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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I want to go to Yuvani, she has fracture. Soumya thinks if Suhani comes back, what will happen of Krishna, Dadi already dislikes Krishna. Krishna asks what about me, Yuvani is on bed rest. Soumya asks her not to worry and hugs her. Suhani comes there and sees them. She goes back to Yuvani and shuts the door. She sees Yuvani sleeping and sits there. She cries recalling Yuvraaj and her moments.

She sits on the bed and thinks this is Yuvraaj’s side, shall I sleep here or not. She goes and sleeps on the sofa. Its morning, Soumya gets breakfast for Yuvani. She sees Suhani feeding Yuvani. Suhani asks Yuvani to have medicines, then she will say better story. Yuvani tells Soumya that Suhani aunty made good breakfast. Soumya asks Suhani did you make all this. Suhani says yes, I was afraid Yuvani won’t like it, but she liked. Yuvaan asks Soumya can he eat this breakfast. Soumya says yes. Krishna says Suhani aunty is also making tasty breakfast like mumma. Pratima asks them to come out for puja. Yuvani asks how will I come. Soumya says don’t worry, I… Suhani says I will take you. Soumya gets angry.

Rags tells Soumya that she ordered the plaster cover and it will come soon. Soumya thanks her and says I will get Yuvani. Menka says leave it, you lost Yuvani to her. Suhani and Pratima bring Yuvani. Soumya says its fine, they already told me. Suhani takes pics with Yuvani. Soumya sees Krishna left out. She asks Yuvani to start puja with Krishna. Yuvani says I can’t do puja. Pratima says we will make Yuvaan do puja. Suhani helps Yuvaan and does aarti.

Pandit says I think some great food is being cooked. Soumya goes to kitchen and asks Suhani why are you snatching my house and daughter. Suhani says she is my daughter. Soumya says you are staying here for Yuvani, then you will stay here for Yuvraaj, you leave from here. Suhani says you have no right to make me leave. Soumya says you left by your wish, its not my mistake if Dadi has lied to you, I will make Yuvani away from you. Suhani asks what. Soumya says you have no right here. She comes out of her imagination. Suhani makes her taste the food. Soumya says its good and leaves.

Soumya tells Yuvani that she wants to tell her some story. Yuvani asks why are you upset. Yuvraaj calls home. Suhani goes to attend call, and it gets disconnected. Rags tells Suhani that she made a good reentry. Soumya tells Yuvani that mumma bird left as she did not care for her other child. Yuvani says that mumma bird was bad. Soumya says yes, and those who tell such stories are bad too, Suhani wants me to get away from you, she did not let me sleep with you, she did not let me make breakfast for you, she is making lunch for you. Yuvani hugs her and says I won’t go anywhere, don’t get sad. Rags says I know Suhani, you want to stay here forever, you are waiting for Yuvraaj, and making Yuvani’s fracture excuse.

Suhani says I will leave after Yuvani gets fine, stop interfering in my life. Yuvani asks Soumya why did Suhani love me so much, she loves me as you love me, when I fell down, she was tensed and told doctor that she will pay money. Soumya says fine, be nice to her, when she makes you away from me, then you will know. Sharad sees Suhani upset and asks did Rags say anything, its because Soumya is Yuvraaj’s wife now, the truth is you are Yuvani’s mother, no one can break this relation. Soumya hears this and gets angry. She goes. Sharad asks Suhani to make suji ka halwa for Pratima. She smiles and shows the halwa. He says when Rags and Menka trouble you so much, think what they do with Soumya.

Soumya goes to room, and thinks how can Sharad say this. She recalls Dadi’s words. She worries for Krishna;s future. She sees a poetry book and checks poem pied piper Hamelin. She gets some idea. She makes a call and orders something. Suhani comes there and asks Soumya not to care for Rags and Menka’s words. Suhani asks Soumya to trust her, I came here to take answer from Dadi, after I came to know I have a daughter, I will go once Yuvani gets fine. Soumya says this is your house too, you can stay here till you want. Suhani asks Soumya not to worry for Krishna, she is also like Yuvani, Pratima and Yuvraaj will never differentiate between both girls.

Dadi asks Soumya why did she not get milk for Yuvani. Soumya says I thought Suhani will get it.

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