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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins Using the girl singing a bhajan alternatively the mujra track. Suhani goes to Krishna’s residence and appears with the system. She checks all the drawers. Krishna and his spouse and children maintain heads viewing the bhajan. Suhani states she didn’t get anything at all and will go back dwelling. Soumya enters which is shocked looking at her. She suggests she has arrive to talk to Murali, its fantastic she came and observed her below. She says she can make her arrested in theft blame. Suhani asks what is going to she tell police, what did she steal. Soumya says nearly anything, I’ll continue to keep something in Yuvraaj’s home. Suhani suggests wonderful, I don’t have any difficulty, when you and Krishna are staying in that room considering the fact that very last two times.

Krishna asks Radhe about the bhajan. Radhe says I don’t know why did she do bhajan. Krishna asks him to learn. Dadi claims is Krishna mad to maintain mujra at my property. Suhani tells Soumya that she was obtaining components. Soumya says Krishna didn’t steal, I don’t treatment what was there in online video, I do know its not Krishna and he did not do theft. Suhani says you can’t prove him innocent by troubling others. She claims you didn’t crystal clear his identify and did theft all over again. Soumya claims don’t give lecture, you may be punished. Suhani claims great, ship me to jail, but return the method and stop carrying out this drama.

Radhe scolds the dancer and asks her to convey what transpired. Sharad comes and she or he leaves tensed, soon after expressing she is going to return The cash. Radhe claims why did she run, did she see any ghost. Sharad states I don’t know. Suhani and Soumya argue around supporting the incorrect. Suhani suggests you do what you wish and I will do what I need, if I m Mistaken, I won’t ever win and assure you which i will never harm your family to acquire back again my loved ones’s respect. She leaves. Krishna asks Lalita about Soumya. She says I don’t know, you discover her.

Dadi asks Krishna never to do this sort of factor once more. Krishna claims he did to kick out Suhani. Dadi suggests there are numerous approaches, request me for ideas, but don’t do these mistake, else I is not going to leave you. She goes. Krishna says I don’t have to have to hear all this from Dadi now. Yuvraaj bumps into Radhe and claims sorry. Radhe suggests this is his space. Yuvraaj confuses him and Radhe gets contemplating. Yuvraaj states think about it and leaves. Soumya involves Krishna.

She asks why is he upset. He states the dancer did bhajan alternatively dance. He asks why is she upset, wherever did she go. She states I went house to speak to Murali. Suhani tells Yuvraaj that she fulfilled Soumya and she did not go by any Improper motive. He asks her to not go by yourself upcoming time. She states no require, the formulation was not there. He claims what…. She states Sure. He claims why did Soumya not make this a difficulty till now. She says I don’t know, I do think they did not arrive for revenge listed here, its something else.

Soumya claims Now we have arrive below for making them know they might’t make entertaining of our poverty, We’re going to get revenge but our way. Krishna claims Dadi thinks she will command us by keeping the components, but she would not know We’ve got a person. She smiles and says yes, you took her indicator to the papers. He claims Indeed, and retains her hand. He claims reverse countdown commences to ruin Birla family. Suhani states she isn’t going to locate any way. Yuvraaj states their weak spot is Radhe, if we capture him, we are able to know any info. She asks but how. He says I have a program.

Radhe wakes up during the night by an individual pulling off his blanket to disturb him. Radhe sees some ghost and Rakhi wakes up. They shout and operate out. A kerchief with S falls down there. Everybody arrive out and Soumya states there’s nothing like ghost. Krishna suggests what nonsense Is that this. They request Yuvraaj and Suhani is there any ghost at your home. Yuvraaj states Of course, he listened to a little something similar to this ahead of. Radhe states he will not likely stay below and asks Rakhi to pack baggage. Krishna states he will ask them to depart in morning. Suhani asks Pratima not to fret, they have got carried out All of this. Yuvraaj calms her.

Krishna asks wherever may be the ghost. Radhe and Rakhi say how they’ve seen the ghost listed here. Soumya gets the kerchief. Sharad comes wearing the ghost apparel and tells Pratima not to fret. Suhani says we did this drama for making them operate absent. Pratima suggests Radhe shouted aloud, he was genuinely afraid. Yuvraaj states sorry, you got disturbed by this. Soumya tells Krishna that ghost was roaming Along with the kerchief. Krishna states how may be this possible. He asks Radhe not for getting worried and never go away, no ghost will scare him from tomorrow, it means anyone has performed this, I’ve to show them a lesson.

Krishna scolds Dadi for misbehaving with Lalita. He says he will tell everyone that she called him in this house to kick out Suhani from here.

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