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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th November 2015 Written Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

Family celebrating Diwali and burning crackers. Suhani comes there and Gauri stops her, asking her not to go. She says crackers are bad. Suhani says I have work, and the pic falls. Gauri takes the pic and sees it. She asks why is Gauri not in this pic. Suhani asks who is Gauri. Dadi calls on landline, while everyone is outside. Gauri says this is Chandra Dadi, Gauri’s mum and brothers. Suhani asks do you know Gauri. Gauri holds herself and says Gauri is not in this pic. Suhani smiles and asks is she Gauri. Gauri says yes, I m Gauri.

Suhani goes to tell Yuvraaj and Pratima. A man comes and says he wants to meet Chandrakala ji. Dadi faints in the dark place. Anuj says I called Dadi’s friends, she is not here. Yuvraaj says we need Dadi’s signs. Saurabh says Dadi does not go like this. Anuj says Dadi told me she is going to meet her friend. Ramesh shows the phone, and says Yuvraaj’s phone was ringing. Yuvraaj checks and says 7 missed calls from Dadi. Suhani says it means she is in some problem, call her and ask. He calls Dadi and she does not answer. Yuvraaj says I also feel she is in problem.

Suhani says I think we should find Dadi. The man says I will help if needed and goes. Saurabh says Yuvraaj, from where will we start finding Dadi. Suhani and Yuvraaj go to police station and tell inspector about Dadi gone missing. Yuvraaj says her phone is unreachable, she is not with her friend. The inspector says we will find her. Yuvraaj says I wish I took Dadi’s call Suhani. The inspector says maybe Dadi went out of city for some imp work. Suhani thinks whether Dadi went to Suhagi.

Dadi gets up and coughs. She sees Yuvraaj’s missed call. Suhani and Yuvraaj come home. She gives him water. He says I don’t understand, where can Dadi go, I m feeling the same on Diwali after so many years. He cries and says I was very young, I don’t remember much, but we all were very sad on Diwali, Dadi asked us not to think about it, so we never spoke about it, but I feel the same today. Suhani says everything will be fine, Dadi will come back. He asks will you leave me and go. She says never. He hugs her. She says we will talk about it later and find Dadi first. He goes. She thinks she will tell everyone that Gauri is alive.

Pratima and Saurabh ask driver about Dadi. The driver says Dadi did not go by car. Suhani says maybe Dadi is nearby, she will be in problem. Yuvraaj says they will look for her. Dadi calls Yuvraaj. He can’t hear her voice and Dadi shouts Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj says we will leave to find her. Gauri asks Suhani to see her drawing. Suhani says we will see later. Gauri insists. Yuvraaj gets angry and scolds her. Suhani sees the drawing of someone taking a girl. She asks what she wants to say. Gauri says this woman took me, while playing hide and seek. Rags says we have to go. Yuvraaj says whats relation with this drawing with Dadi. Suhani asks Mili to say where this woman took her. Mili takes her. Suhani thinks this woman is Dadi, she would have kidnapped Mili. Yuvraaj and Rags leave. Dadi cries and thinks she is trapped in her own lie.

Gauri provides everyone for the beneath building area. Yuvraaj suggests we’ve been throwing away time. Dadi hears him and shouts for assistance. Gauri reveals the place Dadi introduced her. Suhani asks Mili to stand here. Yuvraaj asks why will Dadi occur listed here. Suhani states We’ll ask a person. Dadi receives unwell. Yuvraaj says there is absolutely no a single listed here. Suhani insists that We’ve got to discover listed here. Yuvraaj claims we shall leave. Suhani asks Mili to return, plus they all commence leaving. Dadi falls down. Sharad asks how did this seem arrive. Yuvraaj saks what audio. Suhani claims here, it arrived from powering this wall, I’ve read it. Yuvraaj and Saurabh say there was no seem. Suhani claims it absolutely was seem like anyone fell. Saurabh says We are going to go dwelling and Feel what to do.

Rags talks to Menka on phone and scolds her for thinking of Dadi’s jewellery as an alternative coming below that will help getting Dadi. Pratima involves Rags and claims I m happy observing your concern for Dadi. Rags states I m not egocentric, I care for Dadi, I m endeavoring to find anything, probably we are able to know where is Dadi, you were doubting on me and felt I came below for having jewellery, why anybody not check with Suhani about Dadi, I wish to say Suhani hates Dadi. Pratima says Suhani can by no means damage any individual, there are plenty of challenges, don’t improve challenges by your nonsense.

The men tell about bad soul, calling out for any Ladki. Suhani says it means Dadi…. Yuvraaj and Sharad look on.

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