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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 10th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with a leap in the show. Yuvani’s birthday party is shown. A lady servant Rama scolds guests and kids asking them not to spoil anything. Dadi asks Rama to be in limits and not misbehave with guests. She tells about the dress she got for Yuvani. She attends some guests and goes to meet her princess Yuvani/Yuhani. She meets Yuvani and compliments her calling her a fairy tale princess. She says your friends have come, I will tell you a secret, no one is looking beautiful like my princess, come. Her friend Krishna hugs Yuvani and wishes her happy birthday. Yuvani tells her that your frock is good, but mine is very nice. Dadi asks Krishna to call her parents, I will get Yuvani.

Yuvraaj gets ready and knocks the washroom door. He says all guests and Yuvani are waiting, get ready and come soon. He sees the girl’s pics and smiles. He leaves from the room. He attends guests, and talks to his other daughter Krishna. Yuvani comes and all the girls compliment her dress. Yuvani sees a little girl Sania and asks why did your friend wear a good dress, its my birthday and I should look good. Krishna says no, you look good. Yuvani asks Krishna to play. Krishna says mom and dad will scold me. Yuvani says fine, I will play alone.

Yuvani shoots a balloon and spoils Sania’s dress. Dadi says I will ask Rama to clean it. Yuvani says now I really look the best. Dadi says yes, you are always best. Yuvraaj brings Pratima in the party. Pratima sees Suhani and smiles. Suhani says wherever I got, you find me and smiles. She disappears. Pratima looks on. Yuvraaj says she is Yuvani…. Pratima says I know, I see your shadow and even……. Soumya comes and brings the cake. Yuvani says mumma and hugs her…. Soumya says sorry I was preparing doll cake and got late. Soumya says my Yuvani is the best. Dadi asks Yuvani to cut the cake. Everyone smile and celebrate her birthday. The lady asks Pratima how are your granddaughters Yuvani and Krishna of same age, they don’t look twins. Yuvraaj says no need to interfere in this matter, they both are sisters. Yuvraaj asks Soumya whats the gift. Soumya says you will know it in some time.

Krishna crowns Yuvani, and calls her a recall princess. Soumya takes their pics. Yuvani asks her for pic and asks her to delete this bad pic and take new one. Soumya asks them to smile and takes another pic.

Soumya and Pratima see the girls sleeping and caress them. Pratima says so much changed in this house in some years, right Soumya? After that incident, it took much time for everyone to go ahead, but maybe that was the right thing, Yuvraaj I m a mother, but I have accepted truth and decided to move on, forget the old things, how long will you hurt yourself.

Few girls prepare for the modeling. Sharad sees a model and asks is she ready, whats this spot on her face. The assistant says no worries, I will make this fine, Mam will not know it. Sharad says she has sharp eyes, she will know it. The lady says I m done, Mam will not figure it out. They say Mam has come and look behind. Suhani comes there and wears indo western clothes with jewelry. Dadi cries seeing a little boy and Suhani’s pic. Yuvraaj comes and picks Suhani’s pic. He says she is dead Dadi, now she is not in our life, don’t make her part of our memories, Suhani is gone Dadi, let her go, I don’t want Yuvani to know about Suhani. He burns Suhani’s pic.

Suhani looks at the model. She asks Sharad to make the model leave. The model asks what did I do. Suhani shows the spot on her face. She says no one can hide anything from me, you lie and hide it too, remember one thing, don’t bring such model again. Sharad asks her to see the saree. Suhani says I have seen, the scar on her face ruined everything, I don’t give work by pity, we give work to talented people. Sharad asks them to leave.

Suhani smiles seeing Bhavna. Bhavna laughs as Yuvaan does some mischief. Suhani calls out her son Yuvaan…..

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