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Siya Ke Ram 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with the Shiv Dhanush breaking. Everyone get shocked. Ram keeps the Dhanush back. A prince says you had to string the Dhanush, how did you break Shiv Dhanush. Another prince says he has broken our pride. Third prince says he has insulted us, Dhanush broke and this does not fulfill the Swayamvar’s condition. They tell Janak that Sita will never get married now, she will not marry, Ram is Raghuvanshi but he did sin to break Lord Shiv Dhanush, he should be punished. Laxman says careful and aims arrow at that prince. He says if you say any bad word against my brother, you yourself will be responsible for the result. Ram asks Laxman to calm down. Laxman says no one can point finger at you, whoever challenges you has to battle with me, they insulted Raj rishi Janak and yours too, they should be punished. Janak asks all of them to calm down.

He says your ancestors have always been pride, even Ram is from great ancestors, Guru Vashishst and Vishwamitra are his Gurus, Maharaj Dasharath is his father, we should not doubt on him without knowing the reason of his doings. I don’t know the reason, but I request Ram to say why he broke this Dhanush. Vishwamitra agrees with Janak and asks Ram to say why did he do this. Ram greets Janak and apologizes to him, that Dhanush broke by him.

He says this Dhanush is Divya Dhanush, I came here to visit this Dhanush, I don’t know how did this break by my hands, I just know its one reason behind this, because whatever was happening in this Swayamwar, seeing that, I felt no one understood your condition and all the princes thought of this Swayamvar as competition, they thought of Sita as a prize, not a human, the winner would have taken her. There was question on your daughter’s respect, this Dhanush had to break after her respect broke, marriage should have even thoughts, the man who sees his wife as a thing, how will he regard her equal to him, she will just become a thing for him. He says but did Rajrishi Janak wanted such Swayamwar for his daughter, any father in the world can’t imagine such marriage for his daughter. A prince says we came for Swayamvar, we want to know did Janak accept whatever happened, that Ram broke the Dhanush. They ask is Ram deserving your daughter, tell us Maharaj. Ram says I have a request Maharaj, whatever your decision, Sita’s will and approval should also be there. Janak, Sunaina and Sita get teary eyed. Ram says Sita should not be bound to marry the one who fulfills the condition, she should have right, she can say if she does not want to marry me.

Janak says hearing your thoughts, I m very happy, this stringing Dhanush was not competition, it was attempt to find deserving groom for Sita, just such man can string the Dhanush who is free of anger, greed and jealousy, one who heart is pure and compassionate, Ram has all the qualities and he is the yogyavar for my daughter Sita. Siya ram……….plays………. Ram and Sita look at each other. Janak says according to me, this Swayamvar’s motive is fulfilled. He says Sita, Ram has told the truth, girl has the right to choose her husband in Swayamvar, tell your decision.

Sita says I m lucky to see such man who values a woman’s respect than his own prestige, who understands what respecting woman is like respecting humanity, accepting him as my husband will be my good luck. Everyone smile with happiness tears in their eyes. Janak blesses Sita. Sunaina and Janak get happy for Sita.

Janak tells his Guru Yalkavar and Vishwamitra to permit, as Ram has fulfilled condition of Swayamvar. Yalkavar says sure. Sita walks to Ram with garlands. Mahadev looks on. Ram greets them. Janak happily greets him and smiles. Janak says Sunaina and nods. Sunaina asks Sita to proceed. Sita smiles and makes Ram wear the garlands. Laxman, and Sita’s sisters smile. Everyone shower flowers on them. Ram Ram Siya ram……….plays………. Ram and Sita smile seeing each other.

Rishi Yalkavar says we should find marriage mahurat soon and not delay this auspicious marriage. Ram says I wore this garland by Swayamvar’s rule, but I need my parents’ blessings and approval, I have to wait for their nod, this is my duty, I request you to inform my parents about this Swayamvar. Janak says sure Ram, we will inform Dasharath and asks Kushadwaj. Urmila tells Sita that your trust has become your fate, I m sure no hurdle can come in your marriage now.

Parshuram comes there and shouts Janak. It starts thundering. Parshuram asks who is it who did the sin to break my Lord Shiv Dhanush, his death is sure to happen today. Ram and Sita look on.

Parshuram asks is there no one here who can tell me truth. Laxman says anger is not appropriate right now. Parshuram asks who is this foolish guy and fumes, saying he will dislocate this Rajya. Everyone worry seeing Parshuram’s anger.

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