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Siya Ke Ram 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with Janak and Sunaina talking about Sita staying in ashram. He says I m worried, how to tell Sita that I want to snatch her freedom. She says she will understand. He says I m upset that I m doing this with her, we gave her freedom and encouraged her to have free mindset, but when its time to decide about her future, I m worried. She says Sita will get such groom who will complete her life, like Sita will complete his life. Ram is shown.

Sita and her sisters see the swans in the river. Mandvi says the one who see swans first get a life partner soon. They tease Sita. Sita smiles and goes being shy. Urmila says I did not see her shying before. They laugh. Sita looks at the horses and towards mountains. Kushadwaj comes to them and says Janak wants all of them to return to Mithila. He says I got army, my soldiers will take you to Mithila, I will stay here for people’s safety. Sita says we will return if dad wants, but not alone, women and children will come with us, they are in danger. He says you said right, I will talk to Vishwamitra and take his permission.

He talks to Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra says its not needed, your army can’t face Asurs, they have magical powers and everyone can’t understand it, I have got two Raghuvanshis with me to kill Tadaka. Kushadwaj asks just two Raghuvanshis, when the army is not enough. Vishwamitra tells Sita that she gave courage to the ashram residents and served them. Sita says I think I m lucky to do this, I want women and children to come with us. He says its nice thought, you go with your sisters.

Urmila says food is ready, can we go after serving food to everyone. Vishwamitra says fine, send food to the two warriors too. Urmila tells Sita that this is the chance to meet him. Sita looks on. She makes the food ready and says I will think I m lucky to know about you, if I could not meet him. Urmila says you can meet him, I know you respect him and wish you meet him. The sisters talk about the warriors facing Asurs. Sita says Asurs will not attack, Janak told me about Ayodhya’s Raghuvanshi, who always keep promises. Sita says Raghuvanshis has great examples. She recalls Gautam Rishi’s story about Ahilya.

She goes to Vishwamitra. She tells him about Raghuvanshi freeing Ahilya of the curse, even after knowing Ahilya’s story. She says Ahilya will be rid of the curse, its possible its same Raghuvanshi, whom Ahilya is waiting for since years. He says if this Raghuvanshi can kill Tadaka, they will get Ahilya rid of curse for sure. He blesses her. He says now I realize the big responsibility given to me.

Sita gives the food to Laxman. She says we are leaving for Mithila in some time. He asks what happened. She says I wanted to meet your elder brother, its possible that I meet him in future, I want you to thank him from my side. He says our work got easy as you gave a new hope to the people, Ram said you did a lot for them. He says when this work ends, we will leave for Ayodhya, we miss our mothers, I will leave now, I have to take food for Ram. He goes.

Sita goes to the horse and caresses it. She asks the horse to take Ram along, she did not see Ram, but feels he is similar to her, she will wait. Laxman gives the food to Ram. Ram sees the art and says I have seen such art before. Laxman says the food smells so good, she is the one who stopped Ashwa in Mithila, she is very glad knowing our Ashwa is alive, she was asking who saved the horse, she is in ashram and serving everyone with her sisters, she is Janak’s eldest daughter. Kushadwaj and girls greet Vishwamitra and leave. Ram runs to see her and sees the group leaving.

Ram runs to see Sita. She misses to see her. She stops and turns to see. Ram turns to her, and they see each other from far.

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