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Siya Ke Ram 16th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with Janak welcoming Raavan in Mithila. He says I m glad you accepted my invitation. Raavan says if this Mithila was important for me, I would have attacked this place and made it mine, you are lucky that I accepted this invitation, why did you keep Swayamvar, you could have called me to string the Dhanush, don’t you know I m biggest Shiv Bhakt, just I can lift the Dhanush, who else will do so. Malyavaan says no one is as powerful as Lankesh. Raavan says ask all the princes to return back to their province, as I have come here. He says now that Dhanush is mine and your daughter Sita too. Janak gets shocked. Raavan says but before this, I want to visit Mahadev’s Divya Dhanush in private.

Janak plays the shank. Sita’s sisters run to see the princes who has come for Swayamvar. They get glad seeing so many princes and say no doubt, they all have come to marry Mithila princess Sita. Urmila asks them to see that lean prince, it does not seem he can string the Dhanush. They laugh seeing a fat prince. Shruthkirti says I think that’s Magad prince, he is very knowledgeable. They laugh seeing them. Mandvi says we should not comment on them, as anyone can marry Sita. Urmila recalls Ram and says just prince Ram will win Swayamvar. Mandvi says but maybe Ram won’t come, Raavan will win. Urmila says just see, Ram will come and win. Mandvi says Raavan…. They both argue.

Kushadwaj says it seems all the Aryavar princes have come here. Shathanand says Shiv Dhanush is here, I wish this Swayamvar completes happily. Kushadwaj welcomes the princes. Shathanand says just physical power is not need to lift Shiv Dhanush, heart purity is also needed. Kushadwaj says you said true. They see some odd princes coming too.

Dasharath says I don’t know where Vishwamitra took Ram and Laxman, will everything be fine. Guru Vashisht asks why are you worried, do you doubt Vishwamitra or Ram. Dasharath says no, I can’t doubt him, he has guided Ram and now Ram has been known for his best capabilities, I m thankful to Vishwamitra for Ram’s journey. Vashisht says Ram has gone out to understand himself, away from your care, he will experience new things and it will help him in knowing his life’s aim. Dasharath says you are saying true, Ram is my ordinary, there are many warriors in this Vansh, but my Ram is the best, I have tried hard to understand him, but whenever I try, I see my son and my heir in him. Gautam Rishi’s ashram is close to Mithila, if I knew this, I would have sent message to Vishwamitra to take Ram to Mithila’s Swayamvar, I would have accepted Janak’s invitation, its good luck to make relations with Janak. Vashisht smiles.

Kushadwaj tells Janak that the Praja is helping them for accommodating the princes and their soldiers. Janak says we are lucky to get Praja’s love. Sunaina says I think few things are not done ter. Chandrabhaga says I will see whether all clothes and ornaments are ready. Sunaina sees Janak and goes to him. She asks are you worried. He says I m thinking, how many hopes are linked with this Swayamvar, who will be the one who will make impossible possible, many years ago, Parshuram said whoever will string the Shiv Dhanush, he will be husband of Sita in all births, even Rishi Yalkavar told the same, I thinks its blessing for Sita, I did not imagine I will keep Swayamvar for Sita, its big reason which ordinary human like me can’t understand, I m excited to see that man who is with my Sita since many births, I wish it becomes possible for him to come in this Swayamvar. She smiles and says we learnt belief from you, that yogya var will surely come.

Sunaina does Sita’s aarti. Everyone smile seeing her. Sunaina says Sita, its time for Swayamvar. Sita looks at the door and asks about Janak. Sunaina says he is busy in arrangements and welcoming guests, he won’t be able to come, if he could come, he would have surely come. Janak says yes, you are right. Sita smiles seeing him.

Janak says I always thought why is daughter so loving, fathers just wish to keep them forever. Sita asks when why do fathers give her to someone else and do her bidaai. He says daughters are sent so that everyone get happiness to get a daughter, to those who don’t have a daughter. She cries and hugs him, and says I m ready now by your belief. He asks Sunaina to bring Sita for Swayamvar. Sunaina nods. He leaves.

Swayamvar begins. Siya Ram……….plays…… Sita and Ram walk to each other and exchange garlands.

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