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Siya Ke Ram 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with Sita seeing Ram in the temple and leaving. Urmila asks her why is she going. Sita says I have to go to lake, my kalash does not have water. Ram hears her and smiles. Sita smiles and leaves, while Urmila runs after her. Water falls on Urmila by Laxman’s hand and they argue. Urmila runs to Sita and stops her. Sita asks her how she got drenched. Urmila says I fell in lake. Sita smiles.

The devil snake Tatik looks on and thinks now there will be revenge as per Raavan’s command. He uses his powers and it starts getting stormy. The villagers get puzzled and think it will rain now. Tatik says now Mithila will experience Raavan’s anger. He lifts the water. Sita sees the lake and says something is not right here Urmila, go and inform the area head about this. Urmila goes.

Sunaina looks for Sita and Urmila, and asks Mandvi and Shruthkirti. They say we don’t know. Sunaina says they will understand when they become mother, and goes to inform Janak.

Kaushalya asks Dasharath did he inform Janak that they are happy with the proposal. He recalls Kaikeyi’s words and says we all are happy, but Kaikeyi will never accept Janak’s daughter for Ram. Kaushalya asks why. He says she feels Mithila is not equal to Ayodhya, and Janak’s kul is not same as our Kul, its serious matter, its good proposal, how to refuse, if it was wrong, Vishwamitra would have not let Ram attend Swayamvar, how shall I refuse Janak, on what basis? I m thinking if Ram knows Kaikeyi’s opinion then… Sumitra says don’t worry, Ram will not know this. Kaushalya says yes, Kaikeyi loves Ram a lot, she is proud to be Ram’s mother, she does not do anything with wrong intentions. Sumitra says we will convince Kaikeyi. Kaushalya says make arrangements for marriage, we will talk to Kaikeyi. He nods. He sends message for Sumanta, to prepare to leave for Guru Vashisht’s ashram. He thinks he should take Guru Vashisht’s approval too.

Kaushalya asks Daasi about the letter. Daasi says its Ram’s letter for Kaikeyi. Kaushalya takes it, and goes to Kaikeyi with Sumitra. Kaikeyi says my decision won’t change. Kaushalya says Ram has sent letter for her beloved mother. Kaikeyi says for me… Kaushalya and Sumitra explain her how much Ram values her, and how much Kaikeyi loves him. Kaushalya says you are very important for Ram, and gives her the letter.

Kaikeyi reads the letter from Ram. Ram greets her, and says I wish you got my and Sita’s proposal from Mithila. I know its mother’s right to choose a son’s wife, I don’t want to pressurize you, but Sita is your shadow, I m lucky to get your shadow in this girl, I did not talk to her much, but Mithila loves her, like your Rajya Kaikeya loves you, yours beloved son Ram…. Kaikeyi cries.

Sumitra asks will you not agree even now, did your decision change. Kaikeyi says I don’t change my decision once I take it. Kaushalya and Sumitra start leaving. Kaikeyi says but its mother’s duty to give priority to child’s happiness, if Ram’s happiness is in this, I accept this proposal, I m not sure to accept Sita after marriage. I have condition that I will take care of all arrangements, do you agree. Sumitra says like Rani Kaikeyi commands. Kaushalya and Sumitra hug Kaikeyi. They all smile.

Sita sees the storm over the lake. Ram comes at the lake and sees Sita. He asks whats this change. She says its not natural. He says it seems rain will commence. She says this type of changes did not happen in Mithila before and takes water in her hands. She shows the water to Ram and asks him to hold the water. He says its very calm. She says rain water is not such, I feel its not like it appears. He smiles. Tatik lifts the water waves. Sita says you don’t believe me. Ram says I believe on everything you say, your intuition shows how much you know nature. She says who will not understand nature, there is something that is not uniform. Tatik throws the wave towards Sita. The villagers say run, water storm is approaching… They run away. Ram and Sita look on.

Ram comes forward and stands infront of Sita to secure her. Siya Ram….plays………….. Sita smiles seeing him. Ram shoots an arrow towards the wave storm. The wave disappears and Tatik moves away to get saved. Tatik looks on shocked. The villagers come back and cheer for Ram. Ram signs them to stop and says don’t say Jai for me, say it for Sita, this happened because of her prediction. They all cheer for Sita. Tatik says there is someone who is equal to challenge my magical powers, I have to find right time to attack, and changes into a snake.

Sita asks Ram what can he ask her after doing so much. Ram asks her is her agreement there in this marriage decision, or is she following whats happening. Urmila is at the lake and screams seeing the huge snake coming out of waters.

Written Update By Amena


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