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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rags burning Suhani’s letter. Yuvraaj comes out of his room, and sees Sambhav making Suhani wear the dupatta. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to come. He says no, you know I don’t believe in puja, I realized I was a big fool, the thing which was not mine I cried for it, and what I had, I did not value it, so I decided I will value only the thing which I have. He goes to Soumya. He looks at Suhani, and gets sad recalling all their lovely past moments. Yuvraaj sings Kaise mujhe tum milgai….. and dances with her, while looking at Suhani.

He gives a rose to Soumya. She smiles happily. Yuvraaj gives the roses to Yuvani, Krishna, Yuvaan and Golu. He takes a rose for Suhani, and gives her. Suhani’s imagines that Yuvraaj is with her. She then sees Yuvraaj dancing with Soumya, and cries. Yuvraaj takes a dupatta for Soumya and goes to her. He covers her with the red dupatta and thinks Suhani wanted me to move on, now I will move on infront of Suhani.

Suhani goes to outhouse and cries. Sambhav comes and asks what happened. Suhani says how could Yuvraaj dance with Soumya like that, he has sung that song just for me on my birthday, why did he sing for Soumya, what does he want to prove. Sambhav says whatever he does, why are you getting tension, what happened, tell me, do you still care if Yuvraaj gets away from you, why are you sad, why are you annoyed. She says we both loved each other, I stood with him in everything, and supported him, what did he do when I told him my truth, I have no hope with him, he could have shown some sympathy, did humanity end in him. She goes.

Pratima asks Yuvraaj whats happening. He says please, I m trying to move on, let me move on, sorry. Soumya tells Rags that I m sorry, I could not believe Yuvraaj did this, I was tensed about the way. Rags says I was careful while doing all that. Menka makes them have sweets. Soumya smiles. Suhani cries and says Yuvraaj, you are not related to me, I will not cry for you now. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that Suhani wants me to move on, I m doing the same. Pratima says you are so lost that you can’t understand yourself. She goes.

Its night, Suhani comes to Birla house and says I will take an answer from Yuvraaj about that letter. She asks Yuvraaj how could he sleep with peace, how can you do this, I want an answer, I told you my state, you replied this. He says what shall I do, you moved on, I can see you are happy with Sambhav. She calls him blind. He says you are blind in Sambhav’s love, what shall I tell you that I still love you, you don’t marry Sambhav. She says no use to say what you don’t believe, you would have not hurried to marry Soumya if you loved me. He says would I wait for 6 years so that you come to me and say you are marrying Sambhav. She wakes up from this dream and drinks water. She says Sambhav is right for Yuvaan.

Saurabh takes food for Pratima, and tries to make her have food. He tells her that she would like to see Suhani and Yuvraaj’s marriage video, the CD broke, but the video is in pendrive. Sambhav tells Yuvaan about the new games. Pratima laughs seeing the video and Saurabh feeds her food. Yuvraaj comes and takes pendrive to overwrite the video with Soumya and his marriage, and Suhani and Sambhav’s marriage video, old file will delete and new file will get created. He goes. Pratima says don’t know what happened to him.

Lata praises Yuvaan while talking to some lady on phone. Bhavna hears her and smiles. Lata praises Suhani for doing mum and dad’s duty so well. Lata sees Bhavna and ends call. Bhavna says I got veg biryani for you, Suhani has sent this. Lata asks why. Bhavna says because Suhani’s Maa gave her good upbringing.

Yuvaan goes to Krishna and Yuvani and says I have surprise for you, Sambhav gave me new games. Snoopi comes and takes cookies. Snoopi runs away with the pendrive. Bhavna gets message and tells Pankaj and Lata that she has to go, its no use to tell them. Pankaj asks what happened. Bhavna says Suhani met with an accident, why do you care, you finish the food, I will also finish food and go. Pankaj asks how can you do this. Bhavna says if you are parents and don’t care for Suhani, why should I care. Lata says Suhani is our daughter.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that the recording has their marriage video. They run and see the kids watching the video.

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