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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th October 2015 Written Update

Rags and Menka arguing. Sharad comes there and says he will protect Anant always. Rags fills Bhavna’s ears saying just remember Anant is your son, you have to decide for him. Suhani says Gauri will not come out in living room, so she won’t do any mistake. Sharad says if she comes out and does something, I know who will be behind it. Menka asks him not to blame her. Dadi asks them to stop arguing and do arrangements to send that girl. Suhani says they found an ashram and its closed for navratri. Dadi says fine, and asks them to prepare for puja. She tells Rags and Menka that she will kick them out if they do anything during puja, and no need to trouble her now.

Dadi asks her to do as she is told, no need to interfere more. She goes. Rags says I feel Dadi has some connection with that girl. Menka says I know that Gauri would be Dadi’s illegitimate daughter our of wedlock. Rags asks her to shut up. Suhani gets ready and chooses Yuvraaj’s clothes when he asks her to stitch the button. She says she has no time. He insists. She agrees and stitches the button. She says she knows a lot too. He asks what does she know. She says I will say when I get time. He asks her to save some time for him too. She asks why. He says so that I feel I m more imp like your Bachchan Sahab. She says you are taking my test to know what I know. They get close and she pins the needle, saying she knows this. She smiles and runs away. He smiles.

Soumya comes to Birla house with much sweets and gifts. She meets Bhavna and hugs her. They have a talk. Suhani comes and hugs her. They look cheerful. Rags and Menka come. Soumya shows her designer dress and taunts Rags and Menka. She says her dress is very costly. Dadi says Soumya, we are buying from that shop when you were not born. Soumya says her dress is designer piece and no one would have it. Suhani says great, and asks about sweets and fruits. Soumya says Krishna has sent this for puja. Dadi asks Ramesh to keep all this in kitchen and ask Pratima to donate this in temple. Suhani asks about Krishna. Soumya says he is going Australia for shooting, Bachchan ji is making guest appearance in his movie. Suhani gets glad and says she will meet him. Menka and Rags look on in disbelief.

Soumya taunts them and gives then gifts. She says Krishna went to Paris last month, and got this gift. She gives a necklace for Devi maa and asks Dadi to make adorn this on the idol after puja. She gives the necklace bill to Menka and asks her to get it repaired if there is any problem. Menka gets shocked seeing the bill amount of 1.5 lakhs. Suhani says the necklace is very good. Soumya says she has to go to Krishna’s set and leaves greeting them.

Rags asks Dadi about Soumya’s showing off, why did Dadi keep quiet. Dadi says I have much work than taunting Soumya, I don’t care of her taunts.

The pandit asks them to do aarti and start puja. Suhani asks Saurabh did he go Suhagi too. Saurabh denies. Suhani thinks who went there. Dadi thinks Suhani has a doubt. They all do the aarti. Yuvraaj comes and attends it. He says he has broken the kurta button. Suhani asks him to have some shame, he is standing in puja. He asks why, is romance not permitted infront of Lord. She asks him to fulfill his promise and talk to Gauri well, as she has also kept her promise. He says I felt you will lose bet and I don’t have to do anything. She says making me lose is not easy. Pratima asks them to do the puja and aarti. Yuvraaj asks Suhani is this necessary. She says yes.

Yuvraaj goes. Suhani asks pandit about rituals. Pratima asks her to visit tree in garden. Suhani goes. Saurabh stops Yuvraaj and asks him to choose a lot more Prasad. He jokes Yuvraaj has become Suhani’s spouse. Gauri draws about her family around the wall. Yuvraaj sees this and will get irked. He knocks the doorway. He claims actually sorry, I didn’t wish to shout on you. He presents her Prasad and states I didn’t want to get offended on you, why did you conquer Rags. He will not give the laddoos and asks her to reply him.

Suhani goes out. Menka tells Dadi that it will be enjoyable to depart Gauri between puja. Dadi thinks she will’t let this materialize. Rags says seriously, if just about anything comes about currently then Yuvraaj will…….. Dadi goes away and sees Pratima and Bhavna. Suhani does the rituals around the tree and leaves. Anything is proven there. Yuvraaj asks Gauri to become tranquil, who’ll clean up the wall now. Gauri has produced angry female drawing and that tree is revealed.

Suhani tells Dadi that someone utilized to present anger provoking medicines to Gauri till now. Dadi hugs Gauri and hurts her, having a smile.

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