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Siya Ke Ram 14th January 2016 Written Episode UpdateSiya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with Sunaina says Ram has come here. Janak says according to Dasharath’s letter, Dasharath said he would have sent Ram for Swayamvar if Ram was present in Ayodhya, but Ram is here in Mithila, so now its in Sita’s fate, whether Ram comes in Swayamvar or not. Sita walks somewhere and stops seeing Ram. Siya ram…………..plays………… Ram turns and sees her.

Sita says you here early morning. He says your Mithila is very beautiful, I came here to see its beauty, and you…. She says I came here to see swam-medh. She shows the deer group passing by, and says they look so independent still being together. He says I did not understand this Janak’s daughter. She says Sita, my name is Sita and I like to be called by this name, Janak said Mithila girls should be called by names. He says but is the name not by Kul and Rajya. She says yes, but one self’s identity is also important. Ram says rightly said Sita. She asks do you think so about independence, I m glad knowing this. He asks what. She says I get news about Ayodhya, sorry, it shows Raghukul Rajya has much effects. He says yes, Raghukul gives importance to rituals. She says but Mata Ahilya’s Uddhar and Ashwa’s sacrifice stopped, it shows humanity is most important for you than any rituals. He says I did not think about this, I did what was necessary. Ram Ram………..plays……… He asks are you testing me…. You have something in your heart, which you want to ask and unable to say, true or false?

She says Ayodhya’s prince, I can’t say false, but I fear that truth can anger you. He promises and says Sita, you will hear the truth which you wish. She says I don’t want promise, but I want to ask will you also do Bauvivaah/multiple marriages. He says if husband and wife’s love have to become eternal, then this bauvivaah ritual as to end to have balance in world. She says my question… He says Sita, I will have just one wife. Sita smiles.

Apsara Rambha says I will tell him not to make me wait like this, after all I m Apsara Rambha. Raavan comes there in his air chariot. She gets shocked and worried. Raavan laughs. She asks who is there. He says the one whom every woman dreams of, I m most powerful, skilled and best, Lanka Naresh Raavan. He laughs and walks to her. He says think I m your lover right now. She says I m Apsara Rambha, you can’t behave like this. He says you are most beautiful thing in the world, I have right on it, I can do anything I want.

She cries. He says none can stop me from doing what I want. He holds her hand and says you are beautiful lady, your place is in Lanka. She says no Lankesh, try to understand, I m getting married soon. He leaves her and says marriage? She says I love Nalakūbara, and he also loves me, we will be marrying soon, I was waiting for him here, he will be coming now. Nalakūbara is on the way and says I often get late, this time Rambha will not forgive me.

Raavan shouts Nalakūbara…. You angered me saying your relation with Nalakūbara, you are just an Apsara, how did an Apsara become a lover or wife, the one who gets Apsara by power owns her, you don’t have right to love or marry anyone. She says no, and cries. He says I m giving you a golden chance to please me. She says I request you not to try your power on me, let me go.

He says go and shows the way. She runs from there and stops seeing another Raavan infront of her. She says no, and sees multiple Raavans laughing. Raavan gets 10 heads and she gets shocked. She screams no and cries…. He says Rambha and holds her hand. He drags her and takes her. Her jewelry falls there. Nalakūbara hears her and says whether Rambha is in any problem.

Nalakūbara comes there and asks where are you Rambha. He gets the jewelry there and hears her cry. He goes to see her, and finds her in bad state. He asks who treated you badly. She says Lankapati Raavan, I requested him, even then he misbehaved with me. Nalakūbara sees Raavan going away and shouts Raavan… Mandodari hears this in Lanka. Nalakūbara says Raavan you misbehaved with a woman today, I m Kuber’s son Nalakūbara, I curse you if you misbehave with any woman again, your head will burst. Mandodari hears the curse and worries. Raavan laughs. Mandodari says one more curse for my husband for his sins, and asks Lord Shiv about it.

Malyavaan tells Raavan about Janak’s invitation to win Shiv Dhanush. Raavan says I will surely go to Mithila, and win Sita too.

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