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Siya Ke Ram 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with a scene in Mithila. Janak telling Ram that you protected many people’s lives today, if you did not stop water storm on time, it would have been bad. Urmila tells Sita that its not bad to express happiness. They smile. Sita looks at Ram. Janak says you both, Ram and Laxman are our guests and did many favors on us to protect everyone. Ram asks would you say this if you had your own son. Everyone smile. Ram says I m also as your son, I m not saying this for any formality. Ram Ram…..plays…. Janak gets delighted by his words and holds him. Sita smiles.

Dasharath talks to the minister and asks about arrangements to welcome Guru Vashists. He asks him to do arrangements to welcome his sons, and his bahu who would come from Mithila, their welcome should be best. The man says sure, new clothes are getting arranged for special guests, don’t worry. Dasharath asks who is managing this. He sees Kaikeyi managing the work of spices for cooking needs, clothes etc. He is glad seeing her adding up his happiness. He says I knew you will agree. She says a mother can never forget her duty, you always tell your decision, what is there to agree, my agreement is not needed ever. She says but Maharaj, its my Ram’s marriage, I will make it unforgettable. He holds her hand and is glad.

Sita reads a line and says a man who attains knowledge can win everyone’s heart. Sunaina cries seeing jewelry. She says all worries went in one day, your marriage is going to happen with Ram, its natural for a mother to become emotional. She takes Sita’s childhood bangles. She recalls little Sita wearing the bangle and saying she will wear it in her marriage. She says you are still young Sita. Sita asks young? Sunaina turns to see her, and cries. She says what hurry did time had, you were little and used to come in my arms. She says this bangle has become short for you now. Sita and Sunaina cry. Sita rests in her lap and says I did not grow up Maa, I m still your little Sita, I will always be, I don’t want to go leaving you.

Sunaina says you will have three mothers in Ayodhya, they will love you a lot, I m afraid that maybe you will forget me. Sita says no Maa, this won’t happen that I forget you. Sita hugs Sunaina. Sunaina asks why are you crying, you are getting married, you should be happy. Janak looks on and gets teary eyed. Sunaina says look at me, I m so happy. Sita turns and sees Janak. Sunaina too sees him. Janak turns away. Sita runs to him saying Pita ji. You are king and its not possible for you to cry infront of everyone, but you can’t hide your tears infront of me. He hugs her and they cry.

Mandodari tells Malyavaan is this not sign of ruining to go against Lord Vishnu, and Devtas. Malyavaan asks her not to worry, as Raavan does everything by thinking. She asks is attack on Mithila by his thinking, women’s insult, killing innocent, torturing Rishis, he is doing all sins and you are involved in this too, does this suit you, this can become reason for Lanka’s ruin. Raavan comes and asks her to be in her limits. He reminds that you are talking to my Nanashri. Malyavaan says nothing like this, she is saying her fears. Raavan says I made you my first queen, everyone want to take your place. She says I m proud to be Raavan’s wife, none is not Gyaani like you, but I m worried, as many people have cursed you. He says kings have to do such things, you won’t understand, go, we want some time alone. She leaves.

Sita and her sisters are praying at the temple. Ram and Laxman walk towards the temple. Urmila sees Laxman and thinks Laxman is always with Ram, in such case, Sita and Ram will not get time to talk, I have to do something. Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti go to Ram and Laxman. Urmila asks Ram for help. Ram says sure. Urmila says we want some flowers from the jungle, we are scared to go there, if your brother can help then… Ram says sure. They smile. Ram asks Laxman to help them. Laxman says sure. Ram says I will wait here. Laxman says fine. Urmila thanks Ram. Laxman says come… and goes with the girls. Ram walks inside the temple.

Sita talks to Lord and says who will have fate like mine, who got such good family, parents and sisters, such good inlaws and Ram as my groom, I got so much and what can I ask for, I want to thank for giving everything in my life and completing it. Ram prays there. Sita senses him and turns to see. She sees him praying there. Ram sees her and says I have a question if you allow. She says you don’t need permission. He says I wanted to ask after Swayamvar, but I did not get chance, are you happy by accepting this marriage proposal. She asks why is this needed, when you gave me respect by asking my will in Swayamvar, I gave my opinion. He says even then, I wanted to confirm, did you take decision by being emotional by whatever happened in Swayamvar, or any pressures.

Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti go the lake with Laxman. Urmila tries scaring Laxman of crocodiles in water, and pulls his leg. The girls smile seeing the lotus. Mandvi says Urmila I have seen something in water. Urmila laughs and asks was it a crocodile. She laughs and reminds them that they have a big warrior with them, who has killed a Rakshasi, why to fear when he is here. Laxman goes. The sisters leave too, saying why to annoy him, he is Sita’s to be brother in law. Urmila gets shocked seeing a snake coming out of water.

Sita says you want to know truth, I m sure that this was destiny, I felt this connection when I did not see you, like I came today in Gauri temple, I came before too being worried about my groom, but then I got to know my Swayamvar will go to Ayodhya too, I was coming close to you knowing about Ashwa’s sacrifice stopped, Tadaka’s death, Ahilya’s Uddhar, when I knew you are coming Mithila, there was no doubt in my heart, I don’t know what is love, I just know meeting and talking to you, knowing your thoughts, I m sure that spending life with you will be my luck. Ram says but Vishwamitra got us here to visit Shiv Dhanush, not to attend Swayamvar, how did you have such strong belief. She asks are you taking my test. He says I gave test by lifting Dhanush, I just want to know about your belief. She says belief is not necessarily about any guess, or prediction. They smile. Urmila screams seeing the snake. The snake bends to bite her. Mandvi shouts Urmila.

A lady curses Raavan that a woman will become reason for his death. Raavan says who will be that woman, finding and killing her will be my sole motive.

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