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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd November 2015 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

Pratima asking Suhani about Mili. Suhani tells about DNA test of Mili to find Mili’s truth, as Dadi is unwell. Rags hears them. Pratima asks will she know Mili is my daughter or not. Suhani says yes. Pratima asks why did she go to Dadi’s room. Suhani says she went to take Dadi’s hair sample, I have given Mili’s blood sample. I don’t want to ask you and Yuvraaj, as you both get hurt.

Rags drags Mili. Gauri shouts. Suhani and Pratima go to see. Rags tell everyone about Suhani doing DNA test of Mili. Bhavna says maybe Mili is unwell. Rags asks Bhavna to ask Suhani. Mili cries holding Suhani. Suhani says she will not answer Rags, she would have asked her, not make an issue. Saurabh says you have to tell us Suhani. Suhani says Rags was blaming me, so I got this DNA test done to know truth. Rags insults Mili.

Pratima defends Mili and says Suhani has done this to know if Mili is related to us. Pratima plucks her hair and gives Suhani the sample to get test done. Yuvraaj comes and looks on. Dadi also comes. They all leave. Dadi asks Ramesh what happened. Ramesh says don’t know, they were talking in English.

Yuvraaj gives a tissue to Mili, seeing her cry. She says Bhai, I want to come back in photo. He asks which photo. She says photo which has everyone. Suhani comes there and says its matter of 2 days, then you will get all answers, with proof. Suhani prays and says she is not doing anything wrong, she wants her blessings to prove Mili is Yuvraaj’s sister. Dadi gets troubled by Snoopi and scolds Sharad as always.

Suhani sees this and thinks how did Dadi get normal. Sharad takes Snoopi and leaves. Suhani says Dadi got fine. Dadi acts like fainting and holds the cradle. Bhavna holds Dadi and asks is she fine. Dadi does drama again and goes to room. Suhani thinks is Dadi doing new acting again. Pratima asks Suhani is she going to doctor. Suhani says yes, and asks Pratima did Dadi’s mum disliked dogs. Pratima says no, she used to like dogs and got snoopi for Yuvraaj, why are you asking. Suhani says nothing, I will just come. Pratima says don’t know what will be test results.

Bhavna plays with Golu and sees Rags worried. Rags says Dadi is unwell, Suhani is adamant, what will DNa test do. Bhavna says I understand. I know Suhani, she never takes steps without thinking, maybe she felt. Rags says Suhani has gone mad, I m sure Mili is fooling Suhani to stay in this house, Dadi is getting old, she looks like her mum now, I have seen white hair, Dadi left makeup and dyeing, when Dadi sees her old face, don’t know what will she do. Bhavna says don’t worry, Dadi will understand. I m worried if Suhani is right then… Rags says then house will get storm, Dadi said that girl is dead, else don’t know what will happen with Dadi. Dadi hears their conversation and goes. Suhani looks at Dadi and thinks this is the time to catch Dadi red handed.

Dadi sees her face and her white hair. Suhani appears on. Dadi checks for dye. Suhani thinks is Dadi looking for hair dye. Suhani claims she came to eliminate Dadi’s makeup and dye merchandise, as Pratima said you don’t like all Those people points, you will get indignant. Suhani requires the objects, and Dadi turns absent. Dadi asks her to throw it in bin, and acts. Suhani claims I’ve work. Suhani thinks Dadi is performing and she’s going to expose her. She smiles and leaves.

Its morning, Gauri provides balloons to Saurabh and Anuj. Saurabh states I m quite busy. She needs him all the best and Saurabh hugs her. Anuj asks for his balloon. Gauri presents him. Yuvraaj and Saurabh tease Anuj. Suhani appears to be on and smiles. Mili says This really is my most fav brother. Pratima provides jam roll. Mili receives glad. She holds Yuvraaj’s ears and asks him to say sorry. Anuj asks him to convey sorry. Yuvraaj suggests I m really sorry. They all sweetly struggle. Pratima laughs. Suhani suggests she will consider their spouse and children pic. Dadi arrives and throws the mobile phone. Dadi suggests Mili is not really Element of our loved ones. Suhani wakes up from her desire and shouts Mili. Yuvraaj says he didn’t prefer to go on jogging right now, when are reports coming, will it occur currently. She holds his hand and says no, tomorrow. She suggests Mili should really get her ideal if she deserves this loved ones’s like, will she get like.

Suhani shows new sarees for Dadi, and says Pratima said Dadi’s mum likes such sarees. Dadi thanks her. Suhani says Dadi can’t do this acting for long.

Written Update By Amena


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