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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd May 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts off with Yuvraaj asking Suhani to don gloves, she may have any reaction. She states sorry. He asks her to get treatment. She starts arguing contacting him a Sadu. He claims he did blunder to teach her disciplines and she or he is taunting him. She says fine. Menka, Rags and Dadi Visit the shop home to locate the safe. She claims she is sure that Suhani has the Risk-free, but she is incredibly intelligent and walks in advance of us, see this vacant space the place the Protected may need been placed, how you can catch her. They listen to Pratima is on terrace, as Ramesh tells this. Suhani suggests she was wore the gloves. Yuvraaj suggests she will not begin to see the gloves has the paste. He cleans her experience and claims she will clear up the globe’s issues, and never look after herself. Sharad smiles. She argues and he claims she has no alternative, but to bear him.

The old guy displays the challenge to Suhani. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to view himself. Yuvraaj says see her, she is so annoying. She reveals the black coloration from the product. The man demonstrates the response and if the cream can try this from the utensil, what’s going to it do to human. She suggests its fantastic our consignment did not go out, Lord saved us. Dadi arrives and states Lord can’t conserve her everytime. And confronts her. Sharad asks Sharma to return, he will get in touch with him afterwards. Suhani exhibits it to Dadi. Dadi asks them to come as she’s going to clearly show him a little something. Suhani states Saxena cheated us. Dadi claims somebody else also cheated before him. She delivers Suhani and shows the Protected. Everyone is shocked.

Dadi claims initially they took the Harmless from my room to storeroom and not to terrace. Dadi asks Pratima how can she steal in her personal home and did she see his values in Suhani for making her bahu. Suhani states pay attention to me. Dadi asks her not to talk in between, she really wants to convey to them that her bahu is a thief. Yuvraaj suggests Dadi make sure you, you don’t have any evidence to say Pratima had the safe. Dadi asks will he usually go towards her by supporting Suhani and Pratima. Suhani suggests she has hidden the Risk-free and its not Pratima’s error.

Yuvraaj suggests Suhani you… She claims I have just concealed it, not stolen. Rags claims I knew this is going on on account of you. I understand you might be executing this for alimony along with your father is likewise using danger for double gain. Saurabh asks her not to cross limits. Suhani claims its great, its time that everybody will question on me, and tells Dadi that she did not steal the Harmless, she will Look at by opening it, she took it as she knew time can occur every time they really have to come up with a new begin and they will need income, she didn’t would like to lie, but she had no selection. She suggests they were investing lots, that’s why she did this. Dadi asks her to ahead her hand, she can get the punishment for it.

Suhani forwards her hand and Dadi gives her the keys of your safe, asking her to manage the home from today. Rags and Menka are shocked. Rags asks Dadi why is she supplying keys to Suhani. Dadi states she has to see the amount wise she’s, she can retain the safe along with her and I will see how she operates the home. She claims its Yuvraaj’s birthday and I desire to celebrate it grand. Yuvraaj states his mood is never to bash. Dadi states no, we need to see how this Female runs the home and keeps All people’ needs. Absolutely everyone smile and leave. Pratima claims I needed this to occur, I do know you’ll do that obligation well.

Rags and Menka feel insecure. Menka imagines Suhani managing the house, dressed as Dadi and asking for her bangles. Menka claims no and sees Ramesh. Ramesh asks them to come back, Suhani is looking. Menka worries. Radhe and Rakhi get married. Lalita asks Radhe’s loved ones to maintain her daughter pleased. Radhe states He’ll manage her and maintain her content. Lalita does her bidaai.

Suhani asks Yuvraaj to listen to her. He asks her to manage all the things alone. He asks why did she not tell him. She says you required to find the manager and did not value the enterprise, so I did this. He states you should have stated us, why did you will get insulted by Dadi. He will get annoyed. She leaves. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that we get angry on people whom we enjoy. Yuvraaj states shut up.

Suhani says they have to manage expenses and everyone say their wishes. Suhani gets tensed on working on the things.


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