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Siya Ke Ram 27th November 2015 Written Update

Sita saying she will do aid of the injured soldiers. Janak says sure Sita, but your uncle is not going to fight in war, he wants to end the dispute peacefully, it you go there, his focus will be on your safety. Sita agrees. They all smile. Kaikeyi scolds Mantra for crossing her limits and arguing. She asks her to be Daasi. Mantra says yes, but you are behaving like Daasi. Kaikeyi says I don’t want to become like my mum. Mantra asks Kaikeyi to sit there. Ram comes there. Mantra says Kaikeyi is resting. Kaikeyi moves Mantra and stops Ram. She says my son has come and is glad seeing him.

She says my Ram was so little when I last saw him, and cries. He wipes her tears and says my mother Kaikeyi was beautiful that time just like now. She blesses him and hugs him. She asks where is his brother. He says Bharat is afraid to come infront of you. She asks why and calls out Bharat. Mantra smiles seeing Bharat. Ram brings Bharat to Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi asks what is Ram saying, that you are afraid to come infront of me, see Ram, he is fearless, he meets everyone with happiness, why can’t you become like Ram. Bharat touches her feet.

Kaikeyi blesses him and compares him with Ram. She asks did he not rest in ashram, or just did drawing, he got so lean. Ram says Bharat did drawing and rest too, we all got lean as we missed laddoos made by you. Laxman and Shatrughan come and greet her. She blesses them and says she is very happy seeing them. Ram sees Bharat sad. Kaikeyi asks them to come inside the Kaksh. Mantra says she has much work. Ram touches her feet and greets her. She asks why are you touching a Daasi’s feet. Kaikeyi says you are not ordinary Daasi. Mantra says yes, that’s why I was hut by Yuvraj. FB shows Bharat hitting the stone at Mantra. Mantra gets angry and asks the kids who has thrown the stone. Ram comes forward and apologizes to her, for his mistake. Mantra says beat me more, I m Kaikeyi’s Daasi. FB ends. Ram asks Mantra did she not forget it till now and apologizes again. Mantra says no need to apologize, kids are naughty, I won’t forgive if you hit stone now. Kaikeyi asks Ram did he meet Kaushalya. Ram says not yet. Kaikeyi asks him to go and meet Kaushalya, she is waiting. The sons leave to meet Kaushalya.

Kaikeyi says how did I avoid my sons, especially Ram. Mantra says whenever you in contrast Bharat with Ram, he obtained sad, be concerned for Bharat initial, don’t see in Ram’s eyes, he has some miracle that you’re going to just love him. Sita talks to her sisters and wonders with regards to the battle. Mandvi cries. Sita asks what happened to her. Mandvi claims she’s lacking her father, he didn’t occur until now, did he get hurt. Sita states very little will transpire to me, I pray to Mahadev day-to-day, Mahadev hears All people’s prayers. She asks them to see The celebrities and pray. Mandvi prays for her father.

Ram and his brothers go to fulfill Kaushalya. Kaushalya sees them and cries. Ram states Maa… She asks did he meet everyone, meet any person else also, your Maa can hold out for more time. She cries. He states he did not would like to meet her finally, but brothers experienced to satisfy their mothers, you taught me think about Many others prior to myself, you ought to be happy that I m trying to keep your specified values. She smiles and hugs him. She suggests you might have shine just like a sun on the facial area. She blesses other sons and hugs them. She claims Bharat is most quiet in all four brothers, the same as me. She hugs Bharat. Ram asks shall I think you don’t appreciate. She seems at him. He smiles. All of them get shocked seeing a golden model of the toddler. She will get tensed.

A old woman complains to Ram and says people can’t meet Dasharath to tell their problems. Ram asks Dasharath does he not meet Praja. Dasharath says no, its rule that King does not meet the Praja. Sita does not eat food. Sunaina asks her to have food, as Shruthkirti and Mandvi are also not eating seeing her worry. Mandvi cries and asks for her dad Kushadwaj.

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