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Siya Ke Ram 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sita asking Ram how did he like the food. Ram says if you asked about any one thing, it would be easy to say, here are many dishes, its tough to say. They smile. Laxman says great, I don’t have right words for such tasty food. Sita says thanks, but your brother did not say anything, I want to know from him, which one did he like the most from all of these dishes. Ram smiles. Janak thinks is Sita testing Ram. Sita says I m curious to know Ram’s answer.

Ram shows the spicy chilly dish, and says I liked this most. They all get puzzled. Ram says this is very tasty. Sita says I did not expect this answer, I thought you won’t like spciy tasting food. Laxman says yes you are right, Bhaiya did not like spicy food, don’t know how is he liking this. Sita says its very spicy. Ram says the spiciest food in the world looks most sweetest, this sweetness can just be by Mithila’s land, and that’s why, this dish is more important, this is the art of the one who cooked this. Everyone smile. Siya Ram…. Plays……Urmila says Laxman would have not said the same.

Lanka gets shaking. Raavan smiles as a huge snake comes there. The soldiers get away. Raavan laughs. The snake turns to smoke and gets in human form. He greets Raavan and asks him to command. Raavan asks him to go Mithila and kill Janak along with his family, he has insulted Raavan, and that man can’t be forgiven. The snake says sure, I will obey your command. Raavan says I don’t like failure, I want good news soon. The man turns into a huge snake and leaves.

Kaikeyi says I don’t want Ram to marry Sita. Mantra says such wife is okay for Ram, Mithila is small Rajya and Sita is an orphan, Raja Janak has just raised her. Kaikeyi asks what. Mantra says yes, you can control Sita easily. Kaikeyi gets angry on such proposal, and says now this marriage is impossible. Mantra says what, how to explain you, leave worrying about Ram, worry about Bharat and think of his future, get Bharat married to powerful king’s daughter. Kaikeyi says you are fool, you did not marry, life becomes hell if life partner is not good, you think I will let this happen with Ram, get out. Mantra says what if I did not marry, I love you more than I would have loved my own daughter, you will understand it, I thought your good. Kaikeyi asks her to leave. Mantra gets angry and leaves.

Laxman asks Ram what are you thinking. Ram says I m thinking about Maa, Ayodhya and Mata Kaikeyi, Kaikeyi will feel Mithila is small Rajya and my marriage with Sita can become reason for her unhappiness, till she gets to know Mithila’s greatness, she will not accept this marriage, she has to see Mithila and Sita by my perception, I will write a letter for Kaikeyi, make sure it reaches Mata Kaikeyi soon. Laxman says sure.

Bharat makes a painting and tells Kaikeyi that Ram is best in archery. Kaikeyi says you all brothers are best. Bharat says we are not like Ram and praises Ram. He says none is like Ram, he is the best and above everyone, that’s why you take his name before mine. He says yes, when he is going to do big mistake of his life, is it not your duty to stop him. Bharat says Ram does not make mistake even by mistake. She asks do you believe this. He says he has complete belief. She says its disbelief, Ram is going to marry a princess of the Rajya, which is very small. Bharat says I m shocked, you are saying this knowing Mithila’s greatness, its land of knowledge, where there is knowledge, other things do not have any value, I think this will be proud thing to get related to Mithila.

Sita smiles and leaves a pigeon in air. She recalls Ram lifting the dhanush. Urmila comes and asks shall we go to Gauri temple. Sita asks why. Urmila says you can meet Ram there, whom you are finding him everywhere. Sita asks is anyone waiting for you there. Urmila says its your marriage happening, I know you want to meet Ram. Sita says no, I m not thinking to meet him, if marriage date is fixed then.. Urmila says we don’t have any limitation here. Sita says what will we tell Mata Gargi and Rishi Yaglavar. Urmila says leave it on me, and they leave.

Bharat tells Kaikeyi that Ram never takes decision in hurry, he takes decisions for Kul’s name and respect, if you are not happy, Ram will be sad, he knows you love him a lot. Kaikeyi says I love Ram a lot, and know whats good and bad for him. He says but this is not love what you are doing. She asks what am I doing. He says you are doubting Ram’s decision, if you loved him, you would have trusted him. She says you won’t understand my concern for him. He says possible, but I know my emotions for him, I feel you should rethink. She asks him if you have to choose between me and Ram in future, whom would you choose. He says you Maa. She smiles and gets glad. He says Ram taught this to me. He leaves. She worries.

The snake comes in Mithila and takes human avatar. He sees Sita and Urmila going to the temple and smiles. He thinks Mithila will be ruined and pay for Raavan’s insult.

Sita prays near the water and talks to Ram. The snake lifts the water. Ram stands infront of Sita and gets ready to face the water storm.

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