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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki watch online

The Eoisode starts with Suhani asking Dadi to try baby oil. She wonders who kept paint in my room and looks at Rags. She asks Rags not to say Ramesh kept. Rags says Menka and I were outside, you mean either of Pratima or her son did this. Suhani and Bhavna try to remove paint. Menka gets the stain cleaner and sprays on Dadi. Pratima stops Menka. Bhavna says it has chemicals in it, its used on floor and metal. Pratima asks Yuvraaj to get more baby oil bottles. Dadi asks them to hurry.

Suhani and Bhavna think who was doing this, the color would have fell on me, Dadi was going there to meet Yuvraaj. Rags says I m sure Ramesh did this, fire him or send him away to make him realize. Suhani asks why will Ramesh do this, and you had more hurry to send me to room. Rags says so you mean I kept that paint box there. Menka says its blame on us, I told that by mistake. Dadi comes and says so it means Menka did this, you crossed limits to take revenge from me, see the stain on my neck, its not going, you made paint fall on me, then made me stand in shower and sprayed chemical, its good Suhani came with baby oil. She scolds Menka. Yuvraaj signs Suhani, and Sharad signs Bhavna. They leave. Dadi says Menka will be punished. She applies black mark by marker on Menka’s face while Pratima tries to stop Dadi. Menka cries. Dadi gets a call from Sujata and asks why did you call at night, is everything fine, you come, I m waiting. She says my friend Sujata is coming with her bahu and granddaughter, arrange dinner for them, inform Suhani and Bhavna too. Menka says I can’t come infront of them like this. Dadi says you have no way.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to lie down and be quiet. He asks her to take rest, Dadi’s friend is coming, don’t go out now, you won’t go anywhere. She asks why is he being kiddish. He makes her rest. Dadi asks Ramesh about dinner. Ramesh says he made everything. Bhavna says I made baby food ready. Rags laughs on Menka. Menka says I get stuck because of you. Rags says who told you to speak in between, I was managing it. Rags and Dadi welcome Sujata, her bahu and grand daughter. Sujata says I m very happy becoming a grandmum, day passes so soon. Her bahu says yes Rags, weight and all do not matter when baby comes. Dadi takes the baby and plays. Sujata asks why did your bahu hide her face. Dadi says nothing, and asks Menka to come. Sujata asks what happened to her face. Rags says she gets bad sight soon, so she applied black dot. Sujata says I remember Dadi does not like black color. Menka says Dadi’s neck has black stain too. Pratima and Bhavna greet them. Sujata says Chandrakala did not say you became great grandma. Pratima says Golu is Sharad’s son. Sujata asks Rags and Menka to think about becoming mothers. Menka says Dadi will like to have her fav bahu’s child. Dadi asks where is Suhani.

Yuvraaj asks Suhani to sleep and they both argue. Dadi knocks the door. He asks Suhani to do acting and not go. Suhani says Dadi is calling me by my name. Suhani opens the door. Dadi asks Suhani and Yuvraaj to come and meet her friend. Yuvraaj gets annoyed. Suhani says sorry to him, and goes.

Rags asks the lady to start dieting. Sujata says her bahu has to feed baby. Rags says why, 6 months are over. Bhavna says feeding till one year is good. Rags says I can’t get fat. Suhani says its mother’s glow, but any fat. Pratima introduces Suhani. Suhani greets them and takes the baby. Sujata says you will be happy to become great grandma Chandrakala. Dadi asks really. Sujata says yes, our bahus will do all the work. Dadi takes Golu from Bhavna, and that baby too. She sings lullaby for them. Everyone smile. Yuvraaj comes and gets surprised seeing Dadi. Suhani and Bhavna get glad.

Bhavna takes Golu back. Dadi introduces baby Sara and gives her to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj takes her in arms and she tinkles. Everyone laugh. its morning. Suhani looks for Yuvraaj. Dadi tells everyone that she wants Pratima to become Dadi, and someone comes to play with Golu. I want Rags to make a family. Rags cough and says please Dadi, I don’t want kids. Rags argues with Dadi. Dadi says we will talk to Saurabh. Bhavna says we all will be there to support you. Rags scolds Bhavna. Dadi asks Rags to stop nonsense. Rags says I can’t compromise with my figure, I don’t want to become mum. She goes. Dadi asks Pratima to not make food for her, she has to leave for some marriage.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that Menka can also fulfill Dadi’s wish, and then she will become Dadi’s fav bahu. Menka hears them and acts funny infront of Anuj. Yuvraaj and Suhani smile seeing Menka.

Written Update By Amena


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