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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying Radhe did this, but how to find proof against him. He looks for his phone. Suhani goes to Gauri’s room and looks there. She gets a suitcase and says why is this heavy. She gets Aditya’s shirt with glass pieces. She recalls Radhe’s words and says it means Aditya did this, Dadi is trying to save him. Bhavna stops Rags from going to Gauri’s room. Rags says I m not going inside, I came here by mistake. Yuvraaj calls on his phone. Rags and Bhavna hear the sound. Rags says whose phone is it, who is inside. Rags goes inside and sees Suhani. She asks Yuvraaj to see Suhani, what is she doing here. Suhani says I have come here to find some evidence. He asks what did you get. She shows Aditya’s shirt, with vase pieces in it. She says maybe its Aditya. Rags says so now you will blame Aditya. Saurabh says Aditya is Gauri’s husband, why will he do this.

Dadi asks Suhani to stop this nonsense against Aditya. Yuvraaj comes in between and asks Dadi what is she doing. Dadi says ask your wife, does she have so much courage that she can blame anyone. Menka asks on whom is she blaming. Rags says Aditya. Menka says now she is after Aditya.

Aditya asks Suhani why are you doing this. Dadi says she has got Yuvraaj’s support, so she is doing this. Suhani says I m just asking what was his shirt doing there. He says that’s my room too. Suhani asks him about vase pieces in the shirt. She asks Aditya why did he hide this in his shirt. He says I did not do anything. Yuvraaj asks then who did this. Aditya panics and says believe me Dadi, I did do anything. Saurabh asks Aditya where was he when Gaura was attacked, as he was not in the hall with them. Aditya worries and says someone came to meet me, I went outside house. He says Gauri is my wife, why will I do this. Suhani asks him to prove this, and answer what is the shirt having glass pieces. Rags says you are blaming Aditya. Suhani says no, but I can’t believe Aditya now. Dadi says enough, Aditya did not do anything, no one will ask him.

Rags argues with Suhani, and says your dad is lucky to get you, you are ready to trap anyone to save him, its good Pratima and Gauri are not here, else poor Gauri would have been broken. Pankaj sees the newspaper and recalls the people insulting him and his family.

Bhavna tells Suhani that we will get Aditya arrested, we have to do something. Sharad says Aditya is after Pankaj, maybe he has done this. Yuvraaj says maybe Pankaj heard that vase breaking sound. Bhavna says we made Aditya marry Gauri, so maybe he did this. Suhani says we need proof, we have to be sure that he did this. Bhavna asks how.

Rags says we know Suhani, she can do anything to save her dad. Dadi asks Aditya not to worry. Menka says Dadi never wins over Suhani, how will you save Aditya, don’t get angry on me. She says I don’t think anyone can save Aditya, once Pankaj comes out, Suhani will not leave you.

Its morning, Menka asks Suhani why did she come back home, will she not go to her Maayka. Everyone look on while having breakfast. Aditya comes there and asks Rags about Dadi. Yuvraaj says we have to talk to you. Aditya says I did not do anything, so I came to tell truth to all of you. Suhani asks what truth. Rags says not that which you want to hear. Anuj asks Ramesh to call Dadi. Dadi meets Pankaj and humiliates him, telling him how people will see him with bad view, they will taunt him, even if he is announced innocent, his life will be worse than jail, this will affect his daughters lives too. She goes.

Aditya says some people were threatening me to pay back the loan, so I went out, goons were after me, believe me, I did not do anything, I was in Dadi’s room and stealing money at that time when this happened with Gauri. They get shocked. Aditya says goons were saying they will tell everyone my truth, I have stolen Dadi’s necklace. Yuvraaj raises hand, and Suhani stops him. Yuvraaj scolds him. Aditya says you can beat me, but I did not do anything with Gauri, you ask Dadi, her one necklace will be missing. Sharad says he is lying, he is making this story to save himself. Aditya says its not story, I needed money. He asks them to check Dadi’s cupboard.

Dadi comes and says no need to check. Yuvraaj says but maybe he is lying. She says like you trust Pankaj, I trust Aditya.

Yuvraaj says necklace is missing, it does not mean Aditya is innocent, he has to prove his innocence like Pankaj did.

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