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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rama checking the room, and wondering how Yuvraaj and Soumya sleep with half bed clean sided and half messy. Sharad lifts Yuvaan. Yuvaan says that hero lifted me better than you. Sharad asks him to play with hero uncle then. Yuvaan asks what are you jealous, if you met him, you would have been his fan. He says what all Yuvraaj did before playing game, I have to tell this to mumma too, but where is she since morning. Sharad says mumma went for imp work, you go and play.

Suhani reaches the park and sits there. She recalls visiting park along with Yuvraaj. She says so much changed in all these years, don’t know Yuvraaj comes here or not. Rama gives green tea to Dadi and sees the bed. Dadi asks what are you thinking. Rama says look at your bed, you sleep alone and that’s why half bed is clean. Dadi says yes, I sleep alone. Rama says Soumya’s bed is also like that, I don’t understand why Soumya sleeps alone, where does Yuvraaj sleep, why don’t they sleep together. Dadi starts scolding her. Rama says sorry Dadi, this mistake won’t happen again. Dadi asks her to leave from here and go to village. Rama leaves. Suhani says its late, I should leave now.

Suhani says I thought Yuvraaj will come here, maybe I was wrong, he moved on, maybe even this year, I have to celebrate anniversary without seeing him. Yuvraaj comes there and does not see her. Suhani says its no use to stay here now. A man sells groundnuts. She recalls Yuvraaj’s words. She turns thinking Yuvraaj came, and sees another man buying groundnuts. She cries and does not see Yuvraaj buying groundnuts.

Soumya asks the girls to remember formula and make Dadi and Pratima’s patch up. Yuvani gets tea for Dadi. Krishna takes tea for Pratima. The girls act and ask them to have tea. Pratima gets a note and reads. Dadi also gets the note in the saucer. Dadi reads Pratima’s apology, while Pratima reads Dadi’s apology. Dadi says Pratima should say sorry to me. Yuvani asks her to forgive Pratima. Pratima says I should meet Dadi and come. Yuvani and Krishna smile and show thumbs up. Dadi forgives Pratima. Pratima says its my mistake, why are you say sorry. Dadi asks when did I say sorry. Pratima says you have sent note by Krishna. Dadi says no, you sent sorry note by Yuvani. The girls hide behind Soumya. Soumya says it does not matter who sent note, the truth is you both wanted to talk. They smile. The girls hug Dadi and Pratima. The girls leave. Pratima thanks Soumya for managing kids and house. Dadi says yes, if you were not there, don’t know what would have happened of Yuvraaj. Soumya says after that incident, if Yuvraaj was not there, don’t know what happened of me.

FB shows Yuvraaj making everyone outside. Krishna goes to help Yuvraaj. They both get the Mata idol outside. Krishna apologizes and says my boss called and said this chowki had bomb. Yuvraaj says Suhani said Sajan kept bomb. Krishna says maybe Sajan got to know this. Saurabh says its good we are safe. Suhani asks where is Gauri. Bhavna says Gauri is in kitchen. Yuvraaj rushes to find Gauri. Krishna thinks to go from back door and see. Krishna reaches Gauri and says house has bomb, come. The bomb explodes…. Krishna and Gauri die. Yuvraaj and others fall outside and see the blast. FB ends. Pratima sees Gauri’s pic and cries.

Suhani asks the man to distribute the masks to kids. He asks why are you crying. FB shows Suhani getting a mask to keep infront of Gauri’s pic. Yuvraaj stops her and blames her for Gauri’s death. He says you got Sajan home and did not listen to me. Pratima says this is not the time. Yuvraaj says when will time come, when anyone else is harmed because of Suhani. He says Gauri is dead, you kept a bad man at home because of your greatness. Suhani says I did not know. He says I warned you million times, but you did not listen, you went against me to defend him. She says no… He says shut up. Sharad says she did not do this intentionally.

Yuvraaj says you were with me when I was making Sajan leave, but Suhani got him back, I told her that she will be responsible if anything happens to anyone, I lost my sister, Soumya lost Krishna, Soumya’s 5 day daughter became orphan, how shall I forgive you, tell me, you don’t know anyone’s nature, atleast we see faces and know people, what did you do. She says please listen… He says no, I m going to immerse Gauri’s ashes, I don’t want to be around, let her soul get peace. He keeps the mask and tells Sharad that I hate Suhani, I can see how I lost Gauri because of her. He asks Suhani to go so far that even her memories do not come close to her. He leaves. Everyone look on. Suhani asks him to listen and cries holding her stomach. She falls down. Everyone rush to her. FB ends.

Yuvraaj leaves from park and says whatever I said was in anger, it was an accident, things would have got normal, but what you did that day, I can’t forgive you. Suhani says I stopped you that day, you did not listen and left.

Dadi says I could not let Yuvani leave, I lied to everyone, I don’t regret for it, as my one lie moved on everyone’s life ahead.

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