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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj supporting Yuvaan. He says lets play 2 on 5,k whoever wins will get the ball. The boy says fine, lets start the game. Yuvaan says now it will be fun. Yuvani asks for candy floss and does not like the small one. She scolds the lady and Suhani looks on.

Yuvani comments on the bad people in the hotel. She says I take best things from best people. Menka scolds Krishna. Krishna cries and says I did not do anything, he is my brother… Menka says no, he is not your…. Soumya stops Menka. Krishna hugs Soumya and says I did not do anything. Menka wants to tell about Yuvraaj. Soumya stops Krishna and says Yuvraaj is in office. Menka says since when will you lie. Soumya says I will say when I have to, think what was your son doing alone, where was Rags that time. Rags scolds Soumya and says I went to boil milk for the boy. Pratima comes and stops them from fighting. She says Krishna is smart girl, I m sure she won’t feed anything to baby. Krishna says yes, I was having chips and it fell on baby’s face. Rama said all this to them. Pratima scolds Rama. Rama apologizes.

Suhani stops Yuvani from throwing the candy floss. She asks whats this way to talk to elders, where are your parents, return this packet to them right away. Yuvraaj and Yuvaan remove their coats and fold it to play. They have same mannerisms. Yuvaan says Sir, our hairstyles match a lot, lets start, all the best. Yuvraaj says same to you. He holds Yuvaan’s hand and they go to play.

The match begins. Yuvaan jumps and boy stops him. Yuvraaj lifts Yuvaan and they make the basket. Yuvraaj and Yuvaan win the match. Yuvaan thanks him. They smile. Suhani realizes something and looks around.

The manager gives Suhani’s purse to her. Yuvani argues with her. Suhani pays for the candy floss and money for the damage. Yuvani says my papa will pay money, I will not say sorry to anyone, I m best, Dadi says best people get best things, else they can fight and take it. She applies hand sanitizer and cleans her dress. Suhani gets sad and recalls Yuvraaj seeing Yuvani.

Yuvraaj says well done, whats your name champ. Yuvaan says I m Yuvaan, you are smart too Sir. Yuvraaj says fine, I will go. Yuvaan calls the boy Sadu and Yuvraaj stops. He recalls Suhani. Yuvaan gets the ball. He says they felt I will give my mummy’s gifted ball like this. Yuvraaj says your mom gifted this, she is lucky to have you, pleasure meeting you. Suhani scolds Yuvani. Yuvani says my Papa will understand me, he knows I never do wrong, wait here, my Papa will give your money. Suhani says don’t know how are her parents to give such upbringing, I m not interested to meet your Papa, if you were my daughter, I would have not taken you without making you apologize. She takes her room keys and goes. Yuvraaj comes and Yuvani complains that an aunty has scolded her. He turns and says there is no one there.

Krishna asks Soumya why did Menka talk like this. Soumya says she did not mean so. Pratima gifts Krishna. Krishna likes the doll house. Pratima asks her to go and play. Krishna thanks Pratima and goes. Soumya thanks Pratima. Pratima says no need to thank me, I gave gift to my grand daughter, we can’t repay your favors Soumya, Rags and Menka did wrong today.

Suhani tells Sharad about Yuvani, she has no manners and values, don’t know what her parents taught her, where is Yuvaan. Yuvaan comes there. Yuvani tells Soumya that aunty was bad, I always take best things. Soumya says you should not talk badly. Dadi says she should not listen to any stranger. Soumya goes. Yuvani tells everything to Yuvraaj. He says Yuvani you did wrong, why did you throw candy after taking it, its very wrong to misbehave. Dadi asks him to leave it, Yuvani is little girl. She hugs Yuvani.

Yuvaan says that uncle was very nice, he got my ball back, else I would have lost this ball, he was like me, you should have met him, he was cool types. She asks name. He says sorry, I forgot to ask. Sharad says we have to met him. Yuvaan says then you would have become his fan. Suhani asks him to change clothes and hugs him.

Snoopi goes to Yuvani. She asks him to go away. She says maybe its candy floss or that aunty’s smell which he likes. Yuvraaj sends her. Menka and Rags argue over Menka’s baby, who is the only heir of this house. Rags says your value is not much that you get into fight with Yuvraaj’s wife and daughters, don’t insult me, Yuvraaj is Dadi’s fav, you won’t get profit by being rude to Soumya and Krishna. Menka says you always insulted Suhani, I will insult Soumya. Rags says you are not Rags, and Soumya is not Suhani, she does not interfere in your work, we will be good to her and do our work, if you agree, then I have a plan. Suhani wakes up from sleep and sees Yuvaan. She gets tensed.

Suhani runs on the road. The goons surround her. She falls down and cries.

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