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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th November 2015 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

Yuvraaj refusing to have food, as he is worried for Dadi. Anuj says maybe any old enemy, or manager Saxena has done this. Saurabh says maybe. Rags asks them to have food. Saurabh and Anuj say they are not hungry and leave to find Dadi. Suhani thinks how to find Dadi, she can’t see Yuvraaj worried. Pratima says Lord will be protecting Dadi. Yuvraaj gets an idea to track Dadi by GPS. Pratima asks whats GPS. Bhavna asks how will we track. Yuvraaj says we can trace phone call and see her location. Suhani says I will get laptop. Bhavna says just phone company will do this, that too when police tells them. Yuvraaj rushes to inform police.

Rags confronts Suhani and asks where is Dadi. Suhani scolds her and says you always use wrong way, hurt others, and never think about anyone. This is the difference between us, no use to explain you, as you will not understand. Its morning, Dadi wakes up and shouts for help. The labor hear them and think its some ghost. She asks for any Ladki to free her. They think its ghost and run from there. Dadi faints again.

The inspector tells Yuvraaj that they have tracked Dadi’s phone, but application is needed. You mail it, I will call you when I know anything. Suhani sits to write application and asks date from Pratima. Pratima says maybe 17th November. She gets sad. Suhani asks why did she get worried. Pratima says 19th November is… and does not tell more. Yuvraj gets upset and Suhani consoles him. She hugs and kisses him, and assures that Dadi will be back soon.

Bhavna tells Pratima that Saurabh called, and said Saxena is not involved in this, just GPS is the way now. Pratima asks Bhavna not to let her son get away from her and cries. Yuvraaj goes to sleep in his room. Bhavna and Sharad come to Yuvraaj’s room and see Suhani and Yuvraaj sleeping on sofas. She says maybe no one slept at home. Sharad says we will let them sleep, come. Yuvraaj and Suhani wake up by phone call. Yuvraaj says its call from police station. He says great news, thanks. He says Dadi’s location is traced, she is near our house. They ask why did she not come back.

Suhani claims this means Dadi is helpless, she’s at building site, we did not see there, there is absolutely no community, maybe she is caught there, we should always go and find out there once. Sharad, Suhani and Yuvraaj come to the site, though Bhavna goes to inform Everybody. They see labors complaining to manager about ghosts right here, they question about preserving Shanti puja, the lady was taking Odd names at nighttime, like Ladki and Ladka. Suhani says Dadi… from in which was the voice coming. The man says don’t go there, the spirit will destroy you.

Yuvraaj states shut up, tell me about that spot. The man suggests voice was coming from powering the wall. Suhani informs Saurabh. Yuvraaj calls out Dadi and Dadi wakes up. Pratima performs to Lord and misses her daughter, recalling that day. Gauri wipes her tears. The labor start breaking the wall. Sharad, Saurabh, Anuj and Yuvraaj also hit the wall. Yuvraaj claims if we hit in this article, Dadi probably damage. He asks Dadi not to worry, everything will be wonderful. Gauri asks Pratima never to cry, she can get Dadi. Pratima smiles. Gauri hugs Pratima. Pratima smiles. All of them break the wall. They get stunned viewing Dadi’s state.

Suhani suggests they keep a party, and Pratima misses her daughter.

Written Update By Amena


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