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Siya Ke Ram 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sumanta asking soldiers to be careful of Dandak van. Shruthkirti is scared and asks Shatrughan about dandak van. Sumanta says its dangerous, there are Asur powers here, we don’t need to be scared of it, but we have to be careful. Urmila likes the berries and says great. She reminds Sita that they used to go away in Mithila to have those bers. Laxman asks Urmila to come, they will pluck the bers. Shatrughan asks Shruthkirti why is she scared, we all are together, nothing will happen to anyone. Ram-Sita, and everyone get down the cart. Sumanta says it won’t be right to go in the jungle. Laxman asks him to be assured, till Ram is with them, no one can do wrong with them.

They all enter the dandak jungle. Ram tells Sita if there was anyone in her place, she would have fear on her face, but you are so happy. Sita says jungle is not fearful, fear gets in our heart which stops us from having experiences in our life, we stay afraid to explore, but how will we know things and gain knowledge if we stay afraid. She asks his opinion in this matter, am I saying right. Ram smiles and says the human who do not know their own loneliness, silence and call, they call such place as lonely and scary, the one who knows all this, know very well that this place is a place to explore and gain themselves here, to hear one’s self call and answer it right. She smiles seeing the ber fruits. She tries to pluck them, but her hand does not reach. Ram moves the tree and the fruits fall. She smiles and holds her dupatta. The fruits fall in her dupatta. Ram eats one. She says stop, it will be sour. He says since anyone tastes bed, no one can know its sweet or sour. He eats it and says great, its very sweet. They smile seeing each other.

Mandvi tells Sita that bers in this jungle are very sweet. Shruthkirti says where is Urmila, she did not come till now. Many arrows fall there. They all look on. Bharat calls out Laxman. Laxman and Urmila come there, and get shocked seeing the arrows. A hawk comes there. The hawk takes human avatar, and they all see him. Mahashambhar says Ram and Laxman killed Subahu, who was my best friend, you killed Tadaka too, you have insulted my friends, princes who came in Swayamvar, we have come to take revenge. Laxman fumes. Mahashambhar says your end is close. Laxman asks him to beware, he is inviting his own death saying this.

Mahashambhar turns into an animal and runs from there. Ram and Bharat take their bows. Laxman asks Ram to be here, Shatrughan and I will follow Mahashambhar. They leave. The girls get worried. A huge army of Asur as animals come there. The Asurs take human form and stand infront of them. Sita asks her sisters not to worry, nothing will happen. Ram will assure their safety. The Asurs shoot arrows on all of them. Arrows rain on them. Ram takes a arrow and shoots to nullify all the Asur arrows. Ram’s arrow makes a shield. Sumanta, Sita and her sisters smile. Maryada purshottam Ram………….plays……………. Ram shoots at the Asurs. They all get burnt by it and fall down. Ram asks Sumanta and Bharat to assure everyone’s safety here, I will just come. Bharat says sure. Ram goes.

Virat and the princes come there with Asurs. Virat says here are Janak’s daughters, kidnap them and take revenge.

Bharat asks them to stop, else the result won’t be good. Virat says attack. Bharat shoots arrows and the Asurs fall down. The princes go next to attack. Bharat shoots arrows and they also fall. Virat hurts Bharat with Asur powers. Bharat falls down and shouts Ram Bhaiya….. Ram hears Bharat… and turns. Virat disappears. Mandvi and others rush to Bharat. Mandvi cries and asks Bharat to get up. She asks Sita to tell Bharat to get up. She says Lord is punishing me, this is all because of my crimes, I behaved rude with him, that’s why this is happening. Sita says no, its not your mistake, don’t worry, he will be fine. Ram, Laxman and Shatrughan come there. Ram sees Bharat and asks what happened, get up. Sumanta says Bharat is hurt by Asur powers, we have to find a Rishi or Ved soon, they can cure him. Laxman says Rishi, I will get him right away. He leaves. Ram asks Bharat to open eyes, get up, my brother who used to get up on my one call, what happened today. Ram says Bharat, everyone is waiting, our mothers, Pitaji, entire Ayodhya, come, get up, open your eyes. Ram gets emotional and teary eyed.

Kaikeyi says we are waiting for our vadhus and Dasharath sent them to visit Ganga, Dasharath does not care for us. Dasharath comes and asks what mistake did I do that Kaikeyi does not want to tell me. Kaikeyi asks Daasi to say that Dasharath did not value her feelings, she is waiting so much to see her sons and vadhus. He smiles and sends Daasis out. He says I have something to make you glad. She says I will not accept any jewelry or gift. He says I wanted to tell about sons and vadhus. She asks him to say how were her sons looking at the time of marriage. He says but you were annoyed, how shall I say. She says please tell me. He tells her how their sons looked in royal marriage garments. He says Ram-Sita looked great together. She asks about Bharat and Mandvi. He says Bharat looks handsome and Mandvi’s love made their Jodi looks great. She says once they all come here, I will get peace. They smile.

Sita asks Mandvi to have patience, Ram won’t let anything happen to Bharat, trust my belief. Ram looks on.

A Rishi tells Ram and everyone that when sun sets, it will get dark, the poison will spread in his body, we have to treat Bharat before sunset, else Bharat’s life will be in danger. Everyone look on.

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