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Siya Ke Ram 21st November 2015 Written Update

Ram’s brothers looking out for him. Laxman inform Guru. Bharat sees Ram concentrating in the jungle. The brothers get glad. Guru Vashisht comes there and asks them to wait. Guru goes to Ram and says Ram…. Ram touches his feet. Guru says soft heart gets affected soon, tell me your worry. Ram recalls the dream and tells him that its bad sign, big danger is coming on Ayodhya, I worry for my dad and family, Rajya. Guru says sometimes love is seen as fear. Ram says love and fear are opposite. Guru says when love has bond, there is fear to open that love bond.

He says he has seen some strangers in dream, what bond with them. Guru says you are preparing for that day, there is a bond. Ram says you once said knowledge frees us. Guru says else knowledge is not complete, you have prepared your heart to get knowledge, you will be tested in outside world, when you remove all superficial things and reach truth, your education will get completed. Guru blesses Ram.

Janak introduces all Rishis to Sita and welcome them. A lady comes there. Sunaina names her as Kargi. Janak looks at her. Sunaina asks the girls to sit. Sunaina tells them that Kargi has independent thoughts. Sita asks is it bad. Sunaina says no, independence does not mean to disrespect others, Kargi is knowledgeable but she feels no one is more knowledgeable than her. Sita smiles seeing her.

Maharishi Gautam comes there and greets Janak. Janak says he is glad to see him, he was afraid Gautam will not come in this Matasabha. Gautam says how could I miss chance to meet your daughter Sita, I have heard a lot about her, I came here with a proposal, I want you to give this opportunity to teach her. Janak says Sita and I will be glad and lucky. Maharishi sees Satyavaan and passes by.

Janak welcomes everyone and says he organized this Gyaan sabha following advice of Devi Sulbha. He says the one everyone choose as most Gyaani, he will present many cows. They start talking. Kargi says she wants to ask first question if she is permitted. Sunaina worries as any rishi may be angry. Kargi greets Maharishi and asks is he Brahmacharya, when he has two wives, does he not think he is showing a bad example. Maharishi asks who is Brahmacharya. Kargi says who does the search of truth. He asks why do you think married man can’t find truth, marriage is not a bond. Kargi says person has to care for wife and worry for children, how will heart find truth, marriage is a bond.

Maharishi asks worry is not bond, its love. Kargi says love is also a bond. Maharishi says if love is true, it frees, if love gets selfish, it becomes a bond. Kargi says love is also selfish. He says when desires get added to love, it becomes selfish, love without expectations makes you free.

Kargi suggests your words impress me, but is it possible to give example of these really like. He asks her to discover the character, its illustration of selfless enjoy. All of us are born by that selfless really like, the place is the bond to uncover truth of the matter. Sita smiles. Kargi claims she accepts her defeat. Maharishi asks her not to be reluctant additional queries, answers occur when inquiries are asked. Kargi greets him. The Rishis start out leaving. Sita runs and hugs Kargi. Kargi smiles observing her.

Sita claims she was considering she’s going to be afraid of her. Kargi asks why, I don’t have horns. Sita asks why did she accept defeat. Kargi suggests her queries got restricted infront of Maharishi, she understood Maharishi is knowledgable. Sita asks her for making her college student. Kargi states but I lost. Sita says shedding is not really bad, I would like to understand to talk to right dilemma boldly. Kargi hugs her. A man arrives and tells Janak that every one the cow have operate away.

Janak is apprehensive as Maharishi went devoid of cows. Sunaina suggests Maharishi was not indignant, he knows it was a slip-up. Janak claims this should haven’t occurred. His brother asks what will we respond to him now. His brother’s wife says no one will can be found in Gyaan sabha following time, Will probably be Mithila’s massive insult. Sita seems to be on. She states I’ll go to discover cows in the jungle. The sisters say we’re going with Sita. Janak smiles and says fine, go. Sunaina asks what’s he carrying out.

A rishi stops Sita and tells about Ahilya, a cursed woman. Gautam has cursed her. Sita meets Gautam and asks why did he curse his wife.

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