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Siya Ke Ram 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Lakshman asking Bharat to go from there this is my last warning. Bharat says my wish that I touch Ram’s feet and ask for forgiveness will not be fulfilled. I could not ask for forgiveness from my mother like Sita bhabhi. But you r here so I am asking u for forgiveness after that u can kill me. Lakshman goes to him and says no bhaiya u forgive me I doubted u. They hug.

Shiv with tears in his eyes tells Parvati that today on banks of river Mandakni there will be amalgamation of devotion and love. For people it will be meeting of two brothers but in form of Ram n Bharat it is the meeting of Jeevathma n Parmatma (soul and God). It will be a symbol of love of devotee n God, of Bharat’s devotion, love and surrender. People, like Bharat, will obtain God if they surrender to him.

Ram’s brothers come calling for Ram. Ram worries and asks them why they have tears in their eyes. He asks Lakshman n then Bharat. They hug him.
The other family members enter. Ram n Sita get shocked to see mothers in white sari. Ram moves back in shock and turns around n cries. Sita looks at him and in mind says (as if talking to Ram without speaking) mothers, siblings all are here. If we break they all will also break. He gives an assuring look to Sita, wipes his tears and turns back.
Kaushlya calls out Ram. He runs to her n hugs her. Sita hugs her sisters and wipes their tears. Ram hugs Sumitra. Kaushalya says Dashrath always feared separation from you. Till his last breath he only called out for you. He felt peace by saying your name. As if u were coming closer to him.
Ram says that sorry I was not with father n you all in these tough times.

Guru Vashish calls out Ram and says being the eldest son its your duty to complete the rituals so that his soul is at peace. I m sure that his soul will be at peace if his favourite son does the rituals. Ram takes the ashes. He remembers the moments spent with Dashrath.

Sita goes to Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi folds her hands but Sita denies. She hugs her and wipes her tears.

Ram performs the rituals by pouring the ashes in river. Others look teary eyed. He thinks that I am blessed to be born as your son. I got your immense love. How much every I could serve you has become the treasure of my life. I m sad that I did not serve you aa much as I could. But now I accept the responsibility of fulfilling all your duties. But pouring these ashes I give you a final farewell. Om shanti shanti plays….

Sad music playa in BG during the whole episode.

Precap- Bharat says I don’t believe in this dharma which gives sorrow to everyone. He request him to return to Ayodhya. Ram says after listening to both the sides, I will follow what Dharma says.

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