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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rags and Menka having a talk about Dadi’s wish to get a heir. Menka says Dadi took Suhani on shopping. Rags can’t believe this. Yuvraaj comes and looks for Suhani. He asks Menka and Rags. Menka says you scolded me, I won’t say. Rags says I just came home, I don’t know. Bhavna consoles Golu. Barbie says I think he has stomach ache, and calls Suhani back. She says Suhani was with Dadi, her phone is switched off now. Sharad comes and gets diapers for Golu. Yuvraaj asks Bhavna about Suhani. Bhavna says she called me and I missed her call, her phone is off, she called both of us, it means its something imp. Yuvraaj says don’t worry and calls driver. He says driver did not take Dadi and Suhani anywhere, he is in parking area. Barbie hears them.

Dadi tries to cut Suhani’s hair. Barbie gets there and says Dadi what are you doing. She shouts Yuvraaj. Dadi asks Barbie to go. Barbie hits Dadi with a stick and makes her fall. Barbie helps Suhani and asks Dadi is she doing. She shouts Yuvraaj….. Dadi says listen to me. Yuvraaj, Sharad and Bhavna come there. They get shocked seeing Dadi and Suhani. Suhani cries. Yuvraaj sees her bad state. Dadi drops the hair remover knife. Suhani runs and hugs Yuvraaj.

Yuvraaj scolds Dadi for thinking such thing. He asks what were you doing with Suhani. Suhani says I want to ask Dadi why did she do this, what happened to her, did she feel she will get heir if she makes her captive. Dadi says I m not doing this to get a male child, girl or boy, I want a heir. You want to give heir to this family, you don’t care for weight issues, just you love this family and can give me a heir. I was afraid you can adopt the child, which I don’t want. The truth is I can’t love anyone else’s child. Suhani says then will you cut my hair keeping me locked in room, do you think this will get a child, this superstitions won’t get a child. Pratima asks her to calm down. Yuvraaj says we will not be quiet Maa, you did not see Suhani’s state, I have seen her. Dadi says fine, I m bad, when baby comes, everyone will forget this. Barbie asks but how will child come. Dadi asks her not to say in between, its their family matter. Barbie says sorry, but everyone wants to know this answer. Saurabh says yes Dadi, tell us.

Yuvraaj says its good Barbie found you on time, you have to say why did you take such big step. Dadi says I took this step for your happiness, hoping there will be a child in our home, I could not see Suhani’s tears. He says we can consult other doctor. Dadi says no doctor can do anything. Suhani can’t become a mother. Suhani cries. Barbie says let doctors decide this, why are you becoming doctor. Dadi says three doctors have said this, which girl will ready to do surrogacy, no married woman will do such work, we have to find a unmarried woman, and unmarried women don’t become mother in our country.

Barbie argues with Dadi. Dadi says no one will accept such girls who become mother before marriage. Barbie says its nothing like that, I m sure we will get such girl, its noble thought of surrogacy. Dadi scolds her and says I had no way, if you are sure, then find that girl who can give birth to Suhani’s child. I will see who does this. Barbie says fine, give me one day time, I will get such girl. Dadi says if you feel this work is great, why don’t you do this work. They all get shocked. Bhavna and Pratima ask Dadi what is she saying. Dadi says yes, why not, Barbie is giving lecture. She asks Barbie will she carry Suhani’s baby in her womb. Barbie says yes, I m ready to become surrogate mother of Suhani’s child. Suhani, Yuvraaj and everyone get shocked.

Dadi says its tough to do. Barbie says its tough, but not impossible. Yuvraaj asks them to stop it, we did not decide anything, we are not interested in surrogacy, did Dadi think about us, no… everyone is doing what they want, thanks Barbie for help, but we don’t want this. Dadi asks why, we are trying to help you. He says we don’t want help. Dadi says why, your wife can’t become mother. Suhani says please Dadi, don’t say this again, I did not get this happened to me by my wish. Dadi says I did not mean that. Yuvraaj says we will adopt child if we want, if you have problem with that child, I can’t help it, sorry, that’s your problem Dadi. He takes Golu and says Dadi, Golu is your grandson too, you can give him everything. He gives Golu to Dadi. Dadi says but I want your child, try to understand. She acts to faint. Yuvraaj holds Dadi.

Doctor checks Dadi and says her bp got high, she will be conscious in some time. Saurabh tells Sharad that everyone is getting bad since Dadi is asking for a child. Sharad says its after Rags refused for baby. Rags asks Sharad to shut up. Saurabh says Sharad is right, you don’t have valid reason to refuse.

Bhavna asks Barbie how did she say this without thinking, thanks for saving Suhani. Barbie says sorry, I did not wish to hurt Dadi. Suhani is with Dadi. Dadi holds her hand and asks her not to call anyone. She starts emotional blackmail and says Barbie gave me hope, but its okay, I don’t want a grandchild, you go from here, leave me alone. Suhani leaves.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that Barbie is feeling bad. Yuvraaj goes after Snoopi. Snoopi barks at Barbie. Suhani and Yuvraaj try to stop Snoopi.

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