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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rakhi inquiring Radhe never to joke, as they all are tensed. Soumya suggests why did Suhani try this. Murali states even I can’t believe this. Lalita blames Soumya for eyeing Suhani’s husband, Suhani has taken revenge, see my son’s state. Suhani remembers Krishna’s words and phrases and thinks something wrong has took place, which I m unable to see. She sits and will work on the laptop computer to examine some information. She sees a shadow and goes out of your office. Anyone sits within the laptop computer and Suhani goes out to determine. She sees an individual putting on black dresses. She goes to him and its Yuvraaj. He asks exactly what is she carrying out below. She suggests she has observed someplace near the office. He claims it had been him, he was not finding rest.

She suggests she is puzzled. He asks is she concerned as a consequence of Krishna. She claims I don’t know how can he threaten us if he did blunder, I’ve witnessed hatred in his eyes, which often can’t be viewed in almost any thief’s eyes, we aren’t catching any connection. He states the many proof is versus Krishna. She states Of course, that’s why we’ve been helpless, we will see proofs yet again. He states I feel Krishna took income observing its big volume. She states like he is conversing, I feel he obtained cheated and he can do anything at all from us, I believe we should always Examine all the things once again. He claims fantastic, and they go inside the door, though the man leaves.

Its morning, Anuj asks Ramesh is there any battle between Suhani and Dadi. Anuj displays everyone the lock with the Office environment doorway. Pratima claims go away these keys, go on your factory Office environment, as each of the bans are eliminated. All of them smile. Pratima states Pankaj told me. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to react to this good news. Suhani says she was pondering the functions to become carried out. He smiles and asks Dadi will she provide them with the formulation now. Dadi suggests why not, I will just get it and goes.

Pratima asks Suhani whats going on in her coronary heart. Yuvraaj suggests she’s worried by Krishna’s theft issue. Dadi comes and states exactly where did the formulation go, its lacking from my home. They all get stunned. Dadi says its imp for me. Yuvraaj asks Suhani does she remember. She suggests I am aware the components but not quantities. She says she saved method in laptop, I can get it as it had been very imp. She checks the laptop and would not have the components. She suggests someone deleted all the documents from my laptop computer.

Yuvraaj says we can easily recover deleted files. Suhani claims I’d mailed the formulation to my id. Yuvraaj says thank God you kept each of the backup. Suhani suggests there’s no mail, how can this come about, I saved it and mailed, whats going on. Yuvraaj states I’m sure This tends to’t be coincidence. She receives Krishna’s contact. Yuvraaj claims get it on speaker. Krishna says Suhani, you may perhaps know you lost the formulation, I’ve it, I understand like you have kept funds in my home, you will get the components much too. Suhani claims we have seen in camera that you stole the money. Krishna suggests he has stolen the system and now they don’t have anything to try and do, sit and think how did I do that. Yuvraaj states cease it, we will train you a lesson.

Krishna states you did large favor by bringing Soumya back in my everyday living, I will return the favor, I m not serious about components, I will return it, but on just one situation that my family members will remain in Birla home for 15 days and so they all will serve them. Suhani scolds him and ends the call. Yuvraaj says this time I’ll teach him a lesson. Rags sees Dadi actively playing chess by itself and says I m absolutely sure there is a thing occurring in her coronary heart.

Yuvraaj says how dare Krishna simply call us and say he has stolen the components. Suhani claims I’m able to’t envision Soumya helps him, she understood my mail id password And that i felt there was an individual Within the property. Pratima states why will Soumya make this happen, You usually supported her. Suhani suggests she held friendship duty well, but just got cheated by her. She asks Yuvraaj to help her. Sharad says I m with you. Yuvraaj also supports her and retains her hand. Menka smiles seeing them. Rags hears Dadi saying she will be able to’t drop so easily. Menka will come and tells Dadi that Suhani believes Soumya and Krishna are her enemies.

Dadi tells Rags that she will not notify her just about anything. She says she is going to deal with alone. Krishna and Soumya appear to remain and bring their bags. Suhani and Yuvraaj are shocked. Yuvraaj claims I told you that we don’t agree to this situation. Dadi suggests but I agree and scolds Pratima and Suhani. Dadi says she has referred to as them they usually all must be at their services. Soumya and Krishna smile.

Krishna tells everyone that he is the owner of the house for 15 days. Suhani asks Soumya to prove her husband right that he did not do theft.


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