Suhani gets wooden slipper for Dadi, saying mum told me you wear Khadaun. Pratima says yes, Sunanda used to wear this. Rags asks how will Dadi wear this. Suhani says Dadi will get fine. Dadi wears the wooden slipper. Dadi is unable to walk well and acts. Suhani thinks Dadi is acting, I m sure seeing her improper walk.

Saurabh and Mili have a talk and laugh. Mili tells how she held Suhani’s hand while giving samples. Saurabh jokes. Suhani and Bhavna smile. Yuvraaj brings candy floss and Mili gets glad. Bhavna says I feel Suhani you are right. Suhani gets doctor’s call and says fine, its good to get reports in few hours, but send it tomorrow morning. Saurabh and Anuj tensely leave. Yuvraaj says I will just come. Bhavna says everything will be fine.

Its night, Rags tells Saurabh that this DNA and everything is wrong. Dadi comes there and falls by that wooden slipper. Saurabh makes her sit. Rags messages Menka that big drama is happening, which she can’t miss. Suhani thinks why did Pratima and Yuvraaj not come for dinner. She takes their dinner to room. Yuvraaj pacifies Pratima. Suhani cries and feeds food to Pratima. Its morning, Suhani gets the reports. Pratima takes it from her hands and checks it. Dadi looks on. Suhani asks what happened Maa. Yuvraaj checks reports. Everyone get curious to know. Rags asks so who is she, what is her name, Mili or Gauri. Suhani says Gauri. Pratima says Mili. Suhani checks reports and is shocked seeing test result negative. She says this can’t happen, its wrong report. Saurabh says that girl is not our sister. Dadi smiles.

Rags kicks out Mili from house and says she is not a member of our house. She pushes Mili. Mili falls down and shouts Bhai. Suhani gets helpless, while Saurabh and Yuvraaj also get against Mili for playing with their emotions.

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