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Siya Ke Ram 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with Dasharath telling the Ayodhya’s traditions. Janak says sorry, I did not know this. Sunaina comes back upset. Chandrabhaga asks shall we take Sita, what happened. Sunaina says I told you that their traditions are different, groom’s mothers will not come in marriage. Chandrabhaga asks what, it means Dasharath’s wives will not come. Sunaina says Sita can meet Dasharath when she gets married to Ram. Urmila says great, it means we can go out with Sita, she will be going in few days, then we won’t be able with her. Sunaina says fine, go. Sita and the sisters leave.

Sumanta greets Bharat and Shatrughan and says I hope your journey was good. Bharat says yes, Ram Bhaiya… Sumanta says even Ram is eager to meet you both, you go, I will see arrangements here. Bharat and Shatrughan rush to meet Ram. They smile seeing Ram and Ram hugs them. Laxman is glad seeing them as well and hugs them. Bharat says I m inspired by Ram all my life, I always try to become like Ram and it looks more tough to me, Ram’s achievements are not ordinary. Shatrughan says we are lucky to be born as your brothers, if we walk on your path, we will be lucky. Ram says I m lucky that my three brothers respect and love me so much. Bharat says congrats, Ayodhya is very happy for your marriage. Shatrughan says every person is decorating the place and is very excited.

Bharat says we wanted to meet Sita and touch her feet. Laxman says Sita has told herself, that she will talk to the brother who is always with Ram, I have been with Ram always, so she declared that I m her favorite Devar. Bharat says but we all love Ram equally. Ram asks Bharat did he not understand Laxman, Sita did not say this. Laxman says Bharat got worried. Ram says they came by long travel, and asks them to take rest, have food, then they can meet Sita.

Janak gets the birth kundlis for finding marriage date and tells Sita that this is her and Ram’s kundlis, marriage date and time will be decided by this, but according to Mithila’s tradition, we can’t send this to anyone till the girl permits, so we all are here infront of you, if you permit, then we will take this to Dasharath. Sita smiles and says you always valued my identity, gave me freedom of thoughts, every decision of such father is acceptable to me heartily, as I know your every decision is blessing for me. Bhoomija………..plays…….. She says I m proud to be born from Mithila’s land and you accepted me as your daughter, I m lucky that my marriage will be completed by your blessing. Everyone smile. Sita does the tilak to the card.

She gives her permission to send this card to the groom’s family. Janak takes it and hugs Sita.

Mahadev tells the Devs that its time for what we have been waiting for. Devi Laxmi’s marriage with Narayan. Devi Parvati says its first time that they are marrying in human avatar and blessing the world. Narad says we are witnessing it. Mahadev says we should be present in marriage and witness it. Narad says yes. We all should attend this marriage. Parvati says yes. All Devs will attend marriage from groom’s side and all Devis will attend from bride’s side. Narad asks permission to invite all Dev and Devis. Mahadev permits him.

Janak, Dasharath, Ram and everyone look on. Rishi Yalkavar asks permission to start this auspicious work. Guru Vashisht says we all are eager, why to delay, please begin. Rishi Yalkavar check the kundlis of Ram and Sita, and smiles. Everyone wait. Rishivar says its first time, that groom and bride’s 36 qualities are matching. Siya ram………..plays…….. everyone get glad and smile. Sunaina’s brothers are shocked and ask about it, finding it strange and calling it a bad sign. The discussion starts. Guru Vashisht asks Ram what is his opinion in this. Ram greets him and says its just sign for me that qualities matches, its important how we see each other’s qualities and respect it, how we accept it, according to me, marriage’s success depends on our deeds and inner wish, that how much we try to make marriage successful, just deciding on qualities is not right, its just husband and wife’s right to decide. Sunaina’s brother says we are glad to hear this, but we want to clear some doubt about marriage, if you permit, if Ram can answer our questions.. Guru Vashisht says why not, Ram will surely answer all your questions. Raghupati………….plays…………….

Sunaina’s brother asks whats important in marriage, husband and wife’s togetherness or love. Ram says marriage is a promise between husband and wife, it becomes a Adhaar for society, it is union of two families and two opposite backgrounds, that marriage is successful where husband and wife try to keep to fine by balancing everything, and where this happens, there will be togetherness and love too. Sunaina’s brother says girl leaves her family and comes to make a new home, the Adhaar is love. Ram says duties are done by love only, feelings are important, but duty towards Dharm is also important, the marriage with duty and responsibility, that marriage will be stable even in tough situation and accept any challenge. Janak smiles happily. Ram says I just know this. Rishivar says great. Sunaina’s brothers praise Ram’s thoughts and says we don’t have any doubt now, Sita can’t get a better groom than you, we wish marriage date is declared soon. Everyone smile. Rishvar telkls the marriage date. Dasharath says very unique, great. Rishivar says Ram and Sita’s marriage will be done after five days from now, and we invite all Devis and Devtas in this marriage. Everone fold hands and pray. Siya ram…………..plays……….. Brahmadev looks on.

Bharat collides with Mandvi. The flowers fall on them. Ram and other brothers look at them. Ram says Mithila and Ayodhya have united forever. Sunaina tells about Sita’s haldi. Devi Parvati tells Mahadev that she has decided in which human form to go there, and I will see till whrn you stay away from Aradhya.

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