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Siya Ke Ram 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with Sunaina being happy seeing her brothers. They say we are glad seeing you happy, its Sita’s marriage, we will come without invitation too, this is our right, we met after a long time, come, we have to talk. They ask Janak to keep Shathanand for their arrangements, he knows everything well. Janak says sure, and asks Shathananad to take care of their needs and comforts. He smiles.

Guru Vashisht brings Dasharath to Rishi Yalkavar. They greet Rishivar. Rishivar says I m glad to know you accepted Janak’s proposal and came here. Vishwamitra comes and greets them. Dasharath says I m lucky to meet both of you together. He asks Vijay to inform Janak, that I will meet Janak after I meet my sons. Vishwamitra says sorry to get your sons here without asking you, I asked Ram to string the Dhanush, after which this marriage got possible, Ram and Sita’s union is like Lord Vishnu and Devi Laxmi, and recalls their Godly avatar. He says I m lucky to become a medium of their union, but you have the right to decide. Dasharath says you have full right to decide for Ram, who else understands good for students, I m glad that I did not stop Ram and Laxman to go with you, Tadaka’s end, then meeting Parshuram and now Ram and Sita’s marriage, what else can a father wish, where are they. Vishwamitra says they are in jungle. Dasharath says if you allow, I will go and meet my sons.

Dasharath meets Ram and Laxman and smiles. Ram touches his feet. Dasharath blesses and hugs him. Laxman also touches Dasharath’s feet. Dasharath blesses Laxman and hugs him. He says I can’t understand how you both stayed away from family. I was worried for both of you, but all my fears got away seeing you, Ram’s every work increased our Raghukul pride, I m glad you are marrying Janak’s daughter. Ram asks about mothers, are they happy. Dasharath says they are waiting to welcome their bahu, and Kaikeyi is doing all arrangements. Ram says just Kaikeyi knows what I wish.

Sunaina and Janak stand to welcome Dasharath, with everyone. Her brothers ask just these flowers to welcome Dasharath. Vijay comes there and greets Janak. He says I m happy to meet you once again, everyone is Ayodhya is happy for Ram’s marriage, I can’t express it. Janak says I can know it by your words, everyone is happy in Mithila too. Vijay says Dasharath went to meet his sons, he sent me to inform he will be reaching soon.

Dasharath comes there with Guru Vashisht.. Janak welcomes them and touches Guru Vashisht’s feet. Guru Vashisht greets him. Janak says I feel I m very lucky to meet you again. Guru Vashisht says its reason of happiness and contentment for Ram and Sita’s marriage. Janak hugs Dasharath. Sunaina says where are Dasharath’s three queens. Her brother says they are big queens, they won’t come to Mithila. Sunaina says I came to welcome them. Her brother says Dasharath won’t be happy if you do his tilak, give this plate to Janak. Janak does tilak to Dasharath and welcomes him. He says I don’t know I m happy for your arrival here or this marriage, everyone knows your greatness. Dasharath asks his permission to do puja in Shiv temple first. Janak says sure.

A man asks is there anyone present from the temple. Shathanand says I m Raj Purohit Shathanand, and asks the man to come to check Dasharath’s Kaksh. Sunaina thinks to make Sita ready till then, maybe Dasharath will meet her.

The man does not like the glass kept for Dasharath, and asks Shathanand. Sunaina’s brother asks him to get gold glasses. Shathanand says I will need time to arrange gold utensils for him. The man says don’t worry, we don’t let Dasharath get any problem, and claps. The people bring the gold utensils. Sunaina’s brothers compare Ayodhya and Mithila, Janak and Dasharath. Shathanand hears them.

Urmila tells Sita that she can meet Dasharath. Sunaina asks Sita is she not ready. Sita says I m ready. Sunaina says you are getting married, you should wear ornaments, its our test along with you. Sita asks her why are you worried. Sunaina says daughter’s marriage is big thing for mother, just a mother can understand this, I m afraid something wrong can happen. Sita says nothing can happen. Sunaina tells the girls that Dasharath is not like Ram, or Janak, he is different, so my worry started. She says Sita, Ayodhya and Mithila’s Sanskriti is different, there are some rules for women, which we did not hear till now, talk to Dasharath humbly, don’t look at him while talking, just look at your feet and talk, stand till he asks you to sit. She makes Sita wear the dupatta and asks her not to talk more than needed. Urmila says Sita knows how to talk to elders. Chandrabhaga says we are worried that Sita can ask anything to Dasharath. Sunaina applies kajal dot to Sita, and says you will meet Maharaj Dasharath for the first time, he should not feel he did not raise you well. Sita nods and smiles. Sunaina blesses her and goes.

Dasharath comes in his Kaksh. His minister says I was changing the things here to make it comfortable and appropriate for your stay here. Dasharath says why this change, its so beautiful, such beauty is not in Ayodhya, I would be glad if you took my permission before deciding. Janak introduces Sunaina’s brothers. Dasharath says Mithila’s art is unique. Sumanta and everyone leave from his Kaksh. Dasharath apologizes to Janak for his minister’s behavior. Janak says its fine, they were doing arrangements for your comforts. Sunaina signs Shathanand. Shathanand tells Janak about Sita.

Janak asks Dasharath when will you wish to meet Sita. Dasharath says we have tradition in Ayodhya, that we can’t see bahu till marriage. Janak says sorry, I did not know this. Dasharath says there is one more tradition, queens can’t attend marriage. Janak gets shocked.

Janak says this is invitation card for Ram and Sita’s marriage, we can’t see this to the groom’s family till the bride gives her nod. He asks Sita to give her permission, so that they can send this marriage invitation to Dasharath.

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