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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj asking Pankaj not to worry, as he will be proved innocent soon. He says I hope real culprit is caught. Pankaj says it does not matter to me, as my respect got stained. Saurabh tells Anuj that something is fishy. Anuj says case is getting more complicated. Pratima asks Gauri not to worry. Gauri asks is this necessary to go inside court. Pratima says yes, we have to find real culprit. Dadi says Pankaj did this, I don’t want to argue. Pratima says I m not saying anything. Dadi says its fine if Gauri does not want to go, I will tell Leela. Leela says Gauri has to come, come judge called us inside.

They all go inside court and see the darkness. Leela makes Gauri stand infront of some men. Gupta says Gauri, its darkness like that night, you have to find the culprit between these five men here. Gauri looks at them. Gauri says no, I don’t know. Leela says you have to do this Gauri. Gupta says if you don’t do this, it will be proved you had misunderstanding that way, identify Pankaj now. Everyone look on as Gauri points to someone. The light comes and they all shocked seeing Gauri pointing to Aditya. Menka says new twist in the story. Aditya gets shocked too. Suhani says Aditya, you did this.

Gauri opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing Aditya infront of her. She cries. Everyone look on. Gauri says no, Aditya did not do anything. Gupta says it means you were mistaken. Gauri says shirt is same, I got confused. Leela says Gupta is making joke of it. Gupta says we have proof that Radhe and Krishna were there and did not do anything, court is believing them and not Pankaj, it means they are against Pankaj and have personal rivalry with him. Leela says nothing like that. Judge gives one day time to Leela to get evidence against Pankaj. Gauri says Aditya is very nice, he did not do anything. Suhani thinks did Aditya do this. Gupta asks Pankaj not to worry, one night today and tomorrow you will be free. Bhavna and Lata thank Gupta. Gupta says its alright, everything will be fine. Yuvraaj asks Pankaj not to worry. Aditya gets angry. Suhani tells Bhavna about Aditya, he is after Pankaj, I feel Aditya did this, does Gauri want to save Aditya. Bhavna asks what… Yuvraaj and Sharad ask them to come.

Dadi meets Leela and asks what to do now. Leela says I have thought of something, we have to find proof against Pankaj. Dadi says I want Pankaj to get punished. Leela gets reporter’s call and gives wrong statement. She says if Pankaj gets free, it means bahus and daughters are not safe. She tells Dadi we have to find legal documents against Pankaj to keep him in jail. Menka says this is new way to insult Pankaj. Dadi says I want to get him punished.

Suhani says Papa will be with us tomorrow. Pankaj says everything finished, nothing will get fine now. Suhani says we will prove you innocent. Pankaj says Yuvraaj and Sharad are really good to go against family and took care of my daughters, be with them, I can’t do anything for them. This is truth, as my respect is ruined, I can’t live in society like before, you all get away from my life. He cries. Suhani says its nothing like that. Pankaj is taken away by police. Suhani says why is Papa talking like this. Sharad says its big blame on him, its on his character and self esteem, he is broken. Lata cries. Suhani consoles her and says once Papa comes home, everything will be fine.

Dadi angrily goes to her room. Saurabh asks Rags to leave Dadi alone, she is angry. Sharad says its good Pankaj is innocent and will get free. Saurabh says but we have to catch real culprit. Aditya says we should catch him in 24 hours. Gauri cries and says Aditya did not do anything. Rags says Saurabh, don’t you think you should help Gauri. Saurabh says I know, use your mind and stop creating fights here. Pratima takes Gauri. Rags says fine Saurabh, you also explain Yuvraaj and tell him to do brother’s duty, now Suhani has no tension, her dad will be free of jail, Yuvraaj should have been here with Gauri.

Dadi calls someone and says you are useless, I don’t want your help, I have much work and less time, I will do everything. Rags looks at Dadi. Dadi asks did you come to spy on me. Rags says I came to say Gauri is upset, I got to know Yuvraaj went to Suhani’s home. She leaves.

Yuvraaj and Suhani see Lata worried. Lata cries and says I want to thank Lord. Suhani lights the diya and says nothing wrong will happen now. Lata thanks them for helping. Suhani says Pankaj is my dad. Lata says but we should thank Yuvraaj, he did not doubt on Pankaj and supported him, I m lucky to get such a nice son in law. Yuvraaj says no need to thank anyone. Menka asks Rags what, did Dadi do all this. Rags says talk slowly, Dadi did this, I felt this hearing Dadi, she was talking to someone, we have 24 hours to prove Pankaj guilty, this time Dadi did big planning. Menka says it means Pankaj uncle did not do anything, Dadi did this. Rags says yes, once Pankaj is proved guilty, Yuvraaj will leave Suhani, I wish everything happens by Dadi’s planning. Bhavna hears them and cries saying Dadi did all this. Suhani thanks Yuvraaj and holds his hand. Lata gets aarti plate and Dadi comes. Dadi throws the aarti plate and looks at them. Suhani and Yuvraaj get shocked.

Bhavna calls Suhani and says Dadi did all this to trap Pankaj, so that you and Yuvraaj get separated. Sharad looks on. Suhani asks what. Yuvraaj asks Suhani what happened.

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