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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 20th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi and Pratima telling that they felt Yuvraaj’s anger will calm down when Suhani’s babies come, we thought we will talk to her. Pratima says just Dadi was with Suhani at the hospital. FB shows Dadi taking Suhani to hospital. She says I will call everyone. Suhani stops Dadi from telling anyone. Suhani gives birth to the twins. Suhani says you always wanted that I go away from Yuvraaj and everyone, I will go.

Dadi asks what are you saying, its true you fought with Yuvraaj, but you have become parents now, how can you leave. Suhani says I did big mistake, two lives went because of me, I will go away, how will I face Yuvraaj, he will recall Gauri’s death seeing me, I will take my kids and go. Dadi worries and asks where will you go, what will you do. Suhani says anything, but I can’t trouble Yuvraaj, I will raise my kids alone, promise me Dadi you won’t tell anyone, I promise I will never come back. Dadi agrees and goes.

Suhani recalls this and says I had no other way, I had to go, Gauri died because of my mistake, since that day I wish to make everything fine, but this can’t happen. She cries and says I realized I did mistake. FB shows Suhani crying when nurse tells her that they just saved one baby. Dadi gets a baby and tells Yuvraaj that Suhani left, she is guilty and did not meet anyone. Yuvraaj asks did she leave her daughter and left. Pratima takes the daughter. Fb ends. Dadi looks on.

Dadi sees the album and says I always used to think about the other baby, how will he be, when I see Yuvraaj, I don’t think anything else, I could not let Suhani take my grand daughter, its good I got her with her. FB shows nurse showing the twins to Dadi. Dadi takes the girl and tells nurse that she is taking the baby, you will answer Suhani. She pays money to the nurse to make her lie. FB ends.

Yuvraaj reads Suhani’s letter where she apologizes and writes she is leaving forever, their ways are different from from now. He says Suhani left the little girl, I would never forgive her for this. Suhani thinks if that accident did not happen, I would have got my second baby, and would be living with Yuvraaj. She imagines Yuvraaj and her, sitting with the twins and smiling. Suhani cries.

Yuvraaj comes home. Pratima talks to him. She asks him not to worry, everything will be fine with time, I know you have bear much pain, your pain did not go. He says I was angry that day and told all that, how can she leave her daughter alone, she did not think about the baby once. Pratima pacifies him. He says yes, its better to forget everything now, I can’t look behind now. The girls say yes, don’t look behind. He says fine. Pratima asks whats this. Yuvani says its surprise for Yuvraaj and shows the superhero drawing on the card. Yuvraaj likes it. Pratima asks the girls not to play with fire. Yuvraaj says well done, its very good.

Saurabh reminds Yuvraaj that he has to go Lucknow tomorrow. He gifts the girls and pampers them. Yuvraaj tells Pratima that he has to go Lucknow for fashion house deal. The girls say they want to visit Lucknow too, and enjoy their holidays. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to take Yuvani, when business is on her name and she has to manage it, why don’t she learn it. Yuvraaj says fashion house is on Yuvani and Krishna’s name, Yuvani will share it with her sister. Pratima says you did good, take both of them. Dadi says I will be alone at home then, Krishna can’t you stay for me. Krishna agrees.

Sharad tells Suhani that she did good, she raised Yuvaan and gave him values. He asks her to move on. She says you are away from your brother because of me. He says no, I left that house by my wish, I could not believe what Yuvraaj did and said. She says its no use to talk now, we will leave from here tomorrow. He says yes. She goes. Yuvaan hears them. Yuvaan asks Sharad why was Suhani crying. Sharad says some business tensions. Yuvaan says don’t lie, I know she cries in her room, I have seen her many times, when I grow up, I will never let her cry, she will always smile. Sharad smiles.

Soumya cheers up Krishna by giving her icecreams. She asks her to sit, and arranges the bed. Krishna says I will go and help Yuvani in packing. Soumya puts a pillow and sheet on the couch. Dadi comes there and recalls Rama’s words. Soumya sees Dadi and picks pillow and sheets back. She asks Dadi did she have any work. Dadi says I wanted green tea. Soumya goes to make tea. Dadi applies white paint on the couch. She thinks if Yuvraaj sleeps on couch, this paint will be on his clothes tomorrow. She sees Yuvani there. Yuvani looks at the paint and sees Dadi.

Yuvraaj and Suhani talk via managers. Suhani says I m doing this for my son.

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