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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 18th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Pratima telling Soumya that they were talking about Suhani, so Yuvraaj took Suhani’s name. Soumya says its okay and leaves. Everyone sit to have breakfast. Yuvaan says I will go in few days. Yuvani asks Sambhav to promise, he will get Yuvaan in every vacation. Sambhav says promise, come to Lucknow in next vacation, we will enjoy. Yuvani says we will talk to Papa. Suhani recalls Yuvraaj’s words and says no Yuvraaj….. Sambhav says I m Sambhav….. Suhani says yes, actually …… She goes. Soumya and everyone look on.

Suhani goes out and cries, saying why am I hearing Yuvraaj’s voice everywhere. Sambhav comes to her and asks why is she upset. Yuvraaj goes to his room and sees Yuvani and his pic. He sees a basketball and misses Yuvaan. He says why did this happen, every relation will change after this marriage. Menka tells Soumya to see whats happening. Soumya says I have seen them outside at night. Menka asks who, Suhani and Yuvraaj. Soumya says all this moving on is acting, Suhani won’t leave Yuvraaj easily. Menka says I know, she loves Yuvraaj a lot, you don’t lose so soon, you have to fight alone, don’t know where did Dadi go. Soumya asks how, I m worried what will happen about Krishna’s future if I lose. Suhani says I was just worried, I did not know I will remarry ever, Yuvaan was everything for me, I m doing all this and feeling scared. He asks is this the thing? She says yes. Yuvraaj says I just have to go ahead, as this is the right thing.

Soumya says if Suhani does something that makes her fall in Yuvraaj’s eyes, then he will not see her again, he will angrily take a decision wrong for him and right for us. Menka says but you have to something wrong for this. Soumya says I know, we have no other option. Pratima tells Suhani that she will come to meet Yuvaan after her marriage. Suhani says is this anything to say, Yuvaan can stay anywhere, he is son of this house, he is part of your family, you can meet him anytime.

Soumya goes to kitchen and starts acting as if she got hurt. She screams. Suhani and Pratima hear her, and rush to her. Pratima asks what happened. Soumya says I got hurt, there is much work and I can’t rest. Pratima asks where is Leela. Menka asks Leela to leave from window and not come back, I told everyone your Dadi died, keep this money, your job won’t go. Suhani says I will make food. Pratima says how will you cook for all of us alone. Suhani says I will make, Bhavna will help me, where is she. Soumya says she went to meet Lata and Pankaj. Suhani says its fine, I will make food. Rags comes and asks Leela to keep her bag in room.

Soumya says she is not at home, I will help you. Menka says Leela had to go somewhere. Rags asks why are you helping me. Soumya says its good you came. Soumya does dressing to her hand. Saurabh comes and tells Yuvraaj to talk to wedding planner, tell me which color of decorations you want. Yuvraaj says yellow. Sambhav says I like blue. Saurabh says we will make blue and yellow combo. Yuvraaj says its my marriage, I will decide, its Suhani’s marriage too and decoration color will be her fav yellow. Soumya looks on annoyed.

Sambhav says blue is Suhani’s fav color. Saurabh says no, Yuvraaj said Suhani’s fav color is yellow. Sambhav says but Suhani told me blue. Soumya says Suhani’s fav color is yellow and Yuvraaj’s fav color is blue, they are choosing fav color for each other. I will give you some idea to impress Suhani, go to kitchen and help her. Sambhav smiles.

Rags tells Soumya that this plan won’t help, if you want Suhani to fall in Yuvraaj’s eyes, we have to think something big, that things don’t get fine. Soumya says I used snoopi to stop Sambhav from leaving, I can’t do this alone, I wish I did not scare Yuvaan. Rags says fine, your kiddish plans will get Suhani and Yuvraaj close, Menka go and pack Krishna’s bags. Soumya says I m ready to do this.

Suhani thinks to make rotis, and sees the flour box above the cupboard. Sambhav comes and asks her fav color. She says blue. He says Pratima said your fav color is yellow, and Yuvraaj’s fav color is blue. She asks him to help him in getting that box down, she has to make rotis. Soumya looks on and goes to Menka. They go to kids and send them to kitchen, asking them to get Yuvraaj’s help to have choco cookies jar. The kids leave. Sambhav does not help Suhani and asks her to say her fav color. Suhani says Yuvraaj and I were husband and wife, now we aren’t, we can’t bear each other, why are you talking about old things, help me in getting the box. The kids go to Yuvraaj and ask him to help. Sambhav says sure, and asks Suhani to move.

Suhani moves aside. He gets an imp call and goes. Yuvraaj comes there with kids. Yuvaan asks about cookies jar. She says I m getting flour box, don’t make any excuse now. Yuvraaj pities on Yuvaan and asks Suhani shall I help you. Krishna says yes, aunty has problem, help her. Yuvraaj goes to help Suhani. They together try holding the box and pull it. The box falls down, with all the flour on Yuvraaj and Suhani’s heads. Saware………………plays……………….. the kids laugh seeing them. Suhani too laughs. Soumya and Menka look on shocked. Rags comes and asks Soumya to do what she said. Soumya says but nothing should happen to Yuvaan. Rags says I promise, just do as I say. Soumya agrees.

Few goons stop Suhani and tease her. They kidnap Suhani. Sambhav comes towards the car and wonders where did Suhani go.

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