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Silsila Pyaar Ka 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka

Sanket says bhai what all is this, Raunak says what did u tell ma, Sanket says just that u got married, I think we shd leave home, Kajal says this was all just to save Sakshis life. Janki says Raunak I never let any trouble even pass by u, I fought alone with them n today u left me alone, where did my Raunak go for whom his ma was first n everything else later, why did u do this Raunak, Vidhi knocks door n says didi Raunak is home,Janki keeps the picture back in cupboard n goes out, everyone waiting in hall, Janki walks to Raunak in anger n abt to slap him but stop herself.

Janki says Raunak why are u hiding ur eyes, today u broke ur promise, why didn’t u tell me, ma don’t trust on me, I know longer love u n will betray u, u promised me Raunak then why did u take this step, u knew I don’t like Kajal,that girl who sent me jail, insulted me all time, u married her, look at munmun where will she go, she was waiting for u, dreamt of spending life with u, u spoilt everything, u spoilt munmuns future, Raunak says ma, Janki says I am not done, Janki says look at Kamini, her daughter is left waiting in wedding mandap, where will these people go, even after ur past she accepted u but u look what have u done, Raunak says ma listen, janki says to what, do u remember Raunak, I once asked u who will u see after marriage ur mom or ur wife first n u said u ma, but today u didn’t even feel like talking to me abt ur decision, all is over.

Raunak says ma plz, Janki says go away Raunak, Raunak says ma why don’t u listen, Janki says wow Raunak, u now even started raising ur voice, God knows what else will u do, Raunak says ma I will marry munmun, Janki says what nonsense is this, it’s not a game, Raunak says ma Kajal n my wedding was a act to save Sakshis life, all that was a lie, ma I know what I am doing, n how would I leave Sakshi dying, that marriage has no value,Akshays whole family knew that all that was a lie just for sake of Sakshis life.

Munshi walks yo Kajal, Kajal sitting alone, Munshi says Kajal are u alright, kajal says I don’t know, did I do correct, I had no option, n saw no other way, I just hope u n ma understand my decision, it was all for Sakshi, Munshi says Kajal, it’s all fate n nothing is in our hand, our Akshay is gone but today I know why he died bcoz u n Raunak baba are meant for each other, Akshay was just a means, Kajal says papa u are taking it wrong all this was just a lie to save Sakshi, Munshi says Sakshi became a way to bring u close, Kajal says no I will tell Sakshi truth when she gets better, Munshi says n she will be back in trauma, all this is very sensitive Kajal , who will u handle all this, n don’t forget Janki Devi hates u, how will she allow Raunak meet Sakshi.

Raunak says munmun, trust me I will marry u, once Sakshi gets all well I will marry u munmun, but till then can u plz wait for me,I know u must be in worst stage of ur life but plz I request u, plz support me in this lie, I really respect u n I promise u I will never betray u, once Sakshi gets operated, I will break my relation with Sakshi n marry u, I can understand ur insecurity n ur condition, so if u want ur can stay with us here, Kamini says how is that possible, munmun says Raunak u are my future husband I trust u n will support u all the time, Raunak says ma plz trust me, Janki says I am waiting just for Sakshis operation n then would like to see u n munmun get married, Raunak says off course ma I promise.

Kajal n Munshi go to Sakshis room, Sakshi says ma where is papa, I want to talk to him. Kamini says if munmun is fine with it I am ok too, munmun says ok I will get my luggage here, Raunak gets a call from Kajal n Kajal says Sakshi wants to talk to u, Raunak says ok, Janki puts phone on speaker, Sakshi says hello papa, where are u, Raunak says I am home, Sakshi says to meet dadi, Raunak says yes, Sakshi says u are my papa right, then I want to stay with u, family stays together, Raunak says once u get all well, u me n ur ma, will stay together, Sakshi says ok I love u papa, Raunak says bye Sakshi.

Janki looks at Raunak in anger n walks away.


Precap: Janki in her room, Raunak walks to her, Janki says Raunak I hope u will never take any such step again, that will hurt me, Raunak says but ma till Sakshi gets well I have to stay with them in Indore.

Written Update By Tanaya


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