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Siya Ke Ram 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram watch online

The Episode starts with Guru Vashisht saying Dasharath that its auspicious day to leave for Mithila tomorrow. Dasharath says I m very glad that Ram is getting married., Guru Vashisht says it will be happiness for all Devtas and Devis as well, it will be tough time for your wives, as according to Raghukul tradition, mothers don’t attend son’s marriage. Dasharath looks at his wives and says we will leave for Mithila tomorrow.

Laxman is making the roof tops and teaching the kids. Urmila comes. She brings food and says its food for you. He asks kids to play. He asks did you make the food. She says no, Sita made it. he says fine, if you made it, it would have been spicy. She says io will make food as you say. He says why to do much for me. She says it will be a reason of contentment for me, not any problem. He asks what. She says you protected my life, I want to return this favor, and get content. He says that was my duty, I would have become your culprit if I did not save your life. She leaves and turns to see him. She smiles and goes. Laxman smiles.

Mandvi asks Shruthkirti what happened to you. Shruthkirti says Sita will go away after her marriage. Sita says if I could, I would have taken you three with me. They wonder where is Urmila, there is something. Urmila comes in happy mood. They all look at her. Urmila asks what happened. Shruthkirti checks her and says I think she is fine. Mandvi tells Sita that we have to stop Shruthkirti, else she can tell Urmila. She takes Shruthkirti with her. Sita asks Urmila where did she go. Urmila says I went to give food to Laxman. Mandvi teases her. Urmila says I don’t like to talk to him, he does not know talking well, I went as Sita has sent me. Shruthkirti asks is Sita planning to take Urmila with her, along Laxman. Urmila says impossible, I don’t like him, if I marry him, there will be long life war, I can’t marry him, I heard Ram’s other two brothers are coming soon, if you both want, you two can plan to go with Sita. They tease Urmila as she seems planning this. They all laugh and tease each other. Sita smiles.

Laxman massages Ram’s legs at night. Ram asks Laxman where did he go in afternoon. LAxman says I was with you. Ram says I saw someone else with you. Laxman says Gurukul’s students, I was with them. Ram says I m saying about princess. Laxman says no, it was impossible. Its test of patience to stay with Urmila, she is opposite of Sita. Ram says I did not say about Urmila. Laxman says you might be tired, take rest. He says its impossible to hide anything from Ram. Ram asks did you say anything. Laxman says nothing, take rest.

Its morning, Dasharath asks Sumitra about Bharat and Shatrughan. Sumitra says they are doing arrangements of baraat, they will leave after you, they are very excited. Kaushalya does his aarti and gives his sword, wishing him a safe journey. Dasharath leaves.

Janak gets Dasharath’s letter. Shathanand reads it. Dasharath writes that he is glad to know about Swayamvar, and he accepts Sita’s proposal for Ram heartily. Janak gets glad. Everyone congratulate him. Janak says I wish you all do arrangements to welcome Dasharath, after Dasharath comes, Shathanand we have to decide marriage date, sorry, but I m excited to give this good news to my family. He leaves.

Ram sits praying. Laxman comes running and hugs him. Ram asks what happened, why are you so happy. Laxman says Dasharath accepted Sita’s proposal for you, you will be soon married to Sita, if you allow, I want to give this good news to Vishwamitra. Ram says sure. Laxman leaves. Ram says it means Mata Kaikeyi has accepted Sita. Sita Ram… plays……… Urmila and sisters run to Sita, . Urmila gives the good news, that Dasharath approved the proposal, he is soon coming here, I m very happy. They congratulate Sita, and say its time that dream will turn to reality. Shruthkirti says you will be married soon. Urmila says I m very happy. Mandvi says you are happy as if you are marrying Laxman. Urmila says I m not like you, whose happiness is not known easily, but I m very happy. The sisters hug Sita and they all smile.

Laxman goes to ashram and says Gurudev I have a good news. Vishwamitra asks what is it that you are so eager to say. Laxman says dad has given his nod to the proposal, sorry, I could not control my happiness, Ram is getting married Gurudev. He gets extremely happy. Ram comes there and sees Laxman unable to contain his happiness. Laxman says Bhaiya….. Ram takes blessings from a lady. The lady says its very blessed union, such union is to show the right path to others. Ram greets other lady. She says Parshuram said Sita’s marriage will happen with one who will be her husband in all births, seeing you both, we all think the same. Ram greets Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra blesses him, and says you both will become a way to show right path to everyone, it will become a path of love, Dharm and Karm. Siya Ram….. plays………. Ram smiles.

Chandrabhaga congratulates Sita. Sita thanks her. Sunaina says you got the groom as we wanted, they will take you, you will be going. Sita says I will be in everyone’s hearts, i will ask one question, I m in Mithila’s everything, can anyone separate me from Mithila. Bhoomija……….plays……….. Sunaina says no, but our questions won’t be with us. Sita hugs Sunaina.

Janak asks Shathanand about sending invitations to families. Shathanand says its sent, don’t worry, Janak asks why are you worried. Shathanand says I was thinking whether to send invitation to Sunaina’s brothers. Janak says sure, they are her cousin brothers and her big well wishers, surely invite them, why are you hesitant to invite them. Shathanand reminds what problems they created in Janak’s marriage. Janak worries seeing Sunaina’s brothers coming. Shathanand says its like their life’s motive to show faults in everything, even Devraj Indra can’t please them as guests, my 10 years would get less if I spend a day with them, but we have to invite them. They say no need to invite us, we have come in Sita’s marriage. Shathanand gets shocked and greets them. Janak asks them will they not come inside. They say no, you forgot how to invite special guests.

Sunaina makes Sita ready and asks her to talk to Dasharath well. Janak asks Dasharath when would he like to meet Sita. Dasharath says its tradition in Ayodhya, not to see bahu till marriage happens.

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