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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 1st November 2015 Written Update

Suhani talking to Gauri. She says she will read books for her. She asks how has dropped her home. Gauri says Dadi. Suhani asks did Dadi drop her. Suhani tells about Chandrakanta story. Gauri recalls the ladies’ words and says Chandra Dadi. Suhani thinks Chandrakala is Dadi’s name, how does Mili know this. She goes out and calls Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says I m on office, I will get late today, I m busy in work. He ends call.

Soumya gets her interior designer’s call and asks shall I send workers. Soumya says no, we have some problem here, so we won’t have renovation. The man scolds her for not having status and asks her to pay bill of 25000rs. She says fine, I will give you. Lalita asks Krishna to see, Soumya is wasting money instead caring for him.

Suhani thinks to talk to Bhavna, as sometimes Mili says strange things. She goes to Gauri’s room and does not see her. She sees Gauri in garden and says what is Mili doing there. Gauri digs the soil. Suhani asks what is she doing and stops her. Gauri says please leave. Gauri smiles on getting a box. Suhani thinks how does Mili know the box was hidden here, how can she know about this house. She asks Mili did she come here before. Gauri says yes, I have hidden this box. Suhani asks did she hide it. Dadi comes and asks whats happening.

Suhani says someone has hidden this box here, whose box will it be. Dadi says maybe of some child of this house. Suhani says then how does Mili know this. Dadi asks Gauri what does she want and gets angry. Suhani says Mili will get scared. Dadi says I know how to raise kids and scolds Gauri. She takes Gauri with her. Suhani thinks Dadi taking Gauri’s name and Mili getting that box. Saurabh comes there and Suhani says his treasure box is found. He asks what. She says the one you have hidden in garden. He says I did not hide anything. He goes. She says if its not Saurabh’s box, then it would be Yuvraaj or Anuj’s. Menka hears this and says treasure box, I won’t let Gauri have it.

Dadi gets medicines from Gauri. Menka comes and one tablet falls down from Dadi’s hand. Dadi gets tensed. Krishna argues with Soumya. Radhe comes there and says Krishna can sell his vehicle. Menka tells Dadi about treasure box. She asks for some gift. Dadi asks how does she know. Menka says I heard Suhani. Dadi thinks to make Suhani away from Gauri, before she knows truth. She sprays in her room and keeps the fallen tablet in her drawer.

Krishna sells the 10 lakhs car in 3 lakhs. Soumya stops him. Krishna argues and asks him not to make him financially weak. Soumya asks for one day time. Krishna says I won’t take money from Soumya and Yuvraaj, and asks Radhe to sell off the car. Suhani comes to talk to Yuvraaj. He says I m busy and will talk later. She gets an idea and acts like slipping. He holds her and makes her sit. She asks why can’t he have coffee with her for 2mins. He smiles and says sorry, the work was imp, this won’t happen again, come, have coffee. She smiles.

He states awesome coffee and asks why is she staring. She claims she’s observing him with enjoy. You seem so Wonderful, what shall I do. They smile. She says Dadi mentioned she can get medicines checked, she didn’t say something. He states whats there to worry, go and request her once. She claims good. He claims He’ll communicate later, He’s busy. She thinks Yuvraaj won’t ever disguise his things, but whose box can or not it’s? Dadi can take medicines and stops looking at Suhani. Ramesh asks Suhani about lunch. Suhani asks him to talk to Bhavna.

Suhani sees snoopi in Dadi’s home and opens the drawer. She receives the pink pill and will get similar medication scent. She claims but smell is not really during the space, and sees spray. She suggests now Dadi have to reply my concerns.

Dadi says you think that this medication is terrible, I will confirm the truth and eats a single tablet. She asks Suhani to determine did everything come about to her. Yuvraaj attempts to prevent Dadi. Suhani seems on.

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