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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Soumya for her help and taking her along. Menka gets some call and worries. She gets shocked and goes to Leela. She scolds Leela for stealing money from envelop. Leela says person learns from elders and boss, if you can steal money, I can steal too. Menka asks her not to tell this to anyone and acts sweet. Leela asks her to take parlor appointment for her and cook puris. She goes. Menka gets angry.

Suhani hugs Yuvaan and asks him to sleep, ghosts don’t come at night. Soumya comes there dressed as a fairy. Yuvaan asks who is it, and sees the fairy. He asks Suhani to see there is someone. Suhani says there is no one. Soumya says I m an angel Yuvaan, I end bad things and protect children. Yuvaan says mumma, she is talking to me. Suhani says who, I can’t see anyone. Yuvaan asks angel why can’t mumma see her. Soumya says we have killed holiday ghost, by answering your mumma’s prayers, every mum’s prayer is heard, as mumma can go to any extent to protect child, be here and sleep well. He gets glad and says bye angel. Suhani smiles.

Pratima thanks Soumya for doing this, and says Suhani did not write that mum’s prayers line. Soumya says even I m a mother, it was from my heart. Yuvaan says holiday ghost died. Suhani says so our return is cancelled.

Rags tells Soumya that I saved you, we will kick out Suhani in next 6 days, make sure Krishna does not get close to Suhani, else you and Krishna can get out from happy family pic, and Suhani and Yuvaan get in. Soumya worries.

Suhani makes the snacks for kids and gives them. Yuvani says I don’t want this roti, I want ketchup and fries. Suhani says you were eating this since two days, you did not know this, you have to eat everything to become strong. Soumya comes there. Yuvani says I will eat roti which Suhani is giving, no fries. Suhani asks kids to have fries today, it’s a treat. Soumya says its fine, if they don’t want to eat. Saurabh comes and says guess what did I get for you today. The kids ask him to say. He says I got mango icecream. They all hug him.

Suhani stops Soumya and says I just… Soumya says if everything changes then… Suhani says I m changing bad habits. Soumya says even I m a mother, I know whats right and wrong. Suhani says forgive me, I did not mean it. Saurabh asks them to have icecream and goes. Krishna tells Soumya about her friend, and even Yuvaan’s mumma had a friend. Yuvaan says idea, why don’t we pluck mangoes today. Suhani and Soumya smile. The kids ask them to come. Suhani says fine. They all go. Rags wishes all the best to Soumya. Soumya goes with them.

Leela argues with Menka and asks for a saree. She blackmails Menka. Menka asks how much money do you want. Leela says just 10000rs. Menka gets angry and feels helpless. Leela blackmails her further. Pratima thinks where did Yuvraaj reach till now, if he sees Suhani then… Dadi comes. Leela tells her that kids have gone to pluck mangoes with Suhani and Soumya. Dadi gets angry on Pratima.

The kids pluck mangoes and have a laugh. Soumya helps Yuvani in climbing the tree. Suhani holds Yuvani too. She asks Yuvaan to pluck three mangoes. She shows the yellow ripen mango, and asks Yuvani to pluck raw green mangoes. She reminds Soumya how they used to pluck mangoes in their childhood. They laugh. Suhani calls her monkey. Soumya runs after her. Suhani stops realizing Yuvraaj’s presence. Saware……plays…………. Yuvraaj lands there, by jumping off a truck. Suhani plays with the kids. Baton me ho khubsurti……plays………..

Yuvraaj takes a taxi. He stops near the farm seeing his house’s car. He goes to see….. Soumya and Suhani run around laughing. Yuvraaj hears the sound and goes there. Soumya hears some footsteps and tells Suhani that someone is really coming. Suhani asks her to get kids down the tree, I will see who is coming. They all hide. Yuvraaj looks around. Suhani thinks this farm guard can scare the kids and takes a stick to hit the guard. She does not see his face and hits on Yuvraaj’s head. He gets hurt and falls down.

Yuvraaj meets Sharad and asks why did you leave us. Sharad says how would I leave Suhani alone, when she was…. Dadi comes and meets Yuvraaj.

Written Update by Amena

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