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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Barbie telling Shakuntala that everyone is fooled by her. She says Bhavna thinks she can get rid of me by taking baby, this won’t happen, I don’t like Dadi, she is on top of my hate list. The doctors talk about Suhani, whose survival is a miracle. They talk about shifting Suhani. Pratima is about to check the message and a lady talks to her. Soumya asks the women about the problem. The woman asks Soumya for her blessings, and says she has no money to get her son treatment done. She holds some notes and prays. She drops the money on the boy and recalls how she took money from the donation box. She asks the lady to take her son to hospital. She says Maa wants you to take your son to hospital, so she gave you money as blessings. She thinks of Suhani and tries to do good and help poor people. Shegets sad. Lalita and Rakhi get puzzled.

Bhavna asks Yuvraaj to get ready. She says you are doing a big thing for Suhani. He says I m happy if Suhani is happy. She says Suhani would be very happy seeing this. Sharad asks Yuvraaj to come. Yuvraaj asks them to go. They leave. He shuts the door and asks where are you Suhani. He cries seeing her belongings and says how will I live without you. He falls on the bed and cries.

Rags messages Pratima. Menka asks her to call. Rags says Saurabh is with Pratima, that’s why I m messaging. Saurabh tells Pratima that they will go temple again, I want to visit. He takes her phone and says I want to spend time with you. She asks what happened to you, fine, we will go. He gives her phone back. She reads Rags’ message that family is cheating her, Dadi is getting Yuvraaj and Barbie marriage. Saurabh asks her to come. She gets shocked reading message and confronts Saurabh for lying to her to spend time. She says you wanted to make me busy here, so that Dadi can get Yuvraaj and Barbie married, you are with Dadi in her plan. She cries.

Yuvraaj sits sad and looks very helpless. He recalls his marriage with Suhani. Barbie comes there and sits beside Yuvraaj. Snoopi barks at Barbie. Sharad takes Snoopi.. Yuvraaj looks around. Suhani is still treated in hospital and is given Yuvraaj’s blood. Yuvraaj sees everyone there and comes out of his imagination. Bhavna does the ghatbandhan. Saurabh and Pratima are on the way. Saurabh drives fast and holds Pratima. She is angry on him and tries calling Bhavna and Sharad.

Snoopi jumps and makes items fall. Snoopi breaks the ghatbandhan. He drags the cloth and burns it by diya. Everyone get shocked. Shakunta and Bhavna try to blow off the fire and save the cloth. Shakuntala does ghatbandhan again. Pandit asks them to do rituals. Suhani gets restless. Noore khude………….plays………….

Yuvraaj and Barbie take wedding rounds. Everyone shower flowers on them. Yuvraaj goes ahead and ghatbandhan breaks again. Barbie worries. Yuvraaj sees the cloth fallen. Yuvraaj makes Barbie wear the mangalsutra and recalls Suhani. Pratima and Saurabh come home. Pratima runs inside the house. Pandit asks groom to apply sindoor to bride’s maang. Yuvraaj takes the sindoor. Menka tells Rags that she will get aarti plate for her. Rags says I can’t believe this, Pratima did not get my message.

Mantras plays….. Yuvraaj closes eyes and recalls Suhani. Pratima comes there and shouts no Yuvraaj……. Yuvraaj drops the sindoor all of the sudden and sindoor falls over Barbie’s face. Pratima walks ahead and says no….. they all get shocked seeing Pratima. Pratima says I don’t accept this marriage, just Suhani will be Yuvraaj’s bride. The blood falls on Suhani’s maang. Nurse says sorry, I will call doctor.

Pratima says this fake marriage can’t change the truth. Dadi says we have no way. Pratima says there is always a way, even I had a way when I got Yuvraaj and Suhani married, I let that happen as it was right, this relation won’t get my blessings ever. Barbie looks on.

Dadi asks Barbie to keep Yuvraaj happy, its her responsibility now. Barbie hugs Shakuntala and smiles wicked way.

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