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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Soumya to make guests list. Menka argues with Soumya and insults her. Dadi asks them not to argue, I m here. She asks Rags to manage everything and also call jeweler. Rags asks why jeweler, he has made good kada for Suhani. Bhavna hugs Lata. Lata asks Bhavna about Suhani’s jewelry. Bhavna says here it is. Menka tells Rags that I will be bored without any drama here. She commands Soumya to get juice. Rags and Menka laugh.

Radhe and Rakhi come to Birla house and see the kids. Radhe tells Rakhi that our child can’t grow so soon, come. Sambhav gives juice to Menka and asks her to have it, stop troubling Soumya. Radhe asks Rags to come, he has to talk about some secret. Sambhav talks to Soumya. He asks her not to care about Rags and Menka. She says I know
them, I m feeling bad that I m nothing for this house, what am I doing here. He says you served them all these years, you have right to stay here, your daughter is here. He says I m here for Krishna’s sake, but why are you here. He says for Suhani, I hope one day she will understand I m suitable for her, not Yuvraaj.

Radhe and Rakhi tell Rags and Menka about the contract they signed, if they don’t send the baby, they have to pay 10 lakhs penalty. Rags asks what nonsense. Rakhi says its written in contract. Rags worries.

Dadi tells everyone that she invited the jeweler, as he is related to Birlas since long. The jeweler thanks Dadi for respect. He congratulates Suhani and Yuvraaj. Bhavna applies mehendi to Suhani, and finds the cones damaged. Bhavna asks how did this happen. Menka and Rags get surprised. Rags asks Menka did you do this, you can’t stay without doing anything. Dadi asks who did this cheap thing. Menka says I did not do this, maybe someone has stolen my idea. Bhavna takes Suhani to wash her hands. Jeweler asks Dadi why is everyone wearing fake jewelry here. The lady taunts Dadi on her bad days. Menka says we are Birlas, we are not wearing anything fake. Jeweler says I have made all the jewelry by my hands, you all are wearing fake ones. Rags asks are you mad, you are forgetting you are standing in Birla house. Dadi asks Rags to behave with manners.

Rags says sorry Dadi, but our jewelry is not fake. Suhani asks jeweler how can he say this. Jeweler says I made all this jewelry, like your kada. Dadi asks Suhani where is that kada. Yuvraaj says I have it, I will get it. The guests taunt and ask Dadi does she have thief in her house. Sharad says we will end this party here, all mehendi cones are damaged, you all can go. The lady taunts that Birlas have everything duplicate, even their bahu. Soumya gets sad. Radhe tells Rags that they will take Menka’s son and go.

The guests leave. Yuvraaj gets the kada. Jeweler checks it. He says this is also fake. Yuvraaj and everyone get shocked. Menka says we will check everyone. Rags says how will we know who did this. Saurabh says Rags and Menka won’t do this. Suhani says it means everyone else are thieves here. Menka says yes, Soumya has robbed the jewelry.

Soumya says I m not greedy for jewelry, you are greedy. Yuvraaj asks Menka to stop it. Menka says I did not hide anything, ask Soumya, will she get her room checked. Rags says I agree with Menka, Soumya wanted to marry Yuvraaj, it can’t happen now, she was afraid to lose this house, so maybe she did this theft being insecure. Suhani says enough now. Bhavna says Soumya is our sister, we know she can’t do this. Pankaj says I know Soumya since childhood, why will she steal her own things, she is part of this house.

Rags says fine agreed, then who has done this theft. Rags looks at Sambhav. Sambhav says nice try, but use your mind, if I have stolen jewelry, I would have been not standing here. Rags says I did not say anything. Yuvraaj asks Sambhav did he come to steal jewelry at night. Sambhav says I know you hate me, so will you blame me. Suhani says its better to find thief. Yuvraaj asks her not to talk in between. She says Sambhav is my friend too. Yuvraaj says I know Soumya can’t do this. Sharad says I know Sambhav can’t do this. Yuvraaj asks then did you do this, we can’t do this in our house. Suhani says enough, come Sambhav, we shall leave.

Saurabh says we should call police. Yuvraaj says ofcourse, else others will get chance to run. Suhani asks Sambhav to come. The kids come to write alphabets on Yuvraaj and Suhani’s hands. Dadi says mehendi rasam ended, we had to throw damaged cones. Bhavna says I have some mehendi, alphabets can be made. Sharad asks Suhani and Yuvraaj will they fulfill children’s wish. Saurabh asks kids to come.

Rags asks Menka to come, we have to go to Radhe. Menka asks what, there is big drama going on here. Rags says yes, our son is there, come. Radhe and Rakhi play with Menka’s son. Radhe asks Rakhi to not do anything wrong. Rakhi says I love him, I felt Rags and Menka strange. He says they really had function at home, I think Menka has stolen Rags’ child. Rakhi says no, I m sure its something else, Rags loves baby more than Menka.

Yuvraaj and Suhani sit for mehendi for children’s sake. Bhavna checks mehendi and asks who added soil in this. Menka says I did not do this. Rags says yes. Bhavna says how will we get mehendi now. Yuvraaj sees children sad and says from market. Bhavna says market is close. Yuvaan says I have mehendi leaves. Yuvani shows fresh mehendi leaves in her bag and says we got this for mum and dad. Everyone smile. Suhani says we will apply this fresh mehendi. Yuvraaj says yes, this rasam will be done now. Yuvraaj and Suhani see each other.

Dadi keeps all the jewelry and digs soil. She hides all jewelry and comes home. Yuvraaj stops her.

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