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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 12th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sambhav seeing Suhani sleeping. He thinks why did you stop me from kissing, would you stop Yuvraaj the same way. He goes to kiss her and she wakes up. He gets away and says sorry, I came to take my phone, it slipped here, I did not wish to scare you. He goes. She worries. Bhavna sees Yuvraaj tensed and gives him water. She asks what happened, why are you scared. He says I saw a bad dream, is Suhani fine. She says I will talk to her, she will be fine. He says sorry, if I scared you. She says no and goes.

Suhani thinks to message Yuvraaj, maybe later. Sambhav comes to her and says I m really sorry, I disturbed your sleep. She says its fine, I was waking up. Menka thinks Rags is not in room, and goes to get lotion. Rags comes there and says your habit to steal won’t go. Menka says I was not stealing anything, I was teaching you a lesson. Menka says Soumya did everything. Rags says how did she get to know. Menka says maybe she checked parcel in our room. Rags gives her medicine. She says parcel was on Bhavna’s name, is Bhavna doing all this and acting sweet to us.

Yuvraaj goes to Krishna and Yuvani. He asks Yuvani how is she. She says I m fine and takes medicines. He thanks Bhavna to take care of Yuvani. Bhavna says I m her Mausi, Yuvani wanted to talk to Suhani. Yuvani calls Suhani. Yuvraaj stops Bhavna. She says I won’t tell morning incident to anyone.

Suhani goes to bathroom. Sambhav gets inside the room and thinks I will make you so much ashamed that you just trust me and no one else. He gets a pin to open the bathroom door. Suhani’s phone rings. He checks Yuvraaj’s call and gets angry. He says why does Yuvraaj makes his presence felt everywhere. He disconnects the call. Yuvani tells Yuvraaj that Suhani has disconnected the call. Yuvraaj calls Pankaj. Pankaj goes to her room and Sambhav says she is taking bath. Pankaj tells Yuvraaj that he will make him talk later. He asks Sambhav to come and have breakfast.

Bhavna serves aloo puri to everyone. Rags asks her to make less oily food. Bhavana asks what happened to their faces. Menka says we got…. Rags stops her and says we got food allergy by your handmade food. Bhavna says but I did not make anything wrong. Sharad asks Rags and Menka to think and talk. Rags says Bhavna is getting careless, don’t know what she made us eat. Pratima asks Sharad to calm down. Rags says Bhavna maybe doing this to get keys. Soumya comes and says you are right, but if your food had lizard, you would have died till now. Rags says we did not do phd on allergies. Soumya asks her to check her room fresheners and sprays, you did double phd in it. She takes Menka’s food to donate to poor people. She asks Bhavna to keep food for them, and she will donate rest. Sharad nods to Bhavna. Rags thinks Soumya did this spray drama.

Sambhav hears Yuvaan coming and acts sad. Yuvaan comes and says you look sad. He asks Sambhav to read his story book. He shows the fav story books. Sambhav shows his fav book. Yuvaan says I feel Cinderella story boring. Sambhav says maybe, but its not boring for mumma and Papa. Yuvaan says mumma gets angry by this. Sambhav says what type of friend are you, SRK and Kajol were lucky as their daughter united them. Yuvaan says I will also help you.

Bhavna takes juice for Dadi. Dadi’s phone rings. Bhavna goes to attend call seeing Dadi sleeping. Dadi stops her and sends her. She attends call and asks someone not to call her, she will come to meet him when she wants. Yuvaan and Yuvani talk about planning some surprise. Yuvraaj and Saurabh talk to detective. Yuvraaj says we can’t forgive the guy for his mistake, he is someone close to us, he is hiding, we will find him. Krishna says Cinderella story will be best for your mumma and Papa.
Sambhav smiles and asks what will you do now Yuvraaj, I forgot you won’t be here to see your children trying to unite me and Suhani. Saurabh tells Yuvraaj that he will not leave that man. Yuvraaj says that man has risked my children’s lives, I will find him. Rags and Menka talk about Soumya. Soumya comes home and Yuvraaj collides with her. The lemons fall out of the bag. Menka tells Rags that Soumya is doing black magic, see the lemons. Rags says what rubbish. Menka gets buy one get one pizza offer and she orders a pizza. She says I hope pizza comes late and we get both pizza here. Soumya smiles and thinks my plan worked.

Yuvaan asks Suhani to stay in the room for some time. She says I have to go and meet Yuvani. She says she is coming here to meet you, it’s a surprise. Lata tells Yuvaan that we will lock Suhani in room. Suhani asks what. Lata says come, Yuvani and Krishna have come. They lock Suhani in room and go. Suhani says Yuvani has come here, it means she is fine. She smiles.

Sambhav gives a rose to Suhanai, and she takes it. Yuvraaj comes and looks on.

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