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Siya Ke Ram 13th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with Ram walking inside the temple. Ram and Sita see each other for the first time. They come face to face. Siya ram………..plays………… Laxman prays. The ladies leave. Sita’s sister turn and see Ram and Laxman. Urmila smiles. Laxman greets Sita and says I m Laxman, I met you in Vishwamitra’s ashram, you wanted to meet my brother, if you remember. She recalls her words.

Laxman says he is my brother Ram, who has stopped Ashwa’s sacrifice, killed Tadaka and did Mata Ahilya’s Uddhar. He tells Ram that this is Mithila’s princess who healed Ashwa’s wound, she has sent the tasty food to us in ashram. Ram says I m glad meeting you. Sita says I was worried after coming back from ashram, for everyone.

Urmila says till she did not get news that you won the fight with Tadaka, she was worried, and introduces herself as Sita’s younger sister Urmila. Ram and Laxman greet Sita. He says its our duty to secure Dharm’s victory. Janak comes and says you have done your duty well. Ram greets Janak and takes his blessings.

Janak holds him, and says Ram can just have place in heart, and hugs him. Sita and everyone smile. Laxman takes Janak’s feet. Janak blesses him as Sumitra’s son. He asks Ram how did he identify him. Ram says you are a great man, I have heard a lot about you from Guru Vashisht, I felt I know you since years, we are lucky to come to your land. Janak says this is first chance that I m welcoming a Raghuvanshi, I wanted to meet Dasharath and thank him for his help, I got news that you are coming here, I wanted to meet you. Ram says whatever we are and what we got, is by elders’ blessings, we are just by gurus, mothers and dad. Janak says this shows your pure heart, you look without any greed, your guru and parents are lucky to have you as student and son. He hugs Ram. Sita smiles. Sita thanks Maa for hearing her prayers.

Janak greets Vishwamitra and says I m glad you came here with Dasharath’s sons. Vishwamitra reminds when he came earlier to alert him about a terror, she was Tadaka, whom Ram killed. Janak says I heard about Ram’s victory and bravery before he came here. But meeting him made me feel my wish got true, whomever Ram marries, his wife and her parents will be happy and lucky. Vishwamitra says I wish same for Sita. He says I have got Ram and Laxman to visit Shiv Dhanush, if you permit. Janak says it will be my good luck.

Its night, Ram and Sita look at the sky and recall each other. Laxman comes to Ram and massages his legs. Ram smiles and says this is not needed. Laxman says but its needed for me, when I care for you, I feel good. Ram asks him to take rest. He says I m glad you liked Mithila. Laxman says there is nothing which we dislike, everyone is so simple. Ram says Janak lived simple life, and Praja is following him. Laxman says yes, that’s why we have seen satisfaction in his Praja, which Janak has, we felt we met him for first time. Ram says true. Laxman says this place is beautiful. Ram says true. Laxman says Sita is also too good. Ram says yes. Laxman smiles. Ram says I did not know her well, but I assume she is nice. Sita recalls Laxman’s words about Ram.

Urmila tells about Ram will be powerful than Raavan, and talks to Mandvi, who favors Raavan. Sita smiles. Shruthkirti says how can Mandvi think Raavan will win Swayamvar. They all argue. Sunaina comes and scolds them for making this Swayamvar a game, just Swayamvar will choose who is yogya var for Sita, you all sleep now. Sunaina asks Sita to sleep too and goes.

Malyavaan goes to call Lankesh. His grand daughter comes and asks what happened Nana shree. She gives him Lord Shiv’s Prasad and asks where did he go. He says I m coming from Mithila, Sita’s Swayamvar is happening, they have Shiv Dhanush, the one who strings the thread to it will be marrying Sita, even Lankesh got invitation, I went to see whether Mithila is deserving to get related to it. She says another woman, then who will listen to me. He says Mandodari, he respects you. She says if he respected me, he would have not made women as his servants, he has ego, but Nanashree you could explain Raavan that he is walking on Adharm and he will be ruined. He says I know, but the motive of this Swayamvar to get Shiv Dhanush, Lankesh is big Shiv devotee, you are such a wife who prays for him, if anyone curses Lankesh, you will know it first. She says Lankesh is not in Lanka. He says then where is Lankesh.

Janak tells everyone that he got very happy meeting Ram, he can’t express it. Shathanand says I agree. Janak praises Ram and says I have a wish that if Ram has come here, he comes in Swayamvar, then it will be Lord Shiv’s wish. He gets Ayodhya’s message and asks Kushadwaj to read Dasharath’s message. Kushadwaj reads that Dasharath is glad hearing about Sita’s swayamvar, it would be good if Ram could attend it, but he is in Vishwamitra’s ashram, so he can’t come in Swayamvar, congrats and best wishes for Swayamvar, I will be lucky if Ayodhya can help you. Sunaina says it means he rejected our invitation. Janak worries.

Raavan drags some lady and says I m Lanka Naresh Raavan.

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