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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Menka telling Rags that Barbie is very clever, she will ruin Dadi one way. Bhavna gives list to Ramesh and ask him to get the items quickly. Rags asks Bhavna how can you do this, Suhani is your sister. Bhavna says we are doing this for Suhani. Rags says you mean Suhani will be glad seeing Yuvraaj’s second marriage. Bhavna says I know Suhani would do anything for baby. Rags says Barbie signed contract and she is not doing surrogacy for free, her mum did drama here, Barbie is in legal contract, if she does any drama, she will go to jail.

Bhavna says let this marriage happen. Rags says fine, why today itself, Barbie refused for abortion, why can’t you wait. Dadi asks Bhavna do you think the same, Barbie’s Dadi is insisting. Bhavna says she is your friend, try to convince her. Dadi says she is hot tempered, I can’t tell her anything, let this happen, maybe this is right.

Barbie comes dressed as bride. Bhavna cries. Rags passes taunts at Barbie saying you are such desperate to get married and enter Yuvraaj’s room. Barbie says I m not interested to marry, I m marrying for your family and going against my family, if you have problem, I will leave. Dadi asks Rags to shut up. Barbie tells Bhavna that its tough for you. Bhavna says none can take Suhani’s place, she will always be my sister. Barbie says I know that, I won’t take Suhani’s place. She tells Dadi that Yuvraaj is at hospital to donate blood to critical patient. She calls hospital.

Rags tells Bhavna that you are doing big mistake, you are cheating Suhani, its your wish. Barbie says Yuvraaj left from there. Sharad and Dadi talk where could be Yuvraaj. Rags says maybe Yuvraaj knew he is doing big mistake and left.

Yuvraaj meets Pankaj and Lata. He gets sad and says I have no other option. Barbie was going for her abortion, I don’t want to marry her or anyone else, but I m going to give Suhani’s place to Barbie, tell me Pankaj ji is this right. Rags says Yuvraaj is not mad to believe this nonsense, this is just baby, not Suhani’s second birth. Bhavna says don’t insult Suhani. Rags says I mean this is Barbie’s plan, why don’t you understand, surrogacy does not have marriages, that’s why its called surrogacy, stop trusting her blindly. Barbie asks Rags to leave. She tells Dadi that she is doing this for Yuvraaj and Suhani’s love, she cares for baby.

Shakuntala comes and says If Yuvraaj does not come on mandap, then forget the baby, I will not agree then. Barbie says even I m not interested to marry and deliver baby if Yuvraaj does not come today. Bhavna begs to Barbie to just wait, Yuvraaj will come. Rags argues with Barbie and says Yuvraaj will never marry you. Barbie says if marriage happens today, you do the grah pravesh puja. Bhavna calls Yuvraaj and says Dadi, he is not answering. Rags says if this marriage does not happen, I will kick you out. Dadi scolds Rags and says this marriage will happen.

The doctor says he was good man to donate blood to Suhani, she always gets help by angels and gets saved, she is lucky. Another doctor says even then she needs more treatment, she is not stable yet. Pandit asks Dadi to get bride. Shakuntala makes Barbie wear bangles and says Barbie is my daughter and I will give her jewelry. Barbie asks what, Dadi do you have anything else in mind. Dadi says I m keeping this marriage without Pratima, I don’t know what to do. Barbie says as you say, I don’t want to force you. Shakuntala tells Barbie that Yuvraaj did not come.

Pankaj and Lata bring Yuvraaj there. Pankaj says Yuvraaj did not go anywhere. Pankaj says Yuvraaj was with me, he wanted to know is he doing right or not. He says Barbie, Yuvraaj is really a nice person, he knows how to give love and respect to his wife. Yuvraaj is my son in law, he did not trouble Suhani ever, I forced Yuvraaj to marry Suhani, but Yuvraaj did not let Suhani realize that he was forced to marry her, today Suhani is not here, she went happily, this baby is last sign of Suhani, don’t take away her happiness, you have to do this marriage Yuvraaj. He says Pratima accepted Suhani as her daughter, and today I m giving my son to Barbie, keep him happy Barbie. He unites Barbie and Yuvraaj’s hands. Mangalam………….plays……….

Rakhi tells Lalita that Soumya won’t come, we have to make Radhe Devimaa again. The ladies get restless. Soumya comes there as Devimaa. The ladies shower flowers on her. Soumya says today, we will pray for those people who left us before time. She prays for Suhani and thinks if Suhani knew this, she would have not let me do this, but I know what to do now.

Pratima sees Saurabh away. Saurabh talks to Sharad on phone. Rags tells Menka that I will not let this marriage happen. Menka says how, Dadi, Pankaj and Lata are favoring Barbie for the baby. Rags says Pratima will stop the marriage. Saurabh tells Sharad that I will do something, as marriage is starting in 5mins. Rags messages Pratima that family is cheating her, they are doing Yuvraaj and Barbie’s marriage, that’s why Saurabh took you out, come out back and stop this drama, else it will be big problem. Rags says Barbie does not know me yet. Menka smiles.

Barbie and Shakuntala have a talk. Barbie says I have benefit by this marriage, I don’t like Dadi, she is first in my hate list.

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