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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 13th October 2015 Written Update

Suhani seeing the mask girl sitting on the swing. She asks her to remove mask, now she has grown up and this won’t look good. The girl refuses. Suhani says I m going my home, will you also go your home. The girl nods. Suhani asks her to tell about her family. Dadi looks on. Yuvraaj comes and says police has arrested that Aghori. Suhani says we can’t leave her alone and go. Yuvraaj says see she is not leaving you. Suhani says its fate that got us here. He says yes, we got guest house near this girl’s house. Suhani says fate wanted us to meet her. Yuvraaj asks will you come along us to our home.

He says I will go and change, you take her Suhani. Dadi says no, this girl can’t come our home. Dadi slaps that caretaker and he apologizes. Dadi says we have to get that girl back. The girl rests in Suhani’s lap while they are going back home in the car. The girl refuses to remove the mask. Suhani says don’t know why does she not want to remove the mask. She gets Dadi’s call. Dadi asks when are you guys coming. Suhani says we left, we are at dhaba and will leave soon. Dadi asks dhaba name and says fine. She ends call and asks the man to go to dhaba and get the girl. The man says don’t worry, I will catch the girl. She warns him and leaves.

Suhani and Yuvraaj take the girl to Dhaba. Suhani helps her and takes her to washroom, while men have come there to kidnap her. Suhani goes towards the car to get her purse. Yuvraaj talks to Sharad and network is less. He says we will reach home but I want to know of ashram who keep lost people. Sharad asks what. Yuvraaj says I will message. Suhani takes her purse. She smiles seeing samosas. Yuvraaj says I ordered this for you. She says the girl wanted kachori. He asks was the girl saying or you want to eat, just sit in the car. The girl comes out of washroom and looks for Suhani. Suyhani looks the girl and gets worried on not finding her.

Suhani tells Yuvraaj that girl is missing, two men were talking about kidnapping someone, maybe it was her. Yuvraaj says cool down, she has come to find us and sat in the car. She says thank God, she is fine. They leave in their car. The goons try finding the girl. They inform the man Kishore. Kishora tells Dadi that he failed to catch the girl. She scolds him.

Dadi comes home and says I have seen many troubles in life, this girl can’t be big problem. She talks to Yuvraaj and asks is there any problem. He says we got a girl in Suhagi, and don’t know anything about her. She asks him to drop her to police station or ashram, its not good to get any stranger home. He says fine and ends call. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that they have to find the girl’s parents.

Pratima talks to Bhavna and asks what is she cooking. Bhavna says Yuvraaj messaged they are coming back, Pratima says yes, all problems will end, but don’t know where did Dadi go, she left from home in anger, don’t know how will her mood be. Dadi comes home and scolds Ramesh. Pratima asks Dadi where did she go. Dadi does not tell her. She hears Sharad talking to Yuvraaj that Yuvraaj is reaching soon. Dadi says its good Yuvraaj agreed to me and left girl at ashram.

Yuvraaj arrives property. Dadi receives stunned viewing Suhani bringing the Woman together. She says Yuvraaj claimed he will drop Woman at ashram and worries. Dadi runs to her space and shuts door. Rags and Menka see her and wonder what occurred. Rags asks Dadi is she fine. Dadi says I don’t want to satisfy any individual. Menka jokes on Dadi. Rags suggests I really need to know basis for her Odd habits.

Suhani demonstrates her residence to the home. Pratima tells Bhavna about Sharad and Yuvraaj, and Dadi utilized to scold Sharad as she cherished Yuvraaj a good deal. Pratima cries seeing an aged pic. The girl performs in drinking water fountain. She holds Suhani’s hand. Pratima feels her existence and claims perhaps my kids has come,. Maybe Yuvraaj identified as me. She cries and goes out to see.

Rags asks Yuvraaj who Is that this. Rags suggests she’s our guest. Menka informs this to Dadi and Pratima.

Written Update By Sahir


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